The first step

As promised, Pitstop cafe is constantly refining an attuning to your needs and I'm proud to reveal our first upgrade!

The Awning AKA Canopy

Many things need consensus, especially in an equal partnership where everyone has their own aspirations, rationale, worries and sub agenda.

Even when it comes to the installation of an awning, conflicts arise also.

The Awning is something like those canvas shade found in most kopitiam and pubs.

Proponent of the Awning-Thesis

The awning maximises the use of space at the balcony which is otherwise, underutilised. Having an awning also allow us to open up the balcony door to reduce noise level and the glare of the direct sunrays. The awning also allows customers to see and 'feel' what's happening outside, thus removing the claustrophobic feeling.

Opponent of the Awning-Anti-thesis

The awning is unneccessary at this point in time as it incur costs and does not directly generate more revenue. It is also unneccessary as most of the time we are not opened in the afternoons. Lastly, not that we need the space to house the excess in demand, having an awning is cost inefficient.

Conclusion of the dialectics-Synthesis

Having much discussion, and after much struggles, we decide to install the awning. This does not mean that the opponents of the awning were out voted, or rather after much negotiations, we have decided to marry the best of both opinions and implement this idea to fulfil larger imperatives.


Having the awning is just one step. What goes in our development plans? Folks, do keep the faith, we will in time, reveal em' one by one. As for the moment, we need you to keep our dreams alive.

We ain't no have investors, no private limited, no bank loan proposal. What we have is our pocket money and our passion. We ensure you that your experience with Pitstop cafe will be truly postmodern.....



Back To Basics

Pitstop Cafe has been up and running for 2 months plus. We are still trying to generate more publicity and awareness and its really tough. We have also learn alot from operating the cafe for the past 2 months. Feedbacks from you guys has allow us to improve and know our weak areas. So really thank you guys for all the comments and suggestions.

We know we have pretty decent food, but then again the waiting time can be a pain at times. Many have feedback they like our personalise service and we are glad we make your experience at Pitstop Cafe enjoyable.

I guess our sincere service do make a difference but i guess it is also that you guys have been great and patient with us!

Again we know having good service is not enough, we gotta meet your needs! We this in mind, we are going back to the drawing board. We gonna start from basic and redo whatever is needed to better satisfy you! To start off with, we gonna change the drinks menu. Instead of offering just the usual soft drinks, we will try to carry a bigger selection of drinks. Drinks that you love of course if you like stuff like goat milk or tiger piss it might be tough.

Anyway to make this happen, we need your help! Email us and let us know what drinks you like and we will try to see if we can make it as an item in our new menu. We will continue to strive to meet your needs cos afterall it is you and your laugher that make Pitstop Cafe the place we want it to be.

So be part of Pitstop Cafe, Be a Pitstopper!

So if you were drinking a cold drink now, what would it be?


Be a Pitstopper,

Are we an item?

Many people ask, 'are we an item?'

what is an item may I ask?

Have I become an object or have we become things?

how do you define an item? or rather, how do you make poeple an item?

then again, some say, 'you all must be a couple!'

Now, have we become two people who are only defined by one catgory? such that we have loss all sense of identity, that we should be identified as a couple...

and what is exactly a couple?

some say, 'i've got a couple of dollars'

while some chinese even call it couplet...

now, what is a couple?

you all have got me so confused? just exactly do you wanna know?

is she my girlfriend or am I her boyfriend?

ahh... that's the crux of the question.

is a girlfriend but a friend in female form?

Or is a boyfriend a.....


Pitstop University

Being immersed in the library for the entire day, i was so rejuvenated academically. Never had i felt so accomplished in my work since the cafe started. It felt good tpo browse the books one by one in the library, felt good to photo cophy stuffs and sort out notes.

Nevertheless, just something for all of us to post your comments.

I'll be doing a Geography project on consumer's identity in designer boutiques (AKA branded shop). Do feel free to bitch about this topic, so that it will make Pitstop cafe feel like a very smart place.

The question is:

Do you all feel super high class when you all enter designer's boutiques (Prada, Chanel, LV)? Why?

I mean face it, if you can't afford the stuffs there would you still go in?> why?

Ha ha.... wonder what a blog can do... can do business, can do homework and write diary can even put you in jail....

oi...comment leh!!!!


Crispy Chicken?

The weather is really chilly over here at Phoenix! Kinda of miss the heat back in Singapore. The fireplaces around the resort helps!

Nice and cosy!

