Singapore Boardgames Championship

As promised, spend some time in doing some cheap footages of the Singapore Boardgame Championship.. so do forgive me if yer find it unproffesionally done or unentertaining..

Many people have been questioning us ' Are you insane to publicize or even support your rivals? Aren't you like sending your own customers to em'?

Indeed, what Pitstop cafe did was indeed really weird... really weird..

But on retrospect, I think what we did was really fulfilling..

For once, Pitstop cafe has managed to bring groups of pitstoppers who never met each other before, unite towards a common cause. Though they played for themselves, I believe everyone of em' also played with greater responsibilities.

Responsibility to do their cafe proud.

It was satisfying, to the point of touching to see fellow pitstoppers promote the cafe and talk about the Pitstop experience with such enthusiasm and conviction.

And to think that most people present that day, thought that all of em' were co-owners.

Well, they are not wrong.

You folks are our co-owners.

Because without you, there would not be a Pitstop experience.

So do, continue to keep the faith, Pitstop Cafe would not be the same without all these unique folks!

Pitstoppers, this is the video


The Making of Team Pitstop

While Kimoki is busy working on the footages of the actual board game competition, i like to take the opportunity to thank you folks for your participation in the competition.

Thank You!

When we first started to get the participants for the competition, we are not sure if we can get anyone at all. There is no way to contact anyone of them, only hope was they happen to read our blog.

Things manage to get started when these 2 folks coincidentally drop by our cafe while we are trying to look for them. We manage to get their support.

As the date come closer, we did not manage to get more participants till on a Thursday evening, these 2 folks drop by...

Introducing Bryan, but not sure why but Pitstop Crew just call him Mr Korean

Another potential participant but alas her busy schedule does not allow her to take part

A special big thank you to HY cos though she can't take part, she help us get in contact with others who are keen to join the competition and it was great cos in the end we manage to form a nice decent team of 6 to take part in the competition.

There we have it, Team Pitstop, all make possible from your suppport!

It wasn't as easy as expected trying to coordinate everything and it the end it feel great that everything work out fine and the Pitstoppers had good fun in the competition.

So check back the blog as Kimoki will bring you more interesting reports and footages of the competition...



A Communal Space at Pitstop

On this day last week, we had a lovely demure 21st baby celebrating her bdae at Pitstop! It was nice to have Xuezhen celebrating her bdae at Pitstop, her presence, definitely brightened up the cafe! Most importantly, because she has spent quite abit..( *grinz*...)

The bdae gal..Xuezhen

Nehz..that was meant to be a joke about her spending alot at the cafe. Pitstop Cafe just loves all of the Pitstoppers!! No preferential treatment at the cafe.

If you guys are sharp enough, you will notice a bdae cake which was snapped up very quickly. This is because, the bdae gal, was awesome and generous. She shared her bdae cake with all the Pitstoppers present that day ( not only to her friends).

This group sang bdae song spontaneously while Xuezhen gave them slices of cake simultaneously

This is what Pitstop Cafe is promoting, a communal lifestyle, where every Pitstoppers get to know one another and bond. As long as you are in the same space, don't be shy....just mingle,coz you all are Pitstoppers where there is always fun and interaction!!!



An Achiever, a Pitstopper

We have an really interesting mix of folks that drop by the cafe, different races, different origins, different backgrounds. There was always interesting facts to learn from these folks...

Anyway cut the story short, Stephen is one of the regular Pitstopper too. An interesting is that he is also part of the group called Achievers. Achievers is a non-profit and non-religious volunteer group whose mission is to dispel misconceptions on mental illnesses and to provide compassion and empathy to people who are suffering from it.

Stephen enjoying a game of Jenga at Pitstop Cafe

What he currently doing is that he would be developing some meaningful activities with the intention to stimulate and arouse the minds of those mentally ill folks and to bring out their creativity. Some of the planned activities include lego, snake & ladders, chess, etc. He is currently looking for like-minded volunteers to assist him in making a difference in the lives of those who need this help.

So if you are keen, do call him at 90674414 for more enquires. They will be having the next volunteer session on 5th of August. If you like help, do join him for this upcoming fun and meaningful activity.

Pitstop Cafe, we support Pitstoppers!


