Honey I'll bring you to the moon

I am back from my honeymoon and Eve is also back from the holidays. Is there a difference between a honeymoon and a holiday? From what I learn over a dinner with the Pitstop crew, it seem to be the case...

mumu: so eve where exactly did you go?

eve: we went to krabi, a beach area in Thailand...

mumu: so where are you going for your honeymoon?

astro circuit send off warning alarms..hey isn't that trip a honeymoon???

eve: oh we have not plan for our honeymoon yet...

astroboy internal circuit getting confused and overloaded. Are the girls speaking in "guys dun get it" mode?

astro: eh what is the difference?

mumu: oh go thailand, thats a holiday not a honeymoon...

astro internal circuit shorted...

So what exactly is a honeymoon? Why a trip to Thailand could not consider as a honeymoon? Perhaps there is a different perception indeed on what a honeymoon is. The trip to Thailand was lots of fun and we had lots of yummy food, but i believe most would feel that it is not a honeymoon destination right?

Why? Is it too near to Singapore? I would imagine the word honeymoon come from some cockster saying "honey i will bring you to the moon..". Not sure why anyone will say that cos the last time i heard, Chang er didn't really enjoy her stay there. Oh yah since it is a cockster, it might be possible.

Anyway could that be why honeymoon has to be somewhere far away, different and exotic?

So after some thoughts, i believe that somehow most people do have certain perception on where constitue a honeymoon destination. Is it our culture, external influence or perhaps a social construct? What do you think?

So i have come out with a dummy checklist to determine if you are going for a honeymoon! if you answer no to any of the questions, be warned, you may be heading off for a holiday instead!

Honeymoon Destination Checklist

1. Connect Singapore to your destination. Does it cross at least one major ocean? If yours involove just crossing a bridge, forget the rest of the checklist. It will be a holiday.

2. Are you going to a different continent?

3. Does your flight serve meals? Implication is obvious, a budget airline doesn't set off a honeymoon on the right foot.

4. Do you get to complete at least 1 inflight movie?

5. Does your destination have 4 different seasons? Its ok to go in bloody hot summer but hey it better have different seasons so that when you talk about your trip the weather could be an interesting topic. Go in winter better still, you get to wear clothes that you never get to wear in Singapore!

5. Is your destination different in timezone? The bigger the difference in timezone, the better it is!

6. Does your destination has any famous icons that appear on postcards, or perhaps any wonders of the world? If not, you too may wonder why you are not going on a honeymoon.

7. Check out the macdonald. If after conversion to Singapore Dollars, is it more expensive to have macdonald at your destination? Better still everything at the destination should be more expensive compared to Singapore.

8. Did the folks at the destination speak a language that you would consider learning if you ever took up a foreign language course?

9. Is your trip more than 15 days? That is the approximate time for a new moon to become a full moon. That definitely helps to emphasis that you are going on a honeymoon.

There you go, a lame guide on choosing your honeymoon destination. I guess in the end it is not the destination that matters. If each day is lived with passion, gratitude and a healthy dose of fun, everyday is honeymoon!

So where and what will your ideal honeymoon be like?

How about Pitstop Cafe? Not exactly honeymoon destination, but hey our iced honey water though is pretty popular.

Pitstop Cafe, no honeymoon, honey water can or not?



A Quickie Update

Finally the big day is over. Still trying to get things settle down, hopefully got time to blog more!

Here are some photos on the actual day of the wedding to share with you folks.

There will be lots of stuff coming for Pitstop Cafe, more games, more food stuff and perhaps a new look for the blog site.

So stay tune...



The Pitstop Crew feature part 5- Swee Siong

And here we go, our 5th feature of our Pitstop crew... Swee Siong!
The youngest of the Pitstop crew, Swee Siong is a shy and soft spoken boy, interacting with him makes Pitstopper want to disturb him, tease him, torture him bla bla bla

I like to pose!

Now, perhaps his special ability is that he constantly bugs us and ask us, 'everyone has a special ability, but hey what's my special ability?'. Being the shy boy as he is, he just spaced out and keep thinking of his special ability while washing the plates, eating his rice, making the drinks bla bla bla

I like to sleep!

