Creative Community

More than just a cafe where customers come and go, Pitstop cafe is a place where folks gather, share ideas, realise dreams and have fun together.

Pitstop cafe also embodies the vision of the immensely overwhelming things that one can achieve with that wee bit of creativity and imagination.

Here I go, one weekday afternoon, feeling bored and all. I suddenly remembered the DVD that I just watched the day before; 'Troy'. So inspired by the creativity and wit behind the idea of the 'Trojan Horse', and the awe inspiring character of Achilles that I decided to fashion a similiar looking Argonaut for myself.

Trojan helmut from the lucky dip bag, Trojan Sword from the Kitchen, Trojan Shield from the dustbin, Trojan ideas from the brain

Once again, Mumu became the object of my imagination (hey..I know what you thinking! ). Anyway, yes.. I decided to dress her up as one of those Trojan warriors... with some props and a little bit of imagination, I decided to position her in different poses, just like what I used to do with my X-Men action figures.

Think I look like a fool right?!?!? You better think again.....dun regret...

Ah..so Pitstoppers, do exhibit your creativity on our one and only 'print-on-the-spot' photo and graffiti wall. Yes! grab some props and position yourself in different poses!

Don't limit your imagination.. share ideas and do things you think you can never do alone!

I guess you are right....haiz...why must it always be me??:(

And indeed in Pitstop Cafe, let us unite as one community to do things that we can never imagine ourselves doing as an individual.

As National Day is coming, let me end on a more patriotic tone..

Pitstop Cafe, together we make a difference!

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