Anyway was having dinner one of the evening and my colleagues order some finger food to go with the drinks. Look kinda of like the crispy chicken we have at Pitstop Cafe right! Anyway looking at the bones there, don't look like chicken bone right? Like to make a guess?

Crispy chicken???

Actually it is rattlesnake meat! Supposely to be common in the area since most of Arizona is desert. The taste of the meat is quite like chicken. Some parts abit chewy so I am not sure if that is the skin?

Rattlesnake, they have it as can food too!

It was a pretty interesting experience. If snakes are not for you, then drop by at Pitstop Cafe for crispy chicken (really similar) instead! If you are here check out the seaweed chicken too! :)

Ok see you guys soon!



Adjustments to Operations

Hey Fellow folks!!!! Important announcements!!!!

Due to our piling schoolwork, projects, office work and other commitments, Pitstop cafe's operation time will be temporarily adjusted. Below are the new operations time:

Monday-Thursday: 5pm-11pm
Friday, Saturday,eve of PH and PH: 12pm-1am
Sunday: 12pm-9pm

Thanks for the support so far, this change in timing is also aimed at channeling our energy to something more exciting in a May. So do continue to support us, our hotline will still be active!!

So call us anytime to enquire (yes, our hotline 65355383 is available even during non operating hours!)alternatively, you can call 94306979 to make reservations or organise any party or events!!!

In short, just call to ask!!!


Resting is so,that a longer road we can go

eh..relac lah!!! we are not closing hor!


Mai Tu Liao

Yeah this week is our sweet desire promotion!


You will get a triple scoop ice cream with a generous amout of topping. The sweet desire is a combination of vanilla and boysen berry. For those who like chocolate, this promotion is valid with other inhouse flavors like Triple Craze, Sweet Surrender, 2 Sir with Love, etc. There will also be free flow of soft drinks as well as 2 hours of gaming. All for just $10 per pax.

This week we have a new flavour as well. Peppermint Chocolate! So gather your friends and drop by Pitstop Cafe for a fun time and a great ice cream treat!


UNO Collectors' Edition

Have you guys seen the care bear edition of UNO? One of the Pitstoppers like it and actually request us to help him get a set. I manage to get a set on the previous visit. I realise that there are other editions too...

The care bear edition, we have a set as well!

They have batman as well...

Hello Kitty, remember those crazy times when everyone is queuing outside Mcdonalds for them?

Anyway i am out of town again. If anyone like to get anyone of it, let me know. It is going at S$35 for each. So drop me an email at pitstopcafe@gmail.com and if I come across it I can get it for you guys. Will be back town on 23rd so drop me an email soon!



First Time on TV

We have just been featured on last sunday's channel U News!!! Though the feature was about places to hang out during valentine's day, it was nevertheless an experience to be featured on TV.

But what was more interesting about this feature was that SDU actually organised a speed dating event in our cafe. As their participants were too shy to be caught on camera, Me and MUMU have to actually stand in for this event!

It was really such a joke to be 'acting' as if we just met each other. It was so hilarious when I saw my own actions on TV. Ha, such is the illusion of the media.

Such a hallmark event and we did not even take a single picture. Well, there's always a reason man.

It's been a long time since I posted an entry if you realised. Work is piling up, and I'm feeling the fatigue. Sometimes, i just wonder if all this is worth it? It really pleases me when I see more and more new faces asking about our cafe, yet it just brings down my morale when I see those empty seats waiting to be filled.

People have been telling us to do something about the stairs, our board and what not. Really, we are looking into it and in fact, work is goin' on. Folks, give us time, it's not that we don't want to, but there's only this much we can do given our limited time and money.

Folks, do keep the faith for Pitstop cafe. Dark and difficult time lies ahead for us, but I hope YOU and the Pitstop crew will overcome this phase. Thank you for your continued support.

a very stressed timo


Toto Ang Bao Draw!

I really couldn't believe it. As you guys know, a few days back there was a whooping 10 million ang bao draw right. We were talking about how good it will be to win it. So we decided to take 50 bucks from our cash box to buy some Toto tickets to try our luck. As we do not have any numbers in mind, we just go for the quick pick.

Who could have guess it? We turn out to be one of the ten lucky winners! That is a bloody whopping 1 million dollars. As the tickets was bought under the company money, we decided not to keep any of it ourselves but raher spend it on business development.