The Things that They Say

It is interesting that there are quite abit of folks that actually blog about their experience at Pitstop Cafe. Of course we like to hear all the nice stuff, it is good encouragement for the Pitstop Crew. Hearing some of the bad stuff ain't too bad too as it let us know our flaw as we continue to seek to improve ourselves. Nevertheless we like to thank all you folks simply for the fact that you guys blog and talk about us. Cool! Ok below are a collection of some of the blogs that did an entry on us...

Cowboy Caleb
"The coffee was good. Mine came with one of those foamy patterns that take time and effort to create, so I knew substantial care had been invested into brewing my drugs. Thumbs up."

"Overall, I don't give really a thumbs up to the food (haha, maybe because I chose the oh-not-so-good cattle cut), it's the boardgames and fun that makes up for that I guess. Still, I think the place is quite cool and nice..."

Sunshine Island
"this is the dory fish & chips, this is half the actual size, the dory is HUGE (i finished last)this is yummy.. look at it! not too dry, soft & moist!"

Warped tendencies
"It's located at 14B Circular Road, if any of you are interested in checking them out, and I dare to say that their food and service beats most other cafes (boardgame or otherwise) hands down."

Mr Smith
"as usual they made us feel at home.. celebrated my bday , sang song.. took pic for us and gave me one on the hse!!!

she bakes and she cooks
"We all had great great fun. Thanks Pitstop Cafe for making JF's birthday a happening one! Now I know why everyone keeps raving about the place."

"we then played a game of blokus with astroboy. he’s super competitive! lol. needless to say, he won. bah. bully us noobs! u wait!"

"There's also the Fried Dory Fish & Chips & some other main course that tasted very nice, as well as Mom's special, which varies usually since 'Mom' only come on Fri & weekends."

"the food's great there.. collection of games r quite comprehensive too.. but end up we onli played 2 long games.. ticket to ride and shadows of camelot..."

Pajama Market Small Business Blog of the Day
"I wish I were as hip as these four nuts! Their posts crack me up and have made the Pitstop Cafe a "must visit" on my next trip to Singapore to become a Pitstopper."

Deep Beneath Her Smile
"PitStop Cafe gets the thumbs up for it's employee (who's also the owner) for their knowledge on most games."

"The service was very good, but we didn't quite like the games (intellectual type) that were introduced to us though"

Tempest Blue
"Lots of fun and laughter and I really enjoyed myself."

Love and Be Silent
"We went to pitstop cafe. I asked Yik to choose a place and she suggested that. Nice place! This is my drink - Ribena. I feel like a kid again."

"Went to Pitstop Cafe with the rest of my Mindef friends and had a madcap 4 hours laughing our heads off."

Teh Tarik Satu
"Service was a tad slow as they were a little shot-handed, but at least the owners were friendly and accommodating throughout. My Lasagna did not taste too bad either."

Stupid Genius
"The people there are quite friendly. They recommend us games which are quite fun. They even teach us the games."

Phew thats quite abit of entry. The Pitstop Crew really enjoy reading all this entries. So next time you had an experience at Pitstop Cafe, blog about it too ok!

Pitstop Cafe, we have a blog



Team Pitstop

We have been looking for some of the Pitstoppers to take part in the upcoming board games competition is coming Saturday. We are still waiting for some of the folks to response.

It was indeed a nice concidence to have one of the group that we are looking for, to drop in at Pitstop Cafe! We wasted no time signing them up and they were more than happy to be part of Team Pitstop...

Introducing our first 2 competitors for Team Pitstop...

Standing 7 feet tall, weighing 35 lbs, we present Nathan. His looks alone is going to send shiver down the opponents...

Sweet lovely Amanda, well verse in Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, this cutie pie is no push over...

Power pack right! We like to form a bigger group, more fun mah right! So if you folks are keen, drop us an email soon ok! We will send you guys the details soon so do check your email Hopefully we can gather a nice team and have great fun this Saturday. Check back on the blog for more updates ok!

Pitstop Cafe, Pitstoppers Unite!



M for Monday, M for Maintenance

hey folks, we will be close on Monday 24th July for maintenance works of the cafe. We will resume operation on Tuesday 25th July which means the next day lar. So call us at 65355383 for any enquiries and reservations ok.

For updates on the Pitstopper alert, do check back the blog ok! Anyone else keen drop us an email.

