We got grade A

The Pitstop Cafe blog is relative unknown to many. I guess our blog is not be really newsworthy or controversial, which is why we do not really attract any attention among the local media.

Hence, we are glad to share some good news with you folks. The cafe blogsite has surprisingly got attention from overseas instead. Our site is listed as one of the Best Restaurant and Cafe Blogs in an Australian website!

"Pitstop Cafe in Singapore. Nice use of customer photos. Also check the way they use modern 'social networking' services to gather friends and fans" - A

Hey there is grading somemore, and we got grade A! Of course when i was little my mum will say "aiyo why other people get A+, you get only A...."

Anyway it was a pity that they do not provide a link to a badge that we could include in our site, something like this...

Pajama Market Small Business Blog of the Day
Another feature on our cafe blog from Janesville, Wisconsin

Personally i am very happy about it. It kinda of remind me about my poly days when having your own homepage is a big deal because no one really understand it. We have to hand code everything in notepad. Even simple things like bolding your text or adding a hyperlink in your homepage seems so cool. Other silly things that occupy those days includes using finger to get the user information just to find out the name of that cute girl that sits at the 2nd table on last row of the lab...

Yeah i know, i am digressing. Is feeling nostalgic the sign of old age?

Pitstop Cafe, a grade A cafe



Its out of the door!

After much delay, we finally roll the Pitstop Surprise out of the door! It has been quite a busy time trying to consolidate all the Pitstoppers info.

It doesn't help when cockster astroboy, while typing the letters, missed out the unit number of the recipent. The whole batch of printed letters have to be redone and hence the delay.

Anyway the crew work overtime to get everything in place and we were really glad that we could get this out on Monday. Hopefully in the next few days all you folks would have received it.

Getting the stacks of letters ready...

Stamping our Pitstop Cafe chop till it was out of ink...

Yeah finally ready for sending it out!

Feedback from the "surprise" has been mixed among the crew. Astroboy thinks it is cute and unique, and others think it is classy. Mumu say it looks spooky! Despite the mixed reaction, we decided to go ahead cos somehow we know that you folks will appreciate it no matter what!

So if you receieve it, do leave a comment and lets us know what you think ok!

While it isn't anything spectacular or ground breaking, it is a token of apppreciation from the Pitstop Crew. We have squeeze our brain juice to come out with something unique for all of you and we hope that you folks like what we have done!

More details will be updated on the blog soon, so do check back again!

Pitstop Cafe, always doing more for you!



Can I use the toilet?

Hey guys, I will like to share with you an interesting sign which I have stumbled upon while I was away in Malacca.

Songkok and Tudong

Isn't it interesting how Malacca could differentiate the genders based on their culture. Eg: A person in songkok will be a man while a person in a headscarf will be a woman. Such presentation was definitely refreshing to my friends and I but the sign was misleading too. Upon seeing the sign, my friends were wondering if they could enter the toilet because they were not wearing tudong. ( sounds silly it might be but that was the initial reaction they had!)Nonetheless, they entered.

The sign might just be a simple toilet sign. However, it shed some light on some issues.
1) A toilet sign can summarize perfectly the culture of a country. For instance, through the sign, one can definitely gather that Malacca is a predominant Muslim populated state. That probably explains why tudong and songkok are used to represent the genders.

2) However, such representation might alienate the foreigners or non-Muslims because they do not practice the same culture.

That's all.

Pitstop Cafe, a place for all races and nationalities. Regardless, if you do wear a tudong or songkok...



Game Review- Winners' Circle

Here in Pitstop cafe, we try to engage you in different ways. We try to show you that boardgames can be so interesting that even gambling can be made into a game.

For example, we have a game call wits and wager where folks place their bets on trivias.

our dear joy and gwen introducing you a new game

Our latest instalment is the game Winners' Circle by Reiner Knizia. Reiner Knizia is a freaking popular game designer who happend to designed many other award winning games. He, being a doctorate holder in Mathemics, is extremely witty in designing games that revolves around the mechanics of probablity. In that sense, his games are very well balanced and extremely strategic.

