More Games

We will be getting a batch of new games soon. If you have played any nice and fun games, make a recomendation by leaving your comments and we will try to get the games in as well! For those who like to get some games too, email us for more details.

The game list has been updated so that you can see the existing games at Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, new games coming soon...


Festive hours

Please take note of the following operating hours for these festive season.

31st Dec 2006 (New Year's Eve) 12pm-3am

1st Jan 2007 (New Year's Day) 12pm-1am

2nd Jan 2007 (Hari Raya) 12pm-11pm

There will be tons of folks! So do make your reservations early to avoid disappointment!

Pitstop cafe, be prepared to have fun

Game Review: Galloping Pigs

Galloping pig is one of those games that are fun and easy to play. It is not really a deep thinking game but it is still a great filler game. Each game last around 15 to 20 minutes and can be learn in less than 5 minutes.

Our 2 sweet pitstopppers, Gwen and Joy will show you how the game is played

A racing track is setup and 5 colored pigs are placed on the starting line up. Each player will be given a certain number of "pig cards". Each pig card shows a pig of a particular color.

The different colored pigs. Cute right!

The pigs on the line and ready for some racing action

With these pig cards in hand, each player can decide which pig will get to move. Every pig card allows the specified colored pig to move a step forward.

Getting ready to move the pigs...

Playing the white pig card will allow the white pig to move forward

Everytime a pig can only take a step forward. However if the space ahead is occupied, the pig get to leap over the other pigs into the first available unoccupied space.

On top of that, everytime you played a pig card and the pig get to move to the front of the pack, you get a vegetable! This leads to some interesting sabotaging among players. A pig would get so far ahead in the race and as a result even if player moves the other pigs, they would not be able to get the vegetables.

See the vegetables that were collected

As you folks might guess it, the objective of the game is to collect as many vegetables as possible. This might sound simple but here is the catch. Even though you collect alot of vegetables, but on your last move if you can't make the selected pig goes to the front of the pack, all the vegetables you collected has to be discarded!

Hence there is still quite abit of strategy involved. You need to play your cards wisely to increase the probability of collecting more vegetables as well as to be able to keep all the vegetables when you played the last card.

Thanks to gwen and joy for helping with this review!

Galloping pig is a short but fun and easy game to play for 2-5 person. There is abit of strategy to the game but of course luck plays a big factor as at times it greatly depends on the move made by the player before your turn.

However with its cute colored pigs and ability for each player to sabotage the others, this game is lots of fun. The game is very simple hto learn and play hence i also term this game as "chat and play" type of game; you can just chat and catch up with each other and yet play the game at the sametime.

While it may get bored after a coule of games, this is still a game that every now and then you would just like to get it out and let those cute pigs gallop round the tracks again.

Overall it is a great simple fun filler game. So do give it a try!

Pitstop Cafe, gallop your way here now. First one get some vegetables...



A great Christmas celebration

Times flies when you are having fun right! Before you know it, Christmas is over and a new year is coming right up. Pitstop Cafe has a really enjoyable Christmas eve and Christmas day. The cafe is filled with laughter from all you Pitstoppers.

Would like to thank the Pitstop Crew for their help over this festive season. You guys really did a good job making sure that the Pitstoppers had a great time!

Everyone was really in a festive mood, doing all sort of funny stuff at the cafe, such as...

Forcing 2 penguins to kiss each other...

Of course one of them was kinda of piss off by the other..hehee

Of course we have our own "turkey" special. In place of having turkey, we have soy sauce chicken instead! These chicks aint just ordinary chicks, we bought them from some restaurants and they taste really good.

I personally think that turkey isn't that nice. Anyone like turkey?

The crew in place ready to serve out the "turkey" to the Pitstoppers

Every table was serve with a generous portion of the bird as well as snacks and sweets

Look at their smiles, the chick must be good right!

Of course we did not forget those who were at the balcony...

It was really fun as we push out more of the delicious chicken at various intervals. There were really nice gifts from Pitstoppers like Ben, Jenny, Joseph and many more. We receive gifts from the Pitstop Crew too.

Thanks to all for the nice gifts

We have gifts for you folks too...

It was a great Christmas celebration and we look forward having you guys over at New Year eve too!

Pitstop Cafe, its so much fun!



Blokus Competition

Settlers Cafe will be organising a Blokus Competition and Pitstop Cafe is proud to be a supporter of this event. Apart from Blokus Competition, the carnival will consist of other games and food stores as well

The competition will be held on 30th Dec Saturday at Kim Seng Community Center. Registration fee is normally at $4 per team. However if you register at Pitstop Cafe, it will only be $2.50 per team. Each team will consist of 2 players.

For more information on the competition, click here

Remember the last board game competition where Pitstop Cafe send its own team out? We will be doing it for this competition as well. So if you want to represent Pitstop Cafe in the blokus competition, we will sponsor you instead!

So drop in at Pitstop Cafe and register for the Blokus competition!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the Pitstop Team



Post Christmas Special

We will be opening at 12pm on Tuesday 26th December. We will be having member special. Free gaming for all members. So call now to make your reservation!

Pitstop Cafe, we have members night


Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho

If you are still wondering where to go during this festive season, do quickly make your reservation at Pitstop Cafe as it is definitely the place to be for meeting up with your friends and having some great fun!

We did an interview with Santa Claus...

PSC: So what do you think of Pitstop Cafe?

Santa: Ho ho ho! (good good good!)

PSC: Is it a nice fun place for Christmas celebration?

Santa: Ho ho ho! (good good good!

PSC: Is there anything else you like to add?

Santa: Merry Christmas and Ho ho ho! (good good good!

See everyone at Pitstop Cafe has been really nice and good. Everyone is also doll up for the occassion...

Everyone is in the mood for Christmas...

Yes, we mean everyone!

So do make your reