An Intriguing Review

Some board games can be really cruel. In the game of Intrigue, you will need a good dose of backstabbing and betrayal in order to stand any chance of winning the game.

Like the name of the game suggests, winning is through crafty plotting or underhand methods.

Despite the betrayal and backstabbing elements of the game, Intrigue is basically a negotiation game. For those who enjoys game like I'm the Boss or Lifeboat will likely to enjoy this game as well.


Every player owns a court with various positions that offers lucrative salary.

Different positions get paid differently. Will you get paid $1000 or $10000?

At the same time each player has various scholars. The objective of the game is to get your scholars to work in other players' court (hopefully in a lucrative position) and earn tons of money as officials.

Can you get your 8 scholars to work in a well paid position?

The problem is that there are only limited high paying positions in the game and everyone is eying for them. Hence to get into a high paying job, you will need to bribe other players to secure a good position for your scholars. However other players are cunning. There are no guarantees that they are going to keep their promise. You might have bribe $10,000 for a $10,000 position and ended with a low $1000 position!

While you might have secured a high paying position, you never know when you will be betrayed and get kick out of the position.

Throughout the game, there will be intense negotiations and betrayals that keeps everyone on their edge.


Overall Intrigue is a very intense and exciting negotiation game. Unlike the game I'm the Boss which can be a quite a friendly game depending on your opponents, Intrigue is designed to cause conflicts among the players. It is always interesting to see how players who like to avoid conflicts having to make some tough betrayal decisions.

So if you are like negotiation games like I'm the Boss, do give Intrigue a try!

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*jOy* said...

its a shang gan qing game! :|

astro said...

haha quite true. After all you will be false to betray your friends no matter you like it or not. I wonder do people take board game that seriously that at the end of the game they still remain piss off at each other. :)

Anonymous said...

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