The Green Monster

More often than not, doing business is like a love-hate relationship. You love it but yet you hate it for causing you all kinda crap..

Sometimes you hate it, but you are forced to love it... one can never be truly satisfied or contented.. Afterall, business is all about balancing between priorities and compromises.

True blue Pitstoppers will know that Pitstop cafe is an everchanging environment, an epitome of what it takes to work under limited resources and aggressive competitors...

As such, Pitstop cafe is always striving to improve and upgrade ourselves, in ways that we can best balance between efficient input and productive output.

Take for example, this crap.. The green curtain, shower curtain whatever..was installed because we realise that we have been losing lotsa cool air as well as electricity because there are lotsa lobang which the air can escape through..

The serving window, the entrance, the balcony, the toilet and what have you.. The auntie from downstairs have been caught many times searting right infront of our damn entrance free riding the air...

Bought from IKEA..yes, it's that place...$19 only

Having learnt that precious lesson, the next time is to overcome this obstacle..

Of course, we had suggestions such as installing a glass door, air curtain.. now, both of this are good suggestions but they are sooo.. expensive and require intensive installation process...

Lo and behold, I tried to save money and bought this little gimmick instead.. a curtain which minimises air leakage while at the same time suits the color scheme of the cafe..

it was too damn long, so I snipped off part of it and pasted it here... so to prevent oily smells from entering the room

Of course, such cheap crap always come under scrutiny..no one was please with it, some says it looks like those cold storage while some say its redundant.. Most importantly, Astromum just hate it..

She complained that the 'frillies' gets in her way when she is serving food out of the window. She also complained that the 'frillies' made the kitchen very warm and thus cuased her to see 'frillies'

I replied, 'so any better suggestions for the cost of $19?'

Everyone almost had the 'frillies' stuffed in their mouth..

seriously I hate it too..but that's the catch with working under constraints.. you are forced to think

Now, the moral of the story is not about whose idea is more 'frilly'.. but rather.... from this incident i realised that...

The frillies are too green..

It should be a tone darker...or maybe they should have some kinda designs, or perhaps come with different stripes.. preferably green, orange and red... even better, maybe should come with a sensor so that when you approach it the frillies will leave up for you to pass through..

Hey I got another idea.. how bout making it like those oil clog paper.. when you brush your face through it, it will automatically suck your face dry?

Yah lah..that's the whole point..maybe IKEA can have some kinda suggestion paper to improve their product..or even like give a bulk discount if people buy 10 frillies and above...

maybe they should even have a display room showing '101 ways of using frillies'..

Astromum is waiting for the day to rip these off her kitchen walls

oh by the way, what was I talking about?

Pitstop cafe, stay focus in whatever you do and say



Mark said...

the frilly attacked me on the way out.

but i forgive it.

Anonymous said...

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