Let's do a Pitstop @ nEBO

The dust has finally settled.

It's time to unveil the mystery that has been the talk among the marketplace.

The fabled spot of the new Pitstop venture

Nestled in the buzz of the new downtown east complex, the E!hub is where our new cafe is located.

Brought to you by the same people who brought you Pitstop cafe, the new venture called nEBO is a F&B establishment that is part of our Pitstop vision of YOUTH ENGAGEMENT.

The Pitstop team will not only bring our boardgames expertise to the eastside, but we will also be involved in many exciting activities dealing with youths! For more info, check out 'project Y' in our homepage.

More pics will be coming soon!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the fun everywhere!



A plug for a Pitstopper

One of our Pitstopper, Astro, required some help from you guys. Due to his itchy backside, he decided to take an additional module on developing Facebook applications in NUS. So to do well for his assignment, he needs people to add the application that he and his friends had created!

This application is basically a card game trying to emulate one of the card games call MagBlast that is available at Pitstop Cafe. He thought it was easy to convert a boardgame concept into a facebook application but it turn out to be much more challenging than expected!

So if you bored and got some time to spend, do add this monster card game to your facebook and give it a try!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Quick Updates

Really sorry for the lack of updates recently. It has been an enjoyable but extremely busy period for the Pitstop Team.

Thanks to the support of all you Pitstoppers, Pitstop Cafe has increasingly become a popular choice for having birthday parties and it was really fun for us to host these events. Hopefully will get to share with you guys more photos soon.

We are also doing a really interesting and exciting project at the east side and been spending lots of effort to make sure that it is going to be a really fun place to be in! Will provide more updates once the dust settle. :)

Apologize for the short update. At the meantime, do enjoy the newly uploaded photos ok!

For youth entrepreneurs who like to try their hands on setting up a business, we still have push carts available for rent. Do drop us an email to find out more!

Pitstop Cafe, more fun coming your way!


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