The Making of Team Pitstop

While Kimoki is busy working on the footages of the actual board game competition, i like to take the opportunity to thank you folks for your participation in the competition.

Thank You!

When we first started to get the participants for the competition, we are not sure if we can get anyone at all. There is no way to contact anyone of them, only hope was they happen to read our blog.

Things manage to get started when these 2 folks coincidentally drop by our cafe while we are trying to look for them. We manage to get their support.

As the date come closer, we did not manage to get more participants till on a Thursday evening, these 2 folks drop by...

Introducing Bryan, but not sure why but Pitstop Crew just call him Mr Korean

Another potential participant but alas her busy schedule does not allow her to take part

A special big thank you to HY cos though she can't take part, she help us get in contact with others who are keen to join the competition and it was great cos in the end we manage to form a nice decent team of 6 to take part in the competition.

There we have it, Team Pitstop, all make possible from your suppport!

It wasn't as easy as expected trying to coordinate everything and it the end it feel great that everything work out fine and the Pitstoppers had good fun in the competition.

So check back the blog as Kimoki will bring you more interesting reports and footages of the competition...


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