Featured on I-Weekly!

Yesterday, my friend SMS-ed me and told me, "hey your cafe's been featured on I-Weekly!" She sounded so excited that I thought Pitstop Cafe has made the headlines!

I rushed to buy my copy of I-Weekly, hoping to see my face on the cover. And indeed, lo and behold, I saw four people on the cover page.

I was thrilled

But wait, the four folks look slightly odd

Now, since when do we look like that?

so much for being on the 'cover page'

Well, though not exactly in the 'limelight' as I initially expected, still there was a section about us!

While I attempted to read it, I realised out of 10 words, I could only read 5! So much for getting an A1 in my Chinese 'O' levels

the article, comprehensive, concice and cool

Anyway, much graces to Mei Wen of I-Weekly for her wonderful coverage!

So do grab your I-Weekly now, present it at Pitstop cafe for your one free scoop of ice cream!!!

Pitstop cafe, kena featured


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