Return to innocence

It has indeed been tough time for the crew at Pitstop Cafe. We are really cranking our brain juices to see how we can improve the experience of all those folks who been dropping by our cafe and giving us their support. We also have to reach out to more folks as our cafe is very new and not alot of people know about us.

Anyway there are couple of kids that came over with their parents and after looking at them playing, I realise that even though it can be very stressful and tiring runing the business, there is also a child in everyone of us that is trying to have fun, to dream and believe that those dreams can be a reality. Looking at those cheerful faces, I can't help but smile too...it reminds me of a quote from James M. Barrie,

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves."

so if any of you guys reading this entry now feels stress up,unhappy or kinda of down, I hope the pics below bring sunshine to you and you can spread the sunshine to those around you!

I love monopoly

ok here i go...

Yeah, show me the money

ok see where this land...

oh no, landmine! lucky he is not looking...

hmmm, where else to build my nice hotels???

ok game over, lets see who got more $$$...

hmmm, ok not that bad...

Sweet pics right! If the pics has cheered you up, leave us a comment ok! Anyway we are having a special deal soon...so keep a look out!

boy boy

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aphrodite said...

De little gal very cute leh...

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