Winners' Circle by Reiner Knizia

In Winners' circle, players place their bets on various horses with various strength and abilities. By observing their stats, players can balance between investing in horses who are all rounder or horses who have astonishing performances when the opportunity permits.

The horses gets in line, all with different abilities

Also, you get to strategically place your bets by observing other people's bets. Simply, betting on a horse that everybody else bets on will increase your probablity of winning because of vested interest. however, that would dilute your winnings. betting on a 'black horse' will not neccessary make you lose for other player will be preoccupied in moving their own horses while leaving you the chance for your 'black horse' to perform a sudden spurt of rush!

bets are placed to maximise profits

Sounds very technical isn't it? Here in Pitstop cafe, responses to Winners' circle are mixed. People who fail to see the tactics behind it will complain that it is just a boring roll of dice. There are also, no doubt people who enjoyed the game immensely. They are those who on top of just rolling the dice and playing the game, they even add to the excitement by simulating the commentator, the cheers, the jeers and what have you?

you need a very analytical mind

I do have a group of punters who dropped by Pitstop cafe and they were impressed by how any kind of stuffs can be made into a boardgame! In fact, when i asked them 'you wanna bet on horses?', they cheered loudly and remarked, 'wah! even Pua bei (horse betting) also got boardgame ah?'

and of course, a great company

So do drop by Pitstop cafe and try Winners' Circle, we do have a new batch of other games as well! Come and test the games so that we can make better choices in selecting games that appeal to the masses the next time round!

Pitstop cafe, we are a circle of winners


Pitstop Surprise

Some folks knew about it, others ask what is it?

The crew is busy getting it ready...

lots of bits and pieces,

but we are almost there...

however we are still missing an important piece...

thats all of you regular Pitstoppers!

For those who have been to our cafe recently, you have fill in the info on that secret green book so you folks can ignore this..

However for those who have been to Pitstop Cafe more than 3 times since the good old days, do drop us an email stating the following:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Contact No
4. Email
5. Birthday

Make sure you got your address correct because we are going to send it to your home! Better still add us to friendster so that we know who you are!

So hurry, we are planning to get it out our door by this week!


Pitstop Cafe, we appreciate all your support!



To Faith

It is always very warming to see group of friends bond and have great fun at Pitstop Cafe. The crew is really privilege to have many fantastic folks that visit the cafe.
One of these groups really surprise the crew when one of them gave us a big chocolate cookies on their first visit.

and they bought the Pitstop Crew 2 nice big famous amos chocolate cookies!

They had a great birthday celebration at Pitstop Cafe.

(L-R) Hui Choo, Jia Jia, Birthday girl Faith & Alex

Since then they have visit to Pitstop Cafe regulary. The most memorable visit was the one which they came to Pitstop Cafe in the afternoon, before taking off to catch a movie. When they couldn't get the tickets to the movie, they head back to Pitstop Cafe for again for another session of fun!

They even crammed into our toilet just to take a photo, crazy folks! Hmmm where is Jia Jia?

One of them, Faith (the girl on the left) has recently left for Newcastle to further her studies and all her friends has really nice touching words for her. Tears swelling from astroboy big robotic eyes again...


My dearest faith - my mommy figure, time flies..it's been 3 years since we left Chij STC, im so glad that we still keep in touch. You're one of the nicest friend i ever had, no temper and always so cheerful.

It's really a joy to have you as part of the clique. Remember those "nutx family" days? haha..the silly yet memorable times in STC.

Do take great care of yourself in UK, study hard and i can't wait for you to come back!! More pitstop visits! Hopefully me, zhu and alex can visit you soon..take care and love ya so much! Hugx :)


Words can never fully expressed the gratitude I feel towards you.
A friend over 5years you had brought me nothing but only joy.
when I had learnt about the news around june tat you are leaving in sept 7,
i brought you over to Pitstop because i had wanted our remaining memories to
be full of laughter and fun.(and Pitstop did not fail me)
Although you keep reassuring me tat you would be back very soon,
still i cant help but missed and worry for you.


