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Ok, i maybe a bit back dated but i just recently found out that Singapore has got a F in a courtesy test. It doesn't seem to reflect that well for us. Actually i don't think it is a big deal.

It is just a matter of how the headlines are written. For example look at the recent headline:

Household income up; bottom third's wages down

See it sound much nicer right? So instead of just saying we got 'F' for courtesy we just need a better headline such as:

Four million smiles; despite 'F' for courtesy

See it sound nicer now right? Anyway what's wrong in getting 'F' for courtesy? 'F' isn't too bad a grade right? F for F***ing well done!

The problem appears to be that folks don't really like to say thank you. One folk even reply saying "Can't you see i am busy smsing?". We should be more understanding. Perhaps he was busy voting for his favourite Singapore Idol. That is important cos if you can't sing, those votes helps.

Sometimes it could also be the fact that Singaporean don't really like to express themselves. That can be solve easily; just setup a Thank you corner. But remember to say thank you, you first need to apply for permit.

Damm i sibei smart right!

Luckily at Pitstop Cafe, most of the folks are damm fantastic. You serve them ice water, they say thank you. You serve them soup, they say thank you. You serve them main course, they say thank you. They are always so nice and supportive

You guys are marvellous! A big THANK YOU for all you supportive Pitstoppers

On our side, we try our best to be nice folks too. Before they reach the cafe, we greet them with the loudest out-of-tune trademarked "Welcome!". Of course you can't miss out saying a nice thank you when they pay their bills. :)

I think the problem could be they pick the wrong place for the survey. If they choose Pitstop Cafe, then our Pitstoppers sure get A! It just like last night, i was in the taxi queue with a group of tourist at Boat Quay waiting for the cab. I waited from 2.15 am till 3.30 am to get a cab back home. If there is a survey done on our world class transport system last night, the result is obvious...

F, F***ing well done!

astroboy, thank you for reading this entry

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Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

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