Insprational Speech by Dr. Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture

I stumbled upon this lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch and thought it was really a good inspiring lecture to share with everyone. What happened was that Dr Randy Pausch has only a couple of months to live and he gave a last lecture to his students. It became popular and he was subsequently invited to share more of his story...

It kind of bring back the memories of why we had started out Pitstop Cafe. It was simply to achieve a dream.

I remember having an online discussion with one particular folk. During the discussion, we had different view points. So he said, "No offense, but how long had you run your cafe? I been an entrepreneur for x amount of years and invited to schools to give talk..." I guess his point is that he being an entrepreneur represent some superiority.

I feel that many folks oversell the idea of being an entrepreneur. In my opinion, it is just one of the many possible paths to achieving one dreams.

You don't need to be an entrepreneur to realize your dreams.

I hope the video is an inspiration to everyone to continuously strive for their dreams no matter what you are doing! So do share your dreams and let us know how you manage to realize it!



Pitstop @ The Quest (Finding Nebo)

With great partnership comes even greater value for our pitstoppers!

As part of the celebration of our new venture in Downtown East.
We are proud to be involved in The Quest , NTUC's version of the amazing race for YOUTH!

In this race, YOUths are required to form into groups of 4-5 and travel around Singapore. Along the way, there will be riddles and obstacles to clear. Most importantly, participants will experience a fun and exciting time, not to mention attractive prizes to be won!

So, if you are aged between 12-25, and able to form a crew of 4-5 people, just send us all your name, ic no. and contact no. and we will hook you up for the race.

Wait a minute! If you are a Pitstopper, sign up with us at a special rate of $5/- per person (U.P $15) and on top of that we will also give you an exclusive one year nEbo membership!

Do drop us an email at Pitstopcafe@gmail.com, or come down to Pitstop cafe or contact Timothy Boay @ 94306979 to sign up now!

Pitstop cafe, bigger means better value for Pitstoppers!



Pitstop Cafe in Malaysia

Thanks to the wonderful job by the Pitstop Team in Malaysia, the first Pitstop outlet in Malaysia was finally opened last month. Check out the actions over there at http://pitstopcafemy.blogspot.com. The team in Singapore made a trip up north to give a helping hand and of course we wanna be part of the exciting action! Check out the pictures below.

Pitstop Cafe Malaysia! New look but the same fun place!

A cozy place where one can relax and just engage in fun games with friends!

Blank walls at the moment...But with the Pitstop fun and creative style, i have no doubt that the walls will soon be filled with photographs and creative drawings from all the cool Pitstoppers over there.

Alfie sharing a game of Cloud 5

Teaching games can be quite a challenge considering that Mandarin is more commonly used over there rather than English. Nevertheless not much sweat for Alfie as he shows that language is no barrier when it comes to fun with board games!

Long flight of stairs seems to be another trademark of Pitstop Cafe...

Another nice cozy corner upstairs with a clear view that you can even see Singapore...

Ok i am joking about that but nevertheless it is still a very nice and relaxing corner.

Alfie sharing more games with the Pitstop team in Malaysia...

Teaching of games is an important element in the Pitstop experience. While we can't say we know every games, we definitely take the effort to learn the popular well. In this way we can explain these games with fellow Pitstoppers without having them go through the complicated rulebooks.

With the Pitstop Team in Malaysia

Do pop by to http://pitstopcafemy.blogspot.com and say hi to them!

Congrats again to MingLuen and Panda for the great job done in bringing the Pitstop experience to Malaysia. Definitely looking forward to more fun times ahead!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!


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