Kitchen Helper Needed!

I think some of the folks have realized that at Pitstop Cafe apart from having lots of fun games, we do serve pretty decent main courses as well. This includes our new dishes like our freshly made sambal chicken chop and our mushroom chicken chop.

Apart from playing board game, we are getting more and more groups coming here to enjoy a nice dinner together before playing the games. Thanks for all the support!

To make sure if can continue to provide great service, we are looking to hire another full time kitchen helper.

So if you have any friends, relatives, neighbors or anyone keen in a kitchen job, do give us a call at 65355383 or drop us an email at pitstopcafe@gmail.com

Pitstop Cafe, we serve good food too!



Game Review: Spy Alley

Do you like deduction games? If the answer is yes, you definitely love this game Spy Alley. It is quite a hard game to get and we only manage to get this set during a visit to Australia so do check it out!

Spy Alley...how good a spy are you?

Spy Alley is an exciting game based on deduction and lots of bluffing. In this game, everyone represent a spy from one of the 6 countries. The objective is pretty simple. As a spy, you need to collect several items such as password, disguise, etc and deliver it to your country embassy.

Your secret identity

The tricky part of this game is to keep your identity a secret and expose other players' identity. If your identity is exposed or you made the wrong accusation, then you will be eliminated from the game!

DSCF8872 DSCF8873
Going around the board to get the required items

So the idea is to go around the board to get the items and head for your country embassy. However if you do it too obviously, your identity may be exposed and that would get you eliminated.

DSCF8875 DSCF8880
Getting different items to confuse your opponent. Is he an Italian

The dangerous spy alley

You can enter the spy alley and get a chance to guess other players who are in the alley for free. But take care not to end up as a victim yourself!

As this game is based on elimination, get eliminated too early in the game and you will just have to suck thumb and watch the rest continue with the game.

A good read for those who are eliminated from the game


Spy Alley is a great game for up to 6 players. It is easy to learn and you get a lot of fun trying to figure out each other identity and keeping your identity from been exposed.

The board game components are also nicely designed. I particularly love the fact that the creator had used plastic cards for player's identity. It is definitely more durable and has less obvious marks that might give away your identity.

Although the gameplay isn't as meaty as most Euro games, it is still a great challenge when played with witty and cunning players. The only downside is that if you get eliminated too early in the game, it might turn out to be too boring for you. Also try not to play this game with females. Either they tends to have an amazing dose of sixth sense or i simply sucks at lying.

Spy Alley is definitely a game worth playing. So do check it out on your next visit to Pitstop Cafe.

New Games
Apart from Spy Alley, we are also very lucky to receive 2 games from the creator of Spy Alley, Bill Stephenson. Thanks Bill!

So if you like Spy Alley, do give these 2 games a try too!

From the creators of Spy Ally, Simply Suspects and Bluff & Peg

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



An Intriguing Review

Some board games can be really cruel. In the game of Intrigue, you will need a good dose of backstabbing and betrayal in order to stand any chance of winning the game.

Like the name of the game suggests, winning is through crafty plotting or underhand methods.

Despite the betrayal and backstabbing elements of the game, Intrigue is basically a negotiation game. For those who enjoys game like I'm the Boss or Lifeboat will likely to enjoy this game as well.


Every player owns a court with various positions that offers lucrative salary.

Different positions get paid differently. Will you get paid $1000 or $10000?

At the same time each player has various scholars. The objective of the game is to get your scholars to work in other players' court (hopefully in a lucrative position) and earn tons of money as officials.

Can you get your 8 scholars to work in a well paid position?

The problem is that there are only limited high paying positions in the game and everyone is eying for them. Hence to get into a high paying job, you will need to bribe other players to secure a good position for your scholars. However other players are cunning. There are no guarantees that they are going to keep their promise. You might have bribe $10,000 for a $10,000 position and ended with a low $1000 position!

While you might have secured a high paying position, you never know when you will be betrayed and get kick out of the position.

Throughout the game, there will be intense negotiations and betrayals that keeps everyone on their edge.


Overall Intrigue is a very intense and exciting negotiation game. Unlike the game I'm the Boss which can be a quite a friendly game depending on your opponents, Intrigue is designed to cause conflicts among the players. It is always interesting to see how players who like to avoid conflicts having to make some tough betrayal decisions.

So if you are like negotiation games like I'm the Boss, do give Intrigue a try!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun!



Happy New Year

The Pitstop Team would like to wish all Pitstoppers a Happy New Year and may everyone stay happy, healthy and prosperous!

It has been a wonderful 2007 and we greatly appreciate all the support that you have given us. We look forward to your continuous support and we strive to improve ourselves to make sure that each stay at Pitstop Cafe remains a memorable experience.

The new year will bring new and exciting changes to Pitstop Cafe. You can look forward to more great games and more exciting stuff...

So stay tuned and happy holidays!

Pitstop Cafe, hello 2008..

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