Pitstop Cafe, whats next?



Sweet Little Things

At Pitstop Cafe, we always try to do whatever we can to make the Pitstop experience a wonderful one. Sweet little things like these free mentos. When we think about it, we always wonder why we give all these free stuff because most people don't notice it at all. I guess when we see Pitstoppers enjoying these little sweets, the reason is obvious...

popular sweet little things...

As some of you might know, mentos doesn't goes too well with coke. This is what happen when you get high with mentos and coke...

Due to concern that the recorded video is unglam, the video is no longer available. Please do not click this link to view the video

Its a beautiful Sunday, so make your way to Pitstop Cafe for a groove time.

Pitstop Cafe, high on fun!



Pitstoppers Alert

I am not sure if this will work but we like to look for fellow
Pitstoppers to represent Pitstop Cafe at Singapore Board Games
Championship that will be held on the 29th of July.

This sound crazy but instead of making you pay to take part in the
competition, we pay for you instead! Of course have to depend on
available budget lar.

Why are we doing this? At Pitstop Cafe we have regular gamers that
play some of the games numerous of times and are really good in them.
Hence if they are keen to take part in completing in those games, we
would like to give them our support.

So this is what we are planning to do. For those who are keen to
represent Pitstop Cafe, we will pay for the registration fee. If you
do win, all prizes are for you to keep. Of course we would appreciate
if you throw a nice celebration at Pitstop Cafe.

The only condition is that you will need to share your victory with
Pitstop cafe and its Pitstoppers. It could be a speech, a picture or
anything creative that we can share on the blog with the Pitstop
community. Sweet and simple right!

The games that will be played in the competition are Blokus,
Cartegana, For Sale, Giza, Loco!, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to
. Currently we are searching for the following personnels. These
folks have come by regulary and been playing some of the games that
will be played in the competition. If you saw this entry, drop us an
email if you folks are keen ok!

One of them supposely have not lost in the game of Ticket to Ride so far

Settlers of Catan is their forte

One of these folks play board games long ago since she was in Korea!

and of course our self proclaim blokus queen Eve will try to take a
shot at blokus

Of course it is not possible for us to cover all the Pitstoppers
groups so if any of you Pitstoppers are keen on this idea, just drop
us an email. We aren't exactly sure how this will work out but write
to us and we see how things go from there...

Pitstop Cafe, we support our Pitstoppers


Non-Stop Action @ Pitstop Cafe

It was a cosy sunday afternoon where Pitstoppers still streamed in despite the rain.. of course, what perked my day was seeing a bunch of folks who used to come to Pitstop cafe cuz other places were full...

Now, they proudly said.. 'I came today outta my own accord!'... ah ha! Folks lets all put our hands together to welcome another Pitstopper!!

Playig the game filthy rich, where the game board is also a card holder

As always, when the pace of business is not so hectic.. we do take the extra effort to sit down with pitstoppers, share with them about Pitstop Cafe, and not to mention, playing a game or two.

This time round, I introduced modern art, a bidding and auctioning of paintings game to them. We had an intense session, while for some people, they seem lost most of the time , asking every season why the paintings cost so much..

Huiyi and gang had great fun with owning billboards and buying luxuries

At the end of the game, just when I thought they were leaving..they said they dun mind staying on!

Cool..6 hrs at Pitstop cafe... truly record breaking yoh!

So we ventured into playng 'Filthy Rich'. A game with compliments from another Pitstopper, Liangcai! They had great fun posting the billboards and taxing people. It's really great to see em' enjoying a game which they tried just for the first time!!!

and oh my goodness, something shocking must have happened to make him look so petrified

In the midst of the happenings and excitement, suddenly he saw something... something shocking..

In Pitstop cafe, we try to engage you in every way possible, And look! even our salt and pepper holder has a life of its own!

The salt and pepper holder was caught in the act of doing something so vile and disgusting.

Mr Pepper seem to be striding across the table, no? its waiting for someone

Admit it, you love it. Folks like the salt and pepper holder.. I even caught some folks 'fondling' it, while most like to do many different positions with em'...

Uh.. I dunno why, but stuffs here seem to amuse people.

Really Amusing

oh gosh.. Mr Salt is here and they seem to be hugging, no? he looks kinda drunk!