Who says he has no special ability? As I always believe, one's special ability is something that you don't feel that it is special at all.

Who else has a throng of girls waiting to go out with him every saturday?
Who else has two girls troubling over getting him a birthday cake?
who else would source high and low for a perfect birthday place for his gf?
who else could be in the school's soccer team?
Who else matches his t shirt with his berms, together with a funky pair of shoes?

It could only be Swee Siong.

I like you to take me home!

So there you go, if you like to have a shy and good looking boy to serve you, ask for Swee Siong. Swee Siong, will make you happy.

P.S oh ya, if you wanna see the shy side of Swee Siong, just try looking at him and snigger. He will feel very awkward! hahaha

Pitstop cafe, where special abilities are found



Finally the big day is here

After months of preparation, the big is finally a few hours away. Though Eve and I have been married for quite awhile, i am still pretty nervous about the whole event.

the wonders of photoshop

Like to thank all for the well wishes. Also like to take the opportunity to thank all the Pitstop crew for running the place today! Of course a really big thank to Tim and Xingzhi for helping manage the place while we go away on our honeymoon.

Check out pitstoppers blog for a short video clip about me and Evelyn

Anyway to celebrate this happy occassion, we have plan some new stuff at the cafe. There will be lots of yummy new finger food to choose from at Pitstop Cafe. So do get more information from the Pitstop Crew.

We also have something nice and sweet or everyone...

Brownie Surprise

This aint your plain chocolate brownie. Instead it is chocolate brownie with a general dose of macadamia nuts. Add another scoop of New Zealand Natural premium ice cream, it is definitely a yummy sweet treat! The brownie set is available for at only $6.90!

Yummy! Can even see the macadamia nuts from here!

We also have it available as a game package. At $11.90, you get the brownie set, a drink plus 2 hours of gaming!

So drop by Pitstop Cafe and check out the new stuff.

Pitstop Cafe, share the joy!

nervous astroboy


20th Jan 2007- The Wedding Bells Ring

it's all happening at Grand Copthorne Waterfront this Saturday!

It is my pleasure to announce the holy matrimony of two of our Pitstop founders- Weekee and Evelyn on this Saturday 20/01/07! Clap Clap clap!

A full coverage of the event will be posted to keep all you interested pitstoppers abreast of these joyous occassion.

So what's goin' to happen at Pitstop?

As 4 of the founders will be at the wedding banquet, Pitstop cafe will not be left empty! We have arranged our Loompa Oommpas to fully take over the cafe, so don't worry folks, Pitstop Cafe will still be opened this Saturday

However, there are some minor changes though:

Pitstop Package WILL NOT be available from 12pm-6pm
More varieties of finger food will be available on that day

Do stay tuned!

Pitstop cafe, wedding bells are ringing


The Pitstop Crew feature part 4- Smith


And now, possibly the most 'Super' of our crew, we introduce to you Mr Smith! Not only can you spot him wearing his crocs, Smith also loves The Superman Logo. Superman T- shirt, Superman Rings, Superman ear rings really all sorts! Smith also has a peculiar hobby- painting Stikfas figures! Check out one of the Stikfas he made for Pitstop cafe!


Smith is such a passionate crew, he comes on weekdays on his own accord to learn games so that he would not be caught reading out the game manual when you folks asked him how to play a game.


When you talk to Smith, he makes sure you feel that Pitstop cafe is the best place in the world. He will show off his pitstop mini and will tell you that he loves Pitstop cafe so much that he can work without eating, without sleeping and without being paid!!! hahaha....

got a problem? talk to my crocs!

Come this saturday, Smith will be assuming the post of floor manager, so do pop by and see Smith in action!

Pitstop cafe, yet another Oommpaa Loompa


Loose Talks @ Pitstop

At Pitstop cafe, remarkable comments are often heard. Sometimes satisfying, sometimes happy and definately sometimes hilarious. Here are just some quick ones to perk your day up!

