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Featured on I-Weekly!

Yesterday, my friend SMS-ed me and told me, "hey your cafe's been featured on I-Weekly!" She sounded so excited that I thought Pitstop Cafe has made the headlines!

I rushed to buy my copy of I-Weekly, hoping to see my face on the cover. And indeed, lo and behold, I saw four people on the cover page.

I was thrilled

But wait, the four folks look slightly odd

Now, since when do we look like that?

so much for being on the 'cover page'

Well, though not exactly in the 'limelight' as I initially expected, still there was a section about us!

While I attempted to read it, I realised out of 10 words, I could only read 5! So much for getting an A1 in my Chinese 'O' levels

the article, comprehensive, concice and cool

Anyway, much graces to Mei Wen of I-Weekly for her wonderful coverage!

So do grab your I-Weekly now, present it at Pitstop cafe for your one free scoop of ice cream!!!

Pitstop cafe, kena featured



Guide to Enjoying Euro Games

Let's say you have enough of the simple "brainless" games, you may ask what else more is there in boardgames? Plenty, i will say, if you are willing to try out some of the more strategic boardgames. You may think that these games are so complicated and have to think so much that all your brain cells will be dead. How can such boardgames be fun?

Perhaps not everyone have a taste for the more "meaty" board games. For those who will like to give it a try, I will share some thoughts on how to pick up and enjoy these exciting and fun Euro games.

So let's start by exploring the difference between the "brainless" games and the more strategic games.

In the previous entry, i have shared that when folks asked for "brainless" games, it does not mean that they don't enjoy thinking. They are looking for games that are simple to learn and the approach to winning the game is easy to understand.

Here is the big difference. Strategic games can be simple or complicated to learn but the most important trait about such games is that there are many different ways to win the game. Hence new players sometimes do feel overwhelmed by the numerous options available in these meaty Eurogames.

Enough of the crap, lets start by exploring how we can get a hang of these games.

Number of Players

Sad to say, these strategic games ain't for big groups. To play these games, 4 to 6 players will be just nice. Any groups bigger than that, chances are you may have to fall back on the party games.

Getting to know her

If board games have a gender, I wonder what would they be? Since i am a guy, i like to imagine these board games as babes. So for lady gamers, just imagine the board games as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.

The first step is to get to know her...

Pillars of the Earth. Look at her, isn't she sexy?

First remember her name and at the same time appreciate her beauty. When you want her the next time, you can request for her using her name. That is much better than using description such as 'the game that connects railways' or 'the game where you can trade sheep and wheat', etc.

For those who want to go further, you can ask about her parents (the game designers). For the above game, they are Michael Rieneck and Stefan Stadler. There are higher profile folks like Alan R.Moon, Reiner Kniza, Bruno Faidutti, etc who have created really good games consistently. You may like to check out some of their works.

Inner Beauty

Take the time to appreciate her inner beauty. Most of the time, you won't be disappointed....


Nice bits and pieces. Take the time to appreciate the little details

Understanding Her

Here is the difficult part. Depending on the game, understanding them can be quite tricky. The problem is that most folks want to understand everything and sometimes get drowned by the details...

Some rulebooks are not too bad...

For this part, you can either choose to read the rulebook or ask our pitstop crew to help you out. We might not know all games but there are certain games that we are really good at explaining and sharing. For me, it is definitely the Ticket to Ride series. God knows how many times have i shared this wonderful game with various groups!

The tip is not to be too concerned with all the details. Get an understanding of the overall concept and roll with it. As you play more and more of such strategy games, you will slowly recognize some of the concepts used. Subsequently you will just get better in understanding how these game works.

The First Date

Once you understand the overall concept and game play, just dive straight in and have the first game. It is very normal in the first game that you have no clue on what is going on. You don't know what you need to do and certain things just doesn't make sense. This is normal. Don't be afraid to explore and try out the different ideas. If you get lost, simply ask our friendly crew for help or refer to the rulebook.

By the time you finish the game, you will have a better idea about what is going on. If during the game, you find that the gameplay feels weird or doesn't make sense, chances are that you may have missed out certain details which affect the gameplay. Simply check with our crew if you have any doubts.

Get started and enjoy the first game

If you still have any questions at the end of the game, you can also start a discussion on our forum. As you start to gain more experience, you will develop a good feel on whether you are playing the game correctly.

Go for More Dates!

Here is the most important thing that many players miss out. Good Euro games ain't one night flings. To enjoy these games, you gotta have more sessions with them. You can't just play a game of Puerto Rico and walk away thinking that there is all to it. It is the subsequent gaming sessions that make these games shine!

The fun of such meaty games is that they provide players with many different ways of achieving their goals. The more timea you play, the more opportunities you get to try out different ideas. This definitely leads to a more exciting gaming experience, something that is hard to get on the first date.

