Pitstop Hollyhood AKA 'Ho Li Hood'

Its kinda outdated news... but yea.. once again, Pitstop cafe was patronised by another one of those quasi-celebrities.

Blogging nowsaday, big word man... some people can blog until get endorsements while other can blog until go to jail.

Pitstop Cafe, with our one of a kind blogging network, seeks to establish connection and interaction with our fellow pitstoppers even beyond the confines of the cafe.

As such, many folks who acknowledge their passion in blogging also have come to identify Pitstop cafe as THE PLACE for likeminded people to congregate.

Pitstop cafe was fortunate to have the patronage of cowboy caleb and more recently, a Quasi-food celebrity who was featured on the papers....

Of Demi-Chef and Semi-Bloggers

She is none other than Cheryl, who had previously featured us on eyesight magazine and more recently an entry on her blog 'the baker who cooks'. With her reputation for being a true blue epicure, she has directed and recommended many folks who has the taste buds for good food..

So dispelling the myth that 'all boardgames cafe has tasteless food', Pitstop cafe certainly has kept to our philosopy of bringing total entertainment and community spirit to one and all..

One would always have sufficient games, better than average food, sincere coffee and branded ice cream..

we ain't no mind increasing cost, so as long as you folks get good stuffs.

And good stuffs are only found in Pitstop cafe..

see? horns start to grow in Pitstop cafe

Pitstop cafe, good stuffs, even better service..



Anonymous said...

Hmm..... nice description, "sincere coffee and branded ice cream".

I will drop by next week!

Mandy Zhang
Art of Media

Anonymous said...

Haha... I like your myth of board game cafe thingy... =p So.... ermmm... - Zhiliang

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.

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