Caffe Latte is 2/3 milk, 1/3 coffee

Whether you have it dry or wet, technically speaking, Capuccino constitutes of 1/3 milk,1/3 coffee and 1/3 froth. Well, at least that's what our crew has been taught...

Carolin: What drinks would you like to have?


Carolin: That's fine.

Pitstopper:uh... also.. Capuccino without froth please.


In Pitstop cafe, photos of pitstoppers are often taken and kept as memories in the cafe. Well, that's definately unique considering Pitstop cafe is the first cafe to have graffiti and photos all over the place. But not everyone knows that apparently...

I was totally stunt!

Kok Ann: Would you like to take pictures? We are closing soon.

Pitstopper: Take pictures for what? You mean you all are closing down?!?!

Kok Ann:?!?!?!

Pitstop cafe, loose talks surmount



New Thirst Quenchers

We have added a few new items in our Thirst Quenchers list. Check it out.

We will be adding more new goodies to our menu soon. Stay tuned...

Pitstop Cafe, more fun times ahead...



Pitstop Crew Wanted!

Hope you folks read our previous feature about our Pitstop crews
Kok Ann, Thomas
& Carolin.

Stay tuned for more features of the unique personality of Pitstop cafe!

Wah! Still have to give them presents one leh!

Indeed Pitstop cafe is a whacky place with all these oompaa loompas with great personality!

Wah! Damn pressurizing to work here! always kena pressed so hard!

Each one of them are specially monitored and selected to ensure they provide you with fun!

They hip hop, fold utensils, predict future and many other more... Pitstop cafe is a cafe with great personality and it is possible because of all the crew giving you their heart and soul to create a culture of fun!

Wah! This is the family of fun!

So, if you want to be part of the culture of fun,come be part of us. Be part of the fun, the oommpa loompa of fun.

be a Pitstop Crew


Oh, I forgot...

Pitstop cafe, Pitstop crew wanted


The Pitstop Crew Feature Part 3- Kok Ann

A New Year has started but Pitstop Cafe has not forsaken the Oommpa Loompas...Let us continue with the Pitstop Crew Feature.

The 3rd Oommpa Loompa...
Kok Ann

Despite the fact that Kok Ann is one of the youngest Pitstop Crew, he has an impressive profile. At merely the age of 20, Kok Ann has already interacted with many prominent international delegates during the World Trade Organization(WTO) Summit held in Singapore last year. To add on, Kok Ann was specially selected to play host to Pele during his short stay in Singapore too. Therefore, to all Pitstoppers who are interested in finding out more about Pele or any of the WTO delegates, speak to Kok Ann. He will definitely be more than willing to share his experiences with you.

Not interested in international figures or events? Fret not. Kok Ann who actively participates in Temasek Forum might be able to provide opinions with regards to local issues too. Therefore, Pitstoppers who are either enthusiastic about local issues or local 'gossips', Kok Ann might be the man who you could turn to.

The Thinker or The Poser?

Besides being constantly updated with local and international affairs, Kok Ann is avidly interested in astrology and zodiac too. Pitstoppers who want to have a break after a game and have your future to be predicted, approach Kok Ann. It might be good to know what is to be expected for the rest of the year in 2007.

Come to me...and have your fortune to be predicted

Lastly, Kok Ann does seem to put his special ability that is his 'magical' power into good use. It is common to have small items such as the menu, stationery and the game markers to go missing in Pitstop Cafe. Often than not, it is Kok Ann who managed to retrieve these missing items.

Lost and Found

So...at the tender age of 20, will you consider Kok Ann to be a high-achiever? Drop by Pitstop Cafe to determine...or...

Does his Tee-Shirt say all?

Pitstop Cafe, seeking out for more Oompaa Loompas. Stay tune...



Happy New Year

We like to take the opportunity to thank all the Pitstoppers for the support for the past 1 year. All your smiles and laughter makes a big difference in the growth of Pitstop Cafe.

We will strive to bring you more fun in the year ahead and we look forward to your continuous support.

The Pitstop Crew would like to wish all a happy new year and may the year ahead be one full of laughter and happiness!

Pitstop Cafe, more fun, more laughter in the year ahead...

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