So there you go, yet another addition to Pitstop cafe, the salt and pepper holder. Oh by the way, if you are free. just submit a name or two for them.Let them have a name!!!

oh gosh! he just 'merlioned', spewing his guts out on the table.. oh no.. thatis really vile..

So, going back to the lazy sunday afternoon. What have all these things have in common?

Well, I must admit that the cafe ultimately remains an inanimate object. What truly makes Pitstop cafe alive is you folks!

your laughter, your creativity, your photos, your graffitti and your pressence make Pitstop cafe a Place where non-stop action is at!

Pitstop cafe, It's alive!!!!



Kena Featured.. or is it?

Great thanks to the chinese papers for doing a write up on the boardgames cafe in Singapore and even greater thanks to the editors who displayed such a huge picture of us in the cover page..

Yeah...fantastic! this time I loved the angle where they shot me!! The infamous Side Profile!!!

Nice beautiful picture of Kimoki, Mumu and AstroBro at Pitstop Cafe

Taking the pictures was great fun, Astroboy's Bro, Wee Loon who refused to be called AstroBro was also part of the picture! The reporter even had to stand in as cameo..we had great fun trying to look natural, trying to pretend the camera was not there and act as if we were playing the game when the reporter was actually conducting her interview.

As I was reading the article, there were mention about how successful other games cafe was. While some other mention about how they try to make sure all the employees know the games without flipping the games manual. Even more so, most others said things about business expansion, development, market saturation and what have you?

It was then I realised one thing that sets Pitstop cafe and its Pitstoppers apart from others..

you know what was that?

Why Don't you tell us?

Pitstop Cafe, this time it's a secret..


Chocolate Cookies

We are always thanking our Pitstoppers. While we like to surprise them with new stuff in the cafe, like lucky dips, new games, etc, every now and then we have Pitstoppers that surprised us too!

They drop by Pitstop Cafe to celebrate a birthday...

and they bought the Pitstop Crew 2 nice big famous amos chocolate cookies!

I think the chocolate cookies must be yummy because before the end of the day, Eve and Mumu have finish up the 2 big cookies!

There was this other group that actually like us to take a photo together with them. For once, the Pitstop crew seem to become some sort of celebrities... guess they like us enough to want us in their pic!

It turn out really nice!

Pitstoppers, you guys make Pitstop Cafe such a fun place to be in!

Pitstop Cafe, we like surprises...



Astroboy's New Clothes

Eve brought the Pitstop crew some nice tee shirts from her trip to Taiwan. I got a really nice and interesting tee shirt, an astroboy design tee shirt!

It is really cool but somehow the plastic at the front feel weird to me, especially when Eve like to rub my fatty tummy...

On one side when you look at it, it shows a picture of astroboy...

but from the other angle, it shows the internal circuit of astroboy!

Too bad Eve bought me only one shirt. Super heroes need more than 1 set of clothes right!

Ok ok, i know i ain't any super hero but hey neither do i need to wear my underwear outside of my pants...

astroboy, i got new clothes!


Creative Community

More than just a cafe where customers come and go, Pitstop cafe is a place where folks gather, share ideas, realise dreams and have fun together.

Pitstop cafe also embodies the vision of the immensely overwhelming things that one can achieve with that wee bit of creativity and imagination.

Here I go, one weekday afternoon, feeling bored and all. I suddenly remembered the DVD that I just watched the day before; 'Troy'. So inspired by the creativity and wit behind the idea of the 'Trojan Horse', and the awe inspiring character of Achilles that I decided to fashion a similiar looking Argonaut for myself.

Trojan helmut from the lucky dip bag, Trojan Sword from the Kitchen, Trojan Shield from the dustbin, Trojan ideas from the brain

Once again, Mumu became the object of my imagination (hey..I know what you thinking! ). Anyway, yes.. I decided to dress her up as one of those Trojan warriors... with some props and a little bit of imagination, I decided to position her in different poses, just like what I used to do with my X-Men action figures.

Think I look like a fool right?!?!? You better think again.....dun regret...

Ah..so Pitstoppers, do exhibit your creativity on our one and only 'print-on-the-spot' photo and graffiti wall. Yes! grab some props and position yourself in different poses!

Don't limit your imagination.. share ideas and do things you think you can never do alone!