For example, in the game Ticket to Ride, there are different strategies you can explore. Instead of building your own routes, you can try to disrupt other players' routes or focus on building many short routes.

As you get to play more times with the same players, everyone starts to play better as well. You will notice more creative gameplays and you definitely want to play again and try out new ideas.

Play more and each game will get more exciting!

When you start to win consistently, you will realise that you have master the game!

Phew, what a long entry. Even my mum isn't that long winded. Hope you guys find this entry interesting and helpful. Keep a look out for the next article where i will share with you some of the "must play" Euro games.

Pitstop Cafe, sharing the passion of board gaming


Update: This entry has been edited to make it more readable (i hope so). I know the recently entries has been pretty sucky. The things i do are always a rushed job with quality getting from bad to worse. Thanks everyone who has been giving me their feedbacks. It is a well needed wake up call. I will be off on a recharging trip. Hopefully i will come back with the focus that i badly need. See ya!


Grieviance at Pitstop

Dear Jasmine,

I regret that you and your friends has encountered a bad experience at Pitstop Cafe. I have put your comments on the chatbox on this blog entry so that we could give you a proper response to this incident. If you would love to elaborate more, do add in the comments.

We would definitely like to learn from your constructive feedback. At the same time, the crews involved and Eve will share their perspective on this incident.

Whatever it is, i hope that the bad experience at Pitstop Cafe do not stop you and your friends to continue to explore and enjoy the fun of board gaming.

Best regards,
Astro, on behalf of the Pitstop Crew

Update 18/07/07 2:10am

Jasmine has send me an email regarding the incident. I have also response to her. As it is an email corresponding, I will share the details of the email only upon her permission. Jasmine, i hope you find my response satisfactory and i like to thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback on the incident.

Jasmine feedback

I am really unhappy with the attitude of a certain female boss at Pitstop. Thanks so much for ruining my friend's 21st bday celebration mood last night.

I would love to elaborate more, but will my constructive feedback fall on deaf ears or be resisted and i'll be labelled as a "difficult customer" just becos she's one of the bosses?

I hope that someone who is unbiased will be able to address my grieviance, cos i'm really pissed and disappointed being treated that way since i always spend quite a lot whenever i go to Pitstop.

Btw, we didn't cut the cake at your place becos our moods were dampen, and we spent a few hundred dollars (meant to be spent at Pitstop) at PartyWorld. You lost one huge customer.

Or perhaps Pitstop's buisness is SO good now, that you can afford to choose and lose your "valued" customers?



Eh can you teach us brainless games?

The most difficult situation that i encounter in the cafe is when groups ask for brainless games. Are there such thing as brainless games? Even deciding what you want for lunch needs thinking! Perhaps there is this perception that most boardgames are super complicated and after playing those games, millions of brain cells would be killed and you will fall into a coma.

For me, the most brainless game that we have is the play-doh set. It comes in 4 different colours, you can mold whatever shape you want and there is no need to think!

Play-doh, make whatever you want

Of course you guys must be saying that i am siao. Where got people go board games cafe to play play-dohs?

So what exactly do groups mean when they ask brainless games? Is it easy to play? How about the game of blokus? It is easy to play. Yet some folks complain severe headache and hallucinating about colorful blocks after the game! :) For games like taboo which require you to beat around the bush is considered a brainless game!

After recommending many party games, I realize that when they ask for brainless games, it does not mean they do not want to use their brains. Rather they want games that are simple to learn and the approaches to wining the games are straightforward and direct.

So let me present some of the top few "brainless" games!


Halli Galli definitely one of the brainless games. The idea is simple. Look for some pattern and be the first to spot the pattern (eg 5 of the same fruits). There are quite a few games such as jungle speed, ugly dolls, etc that follows this concept.


Monopoly, pretty brainless as well. Roll dice and move your checkers round the board.


Jenga another simple game to play. Although some strategy is involve, the idea is still pretty straight forward, just take one piece and put it at the top.


Pit, very similar to heart attack. The difference is that there is more cards to collect and you can simultaneously trade multiple cards with anyone. Another high action game.


Cranium. I don't think it is a board game. It is more like an activity center where you get to act and draw. It is not exactly brainless, in fact you need quite abit of brain. But you recommend to any group that want "brainless" game, they still enjoy it. Perhaps it is because the game is pretty simple and direct.


Snorta, an animal making sound game. Basically about reflex.


Cluzzle, just like play doh just that it is more fun as there is a slight twist to the game.


Imaginiff, a great party game where players get to find out their friends' impression of them. A great hit among most groups and most enjoy it. Definitely one of the "no brainers" game.


The game of beating about the bush, Taboo! One of the game that requires brains but yet most think it is brainless.


Handy, another short interesting game where player have to hold the balls in all sort of weird position. Definitely more entertaining to watch then play.