Just wanna say a big thank you for being there,
for the good and bad times, you are the best :)
We shall work hard for our studies eh.
Waiting for you to come back.
Just don't burn down e hostel. LOL

Hui Choo


The Pitstop Crew would like to wish you all the best in your studies and do remember all the good times that you had at Pitstop Cafe ok! Take care and we will see you soon!

Pitstop Cafe, where friends bond



Ode to a Litter Bug

Now, last entry was about nice Pitstoppers.. this time round, let's be real, let's face it, ugly folk still exist.

Maybe we should nominate their names to the ugly singaporean blog site.

Once upon a time, came a bunch of folk to Pitstop cafe.

All were nice and cool,

doing their part as a great folk should.

Now along came this little folk,

who did not want to part with his dough.

not a single cent at all, he chose to keep his gold.

The Pitstop crew, filled with compassion,

Thought this boy was one frugal folk.

Chase him out we did not, and in the fun we let him soaked.

Hours later, the mean bean wants to go,

not a single word of thanks, his face still looks cold.

Along pass the counter, he stretched his arms,

to grab that pile of free mentos, as if it were alms.

minutes later, we peeped the stairs,

and to my horror, the boy we treat with such care,

returned the kindness with such nightmare.

The mentos he took for free,

not paying while his friends played for a fee,

He left the mentos wrapper,

as if it was a reminder:

That ugly folk still exist,

however hard you try to resist.

why? just tell me why?

when will people ever learn to have,

the propensity and the gratitude,

to give, just as they have received?

Free mentos, a small token of appreciation of visiting Pitstop Cafe...

Yikes, why is it here on the rail?

Well done, well done.. sometimes a person's body language says it all.


The Greatest Gift

Many businesses, have yearned to gain media coverage to increase exposure and publicity, while other businesses have competition to allow customers to write good stuffs about them.

On the other hand, Pitstop cafe was blessed to be featured by Celebrity bloggers, Straits Times, Zao Bao, Government agencies, Lime magazine and more recently, Nanyang Chronicles of course, not forgetting all the fellow bloggers and folks who have passed some really cool comments to other folks.

Wonder when will we be featured by FHM?

These positive comments really boosted Pitstop cafe's image. And once again, we extend our warmest gratitude to all of you!

However, what really warms our heart and keeps us going despite of the stiff competition are really the things that fellow pitstoppers have done.

Apart from the usual sharing a slice of their birthday cake, we have folks who gives cookies, souveneirs from overseas trip and other goodies as well.

Hmm, a card for the Pitstop crew. What is it?

sometimes we wonder, why did they do that?

You don't see people giving gifts or paying tributes to well, you know coffee joints or Ronald Macdonald's.

Astroboy even mentioned, " I don't even felt that I've done anything!"

A cute Thank You card just for us!

Well, I told Astroboy, "The things that are really sincere are the things you felt that you don't have to claim credits for"

I could almost see tears swelling from his big robotic eyes. Hopes he doesn't get short circuited from the inside.

Nice words give strength to the crew

Anyway, Pitstop cafe was once again given the extra boost in fuel when a fellow pitstopper who had been to the cafe for only the past one week, presented to us a thank you card.

A thank you card!

I felt like a nurse.

Thanks Jolene! We appreciate it!

You know, even having a day's packed with reservation, breaking even, earning big money will not touch us as much as the short and simple words found in the card. it's that moment when you read the simple and yet, sincere words that you felt that you have conquered the world. You felt that you have touch people's heart. You felt..aiyah.. just felt it lah.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jolene, and all of you folks who have been motivating us, staying true to us and like I said so many times...

Kept the faith.

Pitstop cafe, you can feel the warmth here.. really!



We got a Sucker

Recently we bought a straw dispensing box for holding the straws. It is much easier compared to having open the drawer in and out everytime we need to prepare drinks...

This reminds me of an old riddle

Hard hard in, soft soft out. In out in out, juice comes out. What is it?

anyway the box we got is really interesting, check out the picture below...

Our little sucker

While we are out looking for native speakers, perhaps it is now time to form another committee to address the issue of hunting for native writers too. Writing proper english is also important right, otherwise if you don't understand what i am writing then how?

Pitstop Cafe, we serve drinks with a sucker


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