Happy Birthdays!

Yesterday must be the day where all the planetary elements aligned. We got 4 folks celebrating their birthdays at Pitstop Cafe.

Check out the pictures! Lotsa of babes!

Now sing along with me with your most sexy voice...

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to all of you, happy birthday to you!"


Whee! Hot babes! The birthday girl even got one of male staff to do a pole dance sing a birthday song for her.


More babes!!! The birthday princess was really popular and in the end there were more folks coming for the celebration than the number of pax reserved. Apologies for the squeeze!


Whee whee whee! It's really getting hot in here!

But there's more. This entry is dedicated to the chioest babe for the day....



Aint he hot!!! The one and only Mr Smith.


Even aunty loves him!

Ok here comes the emotional part. If you don't want to hear an old uncle blabbering away, this is the best time to go back to whatever you are doing.

Seeing Smith really brought back a lot of memories. This is his 3rd birthday celebration at the cafe! From being a customer, to become one our staff, to starting his own career, to putting on extra weight, the relationship has definitely come a long way!

He is one of the many relationships that were forged over the 2 year plus of the cafe humble existence, from the crew to the customers.

While it is impossible for us to know everyone that comes to the cafe, it is always being a delight when the crew see familiar faces back at the cafe

Will there be a 4th birthday or even a 10th birthday celebration at Pitstop Cafe? Nobody knows what the future holds. But what I know for sure is that it has been an amazing journey and it is really a privilege for us to know that Pitstop Cafe has being a part (no matter how tiny) of you.

Sob sob sob....now where is the tissue...

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



The Trust Game

This is an update for those who had tried the trust game. For me, i had chosen to give 100% in all 3 rounds. The first 2 rounds where not bad, the recipients return half of the overall sum that they received. I then got screwed in the last round when someone got greedy and decided to keep everything!

However base on research studies on the game, generally those who show high level of trust get the best outcome as people in general (excluding those fufus in my case) feel the need to reciprocate.

The surprising finding for this game is that people who show partial trust generally fare worse than those who show very little trust! Another interesting note is that women show greater reciprocity in both punish and reward compared to men.

I guess when it comes to trust, i guess you either show complete trust or total mistrust. Having partial trust usually result in a less than optimum outcome.

Last but not least, the most important point to note....Never offend a women!.

Do you agree with this findings?

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Hey That's Rude

I wonder if it is rude to enter someone's conversation. This is what i caught myself sometimes doing it at the cafe.

When i heard customers discussing on the rules of the game or playing the game incorrectly, i sometimes interrupted the conversation without been invited. For example:

"That is not allowed. For 3 and few players, you can only build on one side of the track" - To a small group of players playing the popular Ticket to Ride game and arguing over the interpretation of the rule.
"Actually your opponent will score one point when you passed." - To a Taboo player who is rapidly passing every taboo cards he draw till he got the card with the word "Forehead".

"Eh most Euro games don't use a dice.." - To a customer who was looking lost and asking her friends where are the dices.

"We are just opposite the Shin Pub and above the roast duck store..." - To a customer guiding his lost friends to our secret location.
I read an interesting article recently and it made me wonder that if I was perceive as helpful (i am really trying to be) or was i intrusive or even rude (really not my intention)?

An example was given in the article. Say you were in Dublin, Ireland and you asked someone for direction. Even though people might overheard your request, no one would offer to point you in the right direction. The Irish would consider it rude to enter a dialogue without being directly addressed. Rather than considered being a helpful stranger as one would be in America, you would appear to be intrusive.

So what do you think apply for Singapore? Share your thoughts and let me know if i had being rude.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



The Last Words

The last words of a mafia hitman...

Who put the violin in the violin case!!?
hahaaa hope you find that funny.

I believe most of you must be pretty familiar with the mafia theme from both movies and video games.

Did you know that even in board games, there are some pretty fun games based on the mafia theme.

Family Business

This is game on mob warfare and it bring to a new level of backstabbing and revenge, which makes it such a blast to play.

Every player controls a 'family' and plays various cards to try and kill off other players' family mafia members.

Of course with such a game structure, it's possible for everyone to gang up on one unlucky soul, or for the damage to be fairly evenly spread.

Either way, you hope that your mafia family is the last one standing!

Ca$h 'n Gun$

The mafia had finished robbing a bank and now at an abandoned warehouse, the gangsters are splitting the loot.

There is a slight problem. They can’t get an agreement on the split. Well it is up to the guns to do the talking then!

This game is lots of fun with all the bluffing and tough negotiation. Throw in an undercover cop and you will have a killing time with this game!

So if you are looking for some mafia fun, drop by Pitstop Cafe and give these games a try!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Story of Char Siew Bao - Part 2

Yes, the answer to the previous question is quite "cold". Was sneezing as i am typing this. To make thing worse, Eve follow up with the second question...

Seeing that Mantou is heartless, Char Siew Bao decided to go on a date with Lian Rong Bao instead. They went to catch the sad movie. Again this time round Char Siew Bao cried and not Lian Rong Bao. Why?
Have a cool weekend!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Story of Char Siew Bao - Part 1

Every once in a while, Eve will suddenly sms me on my phone with some weird questions...

Today, i got this sms in my phone.

Char siew bao and mantou went on a date to watch a sad movie. Char siew bao cried but mantou did not. Why?
Anyone like to make a guess?

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Lets play a game

I had played a game in class yesterday which i thought was pretty interesting to share with everyone and see how you guys will play it.

The game consists of 3 rounds. You have to make a decision at the end of each round before you knowing the scenario in the following round.

The story
You have a sum of money which you can choose to give away. Every $1 you give, the recipient get 3 times. So if you give $10, the recipient gets $30. The recipient then has a choice to give you back any amount that he receive, including the option of giving back nothing.

For 3 rounds, there will be different recipients and you don't know how much you are getting back till the end of the 3 rounds. Both parties know about the rules above and the sum of money that you have.

Round 1:
You have $100 as your pool of money. How much would you give? Decide first before scrolling down.

Round 2:
You have $100,000 as your pool of money. How much would you give? Decide first before scrolling down.

Round 3:
You have $1,000,000 as your pool of money. How much would you give?

I had chosen to give 100% of my money. Of course one might say that in real life no one will do that. However the reason for choosing to give 100% is that ideally I believe that it is the best case because i believe that people will reciprocate.

Imagine my shock when some of the participant say that they will give zero because they feel that if they were the recipients, they will give back zero!

I am not sure it is because it is different cultures, different experience or simply because i am naive. Anyway i will share the findings next week on the outcome of this game as well as research findings on this game played with real money when it become available.

So stay tuned and at the meantime share with me how you would play this game.

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!

Amazing Talent

This is really amazing and ingenious. Someone actually manage to create a paper model of a 4 stroke engine. Yes the whole thing is made of paper!

Not only does the model look realistic, the paper model actually pump like a real engine! Check out the video and see it in action.

It must take hell amount of thinking and design to come out a model like that using mainly paper. The artist has spend 2 years working on it! If you are interested, you can even consider purchasing the DIY Kit and try to piece the whole beast together.

It goes to show that no matter what you do, if you put your heart and soul into it, you can achieve something amazing.

So go on, do your amazing stuff!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



A creative performance

Remember the popular Japanese show where participants had to come out with a skit that is both entertaining and creative? Check out the videos below. Great stuff!

Ping pong in matrix style

Have you came across any interesting video? Let us know!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



A new cool way to view photos

Finding it hard to find your photos that you had taken at Pitstop Cafe? You can now use PicLens to easily browse through the recently updated photos.

Give it a try. Simply click on the PicLens Enabled button at the right hand menu.

For those who like the 3D experience, you can download the plugin at http://wwww.piclens.com

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