I guess you are right....haiz...why must it always be me??:(

And indeed in Pitstop Cafe, let us unite as one community to do things that we can never imagine ourselves doing as an individual.

As National Day is coming, let me end on a more patriotic tone..

Pitstop Cafe, together we make a difference!


A little Bit about Us (Kimoki Version)

It's been a while since we last shared a little bit about ourselves/ The section on about us seems to be rotting away as well..

For regular Pitstoppers, Folks will know that Pitstop cafe is more than just an interesting place to hang out but because you folks also partake in our entrepreneur efforts together and also shared a bit of our personal life, our memories as well as our 'growing up' process.

I don't even carry bags to school, but when it comes to clubbing everything inside is a neccessity

Ever since Pitstop cafe, mumu has been complaining that she has never seen me club so much before in my life before..

Though her worries are unfounded, but it is true that Pitstop cafe has turned my definition of leisure around...As much of the time and energy has been spent on Pitstop cafe, it is really quite impossible for me (at least) to be at anywhere else, enjoying myself at NYDC Heeren..

No choice..have to turn to clubbing, one of the only places that still opens after the cafe closes, one of the only places that can calm my uptight nerves (chemically).

A quick run down of my equipments

Its obvious to know when Im clubbing, folks will laugh at me for carrying a big bag. Mumu will comment that I seem to be fully equipped for a war.

Going home and subsequently coming out does not make sense, so I take too changing at the cafe and heading down straight to my favorite club Phuture, Zouk! (only Wed and Fri). Pitstop cafe really has everything, I can even bathe in the toilet, the hand dryer even worked as a hair dryer!

They say the clothes maketh a man

Sometimes, the sofa can even act as a bed for us to bunk in for the night!

I say the jeans also protects The Man

All in all, Pitstop cafe becomes really like a home to us all. Even Astroboy and Eve, got their own bathing stuffs in the cafe too!

The shoes, not very suitable to shake to R and B leh

So back to clubbing, it really gave me a time to really not think of the cafe for once (though I must admit that its impossible to get it out of my mind). Even better, for a heavily self concsious folk like me, alcohol really work wonders to make me talk crap and spew nonsense (not that I dun do it even without alcohol).

This is the secret to my anti-gravity spikes

And yah..back to the cafe. My life has really been twisted.. But I guess, what I really learnt is time management. Like I always said and will say it again, 'people always complain they got no time, but truth is it depends on how much they want something'.

For me, Pitstop cafe is like my baby (err..ok..i know sounds a bit.. i know).. Pitstop cafe is like my blood, my sweat, my hair clay. No matter how tired I am, or how busy I have been, going to Pitstop cafe has bever been a chore. Even at moments where it seems like there are no customers or sales, being at Pitstop cafe just keeps me going.

Almost done, this clay is good.. yet another of those secret recipe

I guess, Pitstop Cafe embodies my personal philosophy(not sure bout' the rest). A philosophy where if you really want and love something that badly, nothing can deter you, everything just motivates you to do it.

the coming year is a very exciting year for me, to propel Pitstop Cafe to the next level and to push my CAP score a bit more to achieve my goal of second upper honors. I really do have qualms in my ability to handle it, but I will try my best nevertheless.

So all you Pitstoppers, I look forward to all your continued support. Because its because you folks believe in us that we can carry on realising my dreams.. and perhaps continue clubbing..

Add the finishing touches, and we are ready to 'find me in the club'..'Yeah, Yeah! Yeah!

So, do keep the flow of Pitstoppers overwhelming, because Pitstop cafe is the place where dreams are realised.

Pitstop cafe, one is not enough, together we can club!


Cafe Latte, Cuppuccino or Me?

After a tiring day at work, nothing perk me up like a fresh shot of espresso at Pitstop Cafe. While caffeine does not have much effect on me, smelling the nice aroma from freshly grinded coffee beans really freshen me up!

Sitting at the sofa, sipping a nice cup of hot coffee, my body relax while energy simply ozzes through my body as i enjoy the coffee.

Certain days i like a hot cup of cafe latte. Not too strong and with a nice milky taste, it is definitely my choice after a tiring day.

A nice cup of hot cafe latte

On other days, a hot cup of cuppuccino will do the trick. Strong in favor (cos more foam and less milk), with a nice sweetness in the foam and top off with a tinge of chocolate syrup, it is indeed a nice treat!

or a nice foamy cuppuccino?

