New Year Celebration!

Do come down to Pitstop cafe for your New Year Eve celebrations!

Make your reservations early to avoid disappointment!!!

Pitstop cafe, Happy New Year!


Longer and More Pleasurable

By Popular demand, Pitstop cafe is changing our operating hours to maximise your gratifications.

More information

New Operating Hours

Mon-Thurs 2pm-11pm

Fri-Sat 12pm-3am

Sun 12pm-11pm

Eve. of P.H 12pm-3am

P.H 12pm-11pm

On top of that, we're gonna throw in some goodie for all of you to maximize your playing hours!

Festive Season Promotion

Mon-Thursday 2pm-5pm

Free Flow Gaming

Free Flow Drinks

10% Discount for a-la-carte orders

@ only $5 per pax!

Revised operating hours will take effect from 7th Dec (Fri)


Season Greetings


The Pitstop Team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and may it be fill with tons of fun and laughter!

Pitstop Cafe, Ho ho ho...



Pitstop Dinner & Dance

Red carpets. Bright lights. Applause!

Get ready for the inaugurated Pitstop cafe Dinner and Dance 2007.

Seems like all the guests were dressed to impressed...

Evelyn the prom queen

Well, maybe not all.
"Tell me to dress up!?!?Im goin' to kill him later when we get home!"

The Pitstop crews have certainly grown in numbers and also became much closer as a big family.

There were new faces...

The bushwackers and...

The bush

our familiar veterans...

The herbivore

Our naval commander (the one in red hasn't even got his head shaved before)

And the alive and still kickin'...

Have we aged?

Prsenting to you (part) of the Pitstop Team!

Miss you guys who are not there with us!

What's this?!?!

From the picture, guess the word. Clue: A sport team

Leave a comment if you got the answer!

After the dinner, we proceed to the dance segment.

Pole dancing

Dance segment 1

Dance segment 2

The celebration was transformed into a magical and lavishing experience when the entire ballroom was filled with pyrotechnics, sound and lightings.

see how different the girls looked after that?

see what I meant?!

At the end of the party, everyone was high and tipsy.

It was pure decadent and raw...

"take my stick into your mouth!"

"Im going to take you from behind"

At the end of the day, Im sure everyone was really exhausted from the night's event.

But most importantly, they have understood a concept:

You can really turn anything into fun,

you need the right company,

to see things differently

Pitstop cafe, our team turns everything into fun



Happy 2nd Anniversary

Time flies and before we know it Pitstop Cafe is now 2 years old! It has been another year of great fun and laughter! The Pitstop family has also gotten bigger with more members and our friendly crew.

To mark this special occasion, we are gonna give a small token of appreciation to our top 20 loyal supporters!

There is a special gift for our top Pitstopper. Do check out your mailbox if you think you are a regular of Pitstop Cafe. For the rest, there will be a top up of 100 Pitstop Dollar to your account which you can redeem for finger food and drinks for up to 4 person!

Lucky Pitstoppers with the 100 Pitstop Dollar!

Check the back of your membership card for your member number.

1. Jerry 448
2. Smith 60
3. Peirong 494
4. Sophia 53
5. Jenny 126
6. Meijin 128
7. Shirlyn 163
8. Jinhui 237
9. Yuhui 141
10. Ryan 156
11. Jaron 231
12. Siew Leng 384
13. Alfred 58
14. Ricole 15
15. Norman 270
16. Yufen 105
17. Kok Ann 141
18. Yong Joo 124
19. Qisheng 64
20. Mystery Top Pitstopper!

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to welcoming you at Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


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