With this amount of money, there is really alot of things we could do. For once, we can sponsor bigger events, unlike now when we wanted to sponsor certain event, other similar sponsor specifically do not want us to be involved. Things definitely will change. We are looking into opening another Pitstop Cafe branch right at the prime location of orchard road. We are considering Paragon or Takashimaya. Other business developement like Pitstop Pool & Bar are in consideration. Base on an interesting feedback from one of the readers, we are considering Pitstop Child Care Center as well.

We were really excitied as we talk about the possible things we could do, in fact we went a bake a nice big lobster to celebrate the occassion. Timo even bought back some nice good wine. Just then the alarm from the microwave went off...

"Eh what time liao? You still sleeping? Don't have to open shop meh?!" Hmmm whats mum voice doing here? I thought she is could not make it for the celebration....

The sun shone in as i open my sleepy eyes with mum face staring straight into me...

What a NICE dream!

Dreams are made at night, but accomplished in the day, of course some people daydream and accomplished them in the night. Doesn't matter which timezone you are in, chase your dreams!

-boyboy has decided to change to AstroBoy instead for a more manly feel...


Presenting Sweet Desire

Eh how come you guys never do promotion for Valentine day? That is a question posed by some of the nice folks that came to our cafe. Like a newborn in the world of business, our reply was "ya hor, eh but don't know what to do leh"

So we think, wonder and day dream, trying to figure out somehing that will be attractive and value for money for the folks that come over Pitstop Cafe. I am proud to present our first virgin attempt, Sweet Desire! Let me share abit of how we got started on our newbie attempt at promotion...

Step 1:
Stare at each other till someone cannot tahan and blurt out some ideas. Having big eyeballs help.

Step 2:
Expand the idea as if nothing will stop you, throw in as much freebies as you can. special thanks to Timo who is willing to offer himself...

Step 3:
Be realistic cos we do not have peanuts to run a big scale promotion. I believe offering Timo for the night might not be that attractive to all and hence we added a new triple scoop ice cream creation, free flow of soft drinks as well as 2 hours of fun games as our promotion...

Step 4:
Dress up our model for showcasing, they got to look chio so that hopefully it will be love at first sight...

Timo doing a final inspection, he looks happy, perhaps siao is a better word...

Step 5:
Take lots of pictures, top view, side view, backside view, whatever. If you have unsteady hands like mine and have no tripod, take triple the amount of pictures. Definitely you will snap something that is usable.

Step 6:
Conceptualize the design and a nice name for the promotion. We rambled lots of possibilities like The Ideal One, Cupid Arrow, Lovely Dovey, blah blah...Finally we decided on Sweet Desire. Reason? The words looks nice with the font! :)

Step 7:
Squeeze my brain juices, experiment with composition, colors and typography. This is what we get after all the photoshopping work...

Click on picture for a clearer view!

Step 8:
Sweeten things up by trying to create more value for the Pitstop folks. Having just a promotion is not enough, Mumu and Evelyn are looking at how they can doll up the place. We try to find nice folks who will offer you additional goodies. Gift conceptz will be giving an additional 5% discount off the roses they are selling. All you have to do is to mention that you are a Pitstopper! There will be little surprises as well, such as free cookies, etc..oops

Step 9:
With all these in place, we have to publicize it. We email friends and hope they will spread the word for us. We are also emailing the folks that have came by the cafe and given us their contacts. If you readers like what our promotion, help us spread the word as well!

Step 10:
The last most important ingredient is YOU! Without your support, nothing else matter. So hope you guys like the promotion and drop by at Pitstop Cafe for a fun time!

Have Fun, be a Pitstopper!

boyboy, with tons of spelling mistakes corrected by eve


Return to innocence

It has indeed been tough time for the crew at Pitstop Cafe. We are really cranking our brain juices to see how we can improve the experience of all those folks who been dropping by our cafe and giving us their support. We also have to reach out to more folks as our cafe is very new and not alot of people know about us.

Anyway there are couple of kids that came over with their parents and after looking at them playing, I realise that even though it can be very stressful and tiring runing the business, there is also a child in everyone of us that is trying to have fun, to dream and believe that those dreams can be a reality. Looking at those cheerful faces, I can't help but smile too...it reminds me of a quote from James M. Barrie,

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves."

so if any of you guys reading this entry now feels stress up,unhappy or kinda of down, I hope the pics below bring sunshine to you and you can spread the sunshine to those around you!

I love monopoly

ok here i go...

Yeah, show me the money

ok see where this land...

oh no, landmine! lucky he is not looking...

hmmm, where else to build my nice hotels???

ok game over, lets see who got more $$$...

hmmm, ok not that bad...