Drinking alone can be quite boring at times, luckily there is Eve to accompany me. One latte, one cuppuccino. You one sip, I one sip, very romantic!

Sometimes you really get to have the best of both world

So if you need that perk, drop in at Pitstop Cafe and lets us make you a nice treat! Remember you one sip, I one sip, very romantic!

Pitstop Cafe, let us perk you up.

astroboy, powered by cafe latte and cuppuccino

More than just boardgames

It has always been interesting exploring sections of the wall looking out for new pictures of our regular Pitstoppers as well as new folks who happen to stumble upon our humble café. It is indeed very heart warming and encouraging for for us to have you folks leaving a message on the chatbox saying you had an enjoyable experience at Pitstop Cafe. We really appreciate it!

In fact i was really suprise to find that there are many of you out there notice our feature in the Straits Times.

Thanks to Jessica and her team for taking such a nice picture of the crew

One of our reader, Donnie even send us a soft copy of the article so that we can share it here with everyone who read our blog.

Yeah i am happy cos the headline was "More Youths becoming their own bosses". I am still considered a youth and i like that!

Some of the regular Pitstoppers even left a message saying that they had not forgotten us, but rather they had been busy catching the World Cup and that is cool cos been a Pitstopper is more than just been a boardgame lover. It is about fun and having a good time together with friends!

Even for the Pitstop Crew, while we enjoy playing boardgames, we do other interesting stuff together too...

Enjoying late suppers...

and even a fun bowling session together

With that said, we still need your support to continue to build a cafe that all Pitstoppers can be proud to be a part of and we still have more great stuff coming your way...

So if you are looking for an enjoyable experience with your friends, having great food, delightful desserts and fun games, drop in at Pitstop Cafe!

Pitstop Cafe, more than just boardgames



What Lies Beneath..

Pitstop Cafe is a place where hilarious things, even weirder occurence happen.

here, we have lotsa props for you to engage yourself in...

Let's play a little game, I can't remember what the game is called. But the objective of the game is to find a reasoning for the given scenario..

I will describe the scenario, and you will try to deduce the outcome by asking me a series of questions.

With the clue, you are suppose to piece together the whole story up til the point where the scenario occurs.

so, here it goes..one fine saturday afternoon.. a pile of cushions are spotted at the sofa..

like this

what happened?

Pitstop Cafe, always engaging you



Reflections of Cafe Culture

Having past the hectic week, the Pitstop crew were seriously tired out by the influx of pitstoppers after pitstoppers after pitstoppers and after pitstoppers..

Tiring, but satisfying..

There I was standing at a corner watching all the folks and the whole cafe.. I couldn't help feeling a sense of achievement and yet a feeling of amusement..

have you ever seen a cafe like this before?

Amusement? yes..amusement indeed.. the cafe has indeed evolved into something that has a distinctive culture. Nevermind the fact that we are small, hold only 35 pax or what have you.. the feeling I had when I saw all the pitstoppers, was one that gives me the feeling that we are all one big family.

bags are strewn on the floor, but that's just how it goes

Now, it really looks a chinese new year atmosphere..

Folks are sprawled all over the place, but that's just how it goes

Cafe Concept is everywhere. Some focuses on ambience, some focuses on products and services, while some focuses on professionalism.

Pitstop Cafe is Different, our focus is not so much on the concept but on the Culture.

engaging in every aspect, even while you wait for your bill, you get to doodle on the wall

The Culture of Pitstop cafe is one where people come as strangers but leave as friends.

A culture whereby everything is so relaxing, where you can do everything and anything you want.

Folks here do all sorts of things, really all sorts of things

A culture where not only can you enjoy good food, good games and good service, you also get to be part of the entrepreneaur process.

A culture whereby you can just spend your time looking at the endless photos, grafitti and memories left behind by all other pitstoppers.

some draw,

some watch,

A culture where everyone just mingles together, sing birthday songs for other people whom you never met before.

And guess what? All these is priceless, you ain't got to spend a cent to know other people.

Because the culture of Pitstop Cafe is where folks....

while most are too engrossed

come as strangers, leave as friends.

Pitstop cafe, I say come as strangers, leave as friends!!!!!


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