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Being immersed in the library for the entire day, i was so rejuvenated academically. Never had i felt so accomplished in my work since the cafe started. It felt good tpo browse the books one by one in the library, felt good to photo cophy stuffs and sort out notes.

Nevertheless, just something for all of us to post your comments.

I'll be doing a Geography project on consumer's identity in designer boutiques (AKA branded shop). Do feel free to bitch about this topic, so that it will make Pitstop cafe feel like a very smart place.

The question is:

Do you all feel super high class when you all enter designer's boutiques (Prada, Chanel, LV)? Why?

I mean face it, if you can't afford the stuffs there would you still go in?> why?

Ha ha.... wonder what a blog can do... can do business, can do homework and write diary can even put you in jail....

oi...comment leh!!!!


eve said...

haha... i think nobody is interested in your project. Anyway, i think prada and lv boutiques r super high class and unless u got to spend the money, better dun step in... i wont feel super high class if i step in and step out with nothing! haha... wat for?

bella said...

Not at all.. gals always step in n out to check out the new stocks during shopping.. it is only when u step in and step out with their paper bags tat make u feel super high class loh.. hahaha

astroboy said...

haha tim isn't it just like you still feel good getting to know the gers even though you did not xxx. so the same apply lor. Eh how does your project make Pitstop Cafe feel like a very smart place?

Anonymous said...

yar...agree with bella. No point going into the boutique if I cannot afford..stress lehz...think will really feel high class if I bought the items and wear it!!! Otherwise, damn low class lehz...


The Movie Club said...

I don't feel super high class. But I seldom go these shops one. But once I entered with slippers and shorts, they couldn't be bothered about me.

I feel happy with my Giordanos. :)

I rather spend my money on other stuff. The worst is when you buy from LV, people think from Chaptuchap.

mumu said...

hmm.....like wat banban has mentioned...the worst case scenario, u spend on LV but ppl thikn it is fake...my goodness..must be the person's personality that lead ppl think he or she is cheapskate.

ALso, like to beg to differ from astro's view...how can gers be compared to bags??think it is different, will I feel good to be able to step in, feel the product and not purchase..tat will only make me feel miserable!!!!

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