Sweet pics right! If the pics has cheered you up, leave us a comment ok! Anyway we are having a special deal soon...so keep a look out!

boy boy


Bike Quest 2006

Clap Clap Clap!!! It was a wonderful night! Pitstop Cafe is proud to be part of the sponsors for the NUS Bike Hunt 2006.


Pitstop cafe became a 'Pitstop' to the 100 bikers who had to make a compulsory 'detour'. With our new gadgets, the participants partook in a series of challenge and were thus rewarded with nice premium ice cream fron New Zealand Natural.


It was really an eventful night especially when we saw different kinda folks. There were participants who were competitive, participants who can't be bothered, participants who were uptight and some who were chio. (tim was very happy for once)

trying to listen to the command of bopit

Since Eve and Mumu were not around, we decided to have a little male bonding. Sipping ice cold beer and eating cockles in our romantic moulin rouge blacony. Feels good once in a while without those pair o' eyes watchin' over us...

conquering simon trickster

After yesterday's episode, I realise that Pitstop cafe isn't that hard to find actually. Judging by the prompt arrival of most of the groups, it tells me that so as long as you stay focus on your goal, arriving at the destination on time isn't a big problem actually. I think the station ICs really did a great job in organising the event, getting game challenges for the participants and helping us publicize our place. It was a pity that we did not get a group picture of these hardworking folks at the end of the event...(camera run out of battery)

Only got 1 impromptu snapshot of one of the station ic

so sweet....awww.... Aiyah...

As Pitstop cafe continues to introduce you to more fun and games, we hope that we can stay focus in deliverin' to all our customers a friggin' good time. Also, I hope that all of you will continue to keep the faith and believe in us.

the late comers are back in full force! Ba Xian Guo Hai xian shen tong

Lotsa developmental plans are in the pipeline, we have treasured your comments and are working towards bringing you a better place for fun. Do follow us closely on this difficult and yet rewarding path.

Well, hope that you folks have a good time here with us! Do come back again if Pitstop cafe has left an impression on you!



Choo Choo Choo!!! (AKA Chu 3)

For a moment, Pitstop cafe was opened on the 2nd day of CNY. And why?

Due to some Chinese tradition, if we intend to open the shop on the 3rd day of CNY(Chu 3), we must then open on the 2nd day of CNY (Chu 2). Siao man... Well, to make the old fellow jolly, we decide to succumb to her constant rambling and 'open' on Chu 2.

Now, before those folks start yelling at us to be more clear on our operating hours, I meant that I literally OPENED the shop by driving all the way down to Pitstop cafe and raising the shutter before closing it again. Of course I brought now the fun cool games as well.

Darn, is tradition impeding modernisation or is modernisation eroding traditional values? Maybe we can have an academic discussion on this one..

Anyway, following the 'Psuedo Opening' of the cafe, the Pitstop crew sprang back into action on Chu 3.

yea man, I spotted a girl that looks like the girl who played 'Kuang Tian ya' in 'my date with a vampire 3', argh.. her back's facing us!

We were warmly greeted by a bunch of folks who spent their afternoon indulging in the 'never will get sian' taboo. The interesting thing was that this time they created a 'stage' for the 'describer'. Upon making a mistake,they then 'Tau Pok' (AKA whack or Hum tum, sabo in some cultures) that person.

hmm.. see if you can spot her... so cute..

Yet another way of playing taboo I guess. Well, after all Pitstop Cafe is about fun not just Boardgames. The boardgames are there to fuel your fun, however personal creativity is still the essential ingredient in making every boardgame unique and exciting. For example, I used to play Monopoly at home with a bunch of folks, and we made it a point to negotiate and purchase everything in terms of drinking alcohol. A hell of a night that was... Yea man, so just be free and have fun!

I think i saw one of this folks in school, hey if it was you who I saw on the bus A1, leave a comment!

Well, I guess the ultimate aim we folks at Pitstop hopes to achieve is that one day everyone can cast down all forms of social barriers or conventions and just have fun with everybody else. Like what most people used to say, "Strangers are friends who have not met"

Pitstop Cafe, "its Really Right up here!" boohoohoo (and you should know why waikee)



A big chunk of chocolate!

I am totally clueless when it comes to shopping. I always go for a something simpler like books and chocolates. Hence this time round i got my ger a nice hershey's chocolate!


But i suspect she would like something smaller...such as a piece of "shiny" rock in a nice blue box...

boy boy

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