There you go, a list of "brainless" games. Did i leave out anything?

All these games are fun but there are a whole range of euro games that bring the fun of board gaming to another level. However the "complexity" of such games do frighten most of the folks. Watch out for the next board game article which i will share tips on how to enjoy all those "chim chim" euro games!

Pitstop Cafe, sharing the fun of board game with you!


Update: One reader has the impression that i am complaining that customers want to play brainless game. I guess my england isn't that powderful which is why the confusion. What i am sharing is that when groups asked for brainless games, it is not because they don't want to use their brains. Rather they are looking for games that are simple to play and at the same time the way to win the game is obvious and direct. The subsequent game list show the game which are considered "brainless" by most groups even though they still need some brain juice.


Why Batman Sucks

Was chatting with Smith on some super heroes and turn out that both of us don't really like Batman cos he is an A.S.K. The discussion was pretty hillarious. Do visit Pitstoppers Network for more TCSS discussions.

Anyway here we have the 10 reasons why Batman sucks!

  1. He is an A.S.K (Ah Sia Kia), no superpower only very rich.

  2. He wears his underwear outside but don't want people to recognise him so he wears a hood over his face.

  3. He makes his good friend wear the same silly costume and names him after a small bird.

  4. He zhng his car and drive at high speed with the excuse that he is catching villians. Somemore no car plate number and don't need to use cashcard.

  5. He used to have pot belly (remember the old drama?)and now hides it under his thick armour.

  6. When superman ask him to join Justice League, he ai mai ai mai say dun wanna be in a team cause he work alone and so on.. den end up everytime fight villian he also come chap ji car.

  7. He is not environmental friendly. Despite been high-tech, he don't accept sms or msn. People need to power up a big flood light to get his attention.

  8. He is not humorous. Ever hear batman says a joke?

  9. He is known for his analytical skills i.e. chao geng so he got a butler to iron all his uniform and do all the chores.

  10. He got all sorts of gadgets, but where is the iPhone???

Hope you guys enjoy this boliao entry! Anyway did you folks know that although Batman is only a human, he defeated Superman!



Happy Birthday Mr Smith

Smith birthday was on the 3rd July. Times flies like nobody business. It was just like yesterday that Smith was here celebrating his birthday as a customer. This time round, things are different. The Pitstop Crew has grown bigger and new friends are made and some of the crew were around to celebrate Smith birthday as well!

Ok enough boring stuff from me, lets look at the pictures!

Smith with his signature small eyes

Joo made a nice cheese cake for Smith. The thing is that he made another cheese cake for another pretty girl. So wonder if Smith got the leftover..hahaa..but then again it is always the thought that count. So Smith even though we never get you anything, seriously we think alot about it.


Smith and his dear dear, Chris

Smith's friend. Dunnoe everyone but one of them is known as the Prince of Boat Quay

The crew turn to take pics with the birthday boy

Lovely Jermie who share the same birthday as Smith

Mum's favourite crew, cos only he entertain my mum nagging. Oopps, lucky she don't read this blog

We head for a short singing session with a nice bottle of "mojo", courtesy of Smith. But i still prefer fermented barley. Mum tag along also. Carol and Smith were great singer. I think my mum must have felt that she was 18 once again when Smith look at her eyes lovingly and sing to her.

Hey Smith what was the title of the song that you sing? I like that song!

Pitstop Cafe, folks who play together, stays together



Pitstop Crew Feature Part 6-Alfie

It's been awhile since we last featured our Pitstop Oompaa Loompa.
Our latest candidate is really a good catch...Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing to you...

Towering above all

Alfie is a man of talent. In his National Service, he assumed the heavy responsibilities of a naval officer. In University, he was also in charge of many hall as well as extra-curriculum activities.
Indeed a man of talent.

look into the mirror, he is a very different man...

Don't be put off by his stern and stoney look. Alfie may look like your quintessential engineer (he is an engineering student), but beyond this geeky facade lies a fun-loving, shots-gulping alter ego.

Get him comfortable, and he will tell you stories about him gulping down 24 vodka shots, marooning his drunk friends at his house void deck, girls in the club begging him to 'take them home' and so many more dark and wild secrets. A man of talent after all.

look at the way he wipes, every inch a choiced pick...

After work, Alfie is your choiced pick for a boyfriend/husband. Bearing the family's responsibilities as filial son. Alfie ensures that his family is being well taken care of. Providing immaculate care to his parents, Alfie also takes good care of fellow Pitstop crews and pitstoppers.Surely a man of talent.

So, if you yearn to be loved and served by such a man of talent. Remember to ask for Alfie when you are at Pitstop cafe.

Even more so, if you have what it takes to join us a our men/women of talent , don't hesitate! drop us an email or give us a buzz!

Pitstop cafe, talents are everywhere!

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