Reflections of Straits Times feature...

A short summary of my previous reflection:

"It's really heartwarming to see Pitstop Cafe increasingly gaining interest with the media..and we ensure that with praise comes profit.. oops, I mean imProvements.. yes, improvements to live up to your expectations"-Sunday July 02

It was yet another pleasant surprise for me to see yet another article about us. Still in its infancy stage, it is really quite something for Pitstop cafe to really catch the media's attention. Nothing to brag about, just felt encouraged that our efforts is starting to rip off... i mean pay off..

So here you are..

how bout "more youths having more balls"?

You see ah... this article not bad lah.. put such a big picture of me, mu and the cafe.. still strategically allow us to post with boardgames and our one of its kind 'Grafitti wall'.. This Photo folk can really take some nice pictures.. I remembered her telling us to show some 'quirky pose' to reflect the energy of this cafe.

wah..not bad... heard that if pay for such an advertisement, will cost about 10 grand..

Aiayh...Mu always look so photogenic... suppose to throw cards, but can't see her cards..she still look so natural..the smile also so natural.... some more, she look like she is so comfortable.. hey halo..she never put make up on ok... still can look like that..

but wait a minute. look at her right arm..what the heck did she bend it to that direction? Is she singing chinese opera (Da Xi)?

wait til you think that's weird... read on.. I think mine is the worse...


What's wrong with that hair man? I dun recall stylin such crap..make me look like a geek..boardgame geek..


Damn weird leh.. why my face so red..maciam i make big money everyday eat birdnest ..so friggin' red!!! ok lah ok lah..maybe I just blushing..

the smile also part of the face.. the smile abit cheesy leh.. yah lah..i know i got big mouth..but that picture make me look like an over zealous fish!

Hand Movement
i was suppose to throw the cards, i had wanted to leave the throwing to Mu while I just grab the cards like Shuang Tian Zhi Zun (the unbeatables) ..wah..but then turn out like that.. the hand maciam like dunno stick out for what...the fingers also cannot even see..like Phantom fingers sia...


k lah k lah..i confess lah..i did bring a change of clothes for the photoshoot..but I tot they have the decency to take upper body.. Aiyah..in the end reveal my lower body also..sian leh..can see all the leg hair..si bei low morale..


Just before you think it's fun taking all these pictures... we took like how many shots before they chose this.. got one wit me slamming Mu, got another one playing tug of war.. throw cards right? fun hor...

The two glam king and queen was sweeping the floor and picking up the cards after the photo folk left..

Pitstop cafe, we also got photo shoot in our cafe!



Donnie said...

haha eh lousy la... take photo of ur newspaper cutting... cannot see anything leh..

hehe i have the newspaper article of yours in pdf from the ST interactive.

haha want or not? I sell you cheap cheap

haha kiddiz only.

check ur email, i'll send to u so that u can use that instead of some photo of newspaper article where we cant even see the text.. must be more considerate to myopic pple like me can?

Phoeniix said...

Yo. Not too shabby hey? Was told about the article by a friend and I only had time to dig it up today and at the same time look for my pic that was put up sometime back. I look weird with hair! hahahah. It's been a while since I had any =)

Anyways, keep up the good work and I'll come by whenever I can. Already schools are using us "trainees" for things you cannot imagine. sigh. ;p


Anonymous said...

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