Hey That's Rude

I wonder if it is rude to enter someone's conversation. This is what i caught myself sometimes doing it at the cafe.

When i heard customers discussing on the rules of the game or playing the game incorrectly, i sometimes interrupted the conversation without been invited. For example:

"That is not allowed. For 3 and few players, you can only build on one side of the track" - To a small group of players playing the popular Ticket to Ride game and arguing over the interpretation of the rule.
"Actually your opponent will score one point when you passed." - To a Taboo player who is rapidly passing every taboo cards he draw till he got the card with the word "Forehead".

"Eh most Euro games don't use a dice.." - To a customer who was looking lost and asking her friends where are the dices.

"We are just opposite the Shin Pub and above the roast duck store..." - To a customer guiding his lost friends to our secret location.
I read an interesting article recently and it made me wonder that if I was perceive as helpful (i am really trying to be) or was i intrusive or even rude (really not my intention)?

An example was given in the article. Say you were in Dublin, Ireland and you asked someone for direction. Even though people might overheard your request, no one would offer to point you in the right direction. The Irish would consider it rude to enter a dialogue without being directly addressed. Rather than considered being a helpful stranger as one would be in America, you would appear to be intrusive.

So what do you think apply for Singapore? Share your thoughts and let me know if i had being rude.

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Feng said...

Hey astro,

just like what ur example stated. Under some psychological views, some peeps will dislike u due to your rudeness, but i suppose most singaporeans will think that you are helpful or it is rather ur job to tell us how to play to games, unless they wanna play it in their own way then.

well, whichever it is, do what you think its right. it's part of your character.. =)

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