More than just boardgames

It has always been interesting exploring sections of the wall looking out for new pictures of our regular Pitstoppers as well as new folks who happen to stumble upon our humble café. It is indeed very heart warming and encouraging for for us to have you folks leaving a message on the chatbox saying you had an enjoyable experience at Pitstop Cafe. We really appreciate it!

In fact i was really suprise to find that there are many of you out there notice our feature in the Straits Times.

Thanks to Jessica and her team for taking such a nice picture of the crew

One of our reader, Donnie even send us a soft copy of the article so that we can share it here with everyone who read our blog.

Yeah i am happy cos the headline was "More Youths becoming their own bosses". I am still considered a youth and i like that!

Some of the regular Pitstoppers even left a message saying that they had not forgotten us, but rather they had been busy catching the World Cup and that is cool cos been a Pitstopper is more than just been a boardgame lover. It is about fun and having a good time together with friends!

Even for the Pitstop Crew, while we enjoy playing boardgames, we do other interesting stuff together too...

Enjoying late suppers...

and even a fun bowling session together

With that said, we still need your support to continue to build a cafe that all Pitstoppers can be proud to be a part of and we still have more great stuff coming your way...

So if you are looking for an enjoyable experience with your friends, having great food, delightful desserts and fun games, drop in at Pitstop Cafe!

Pitstop Cafe, more than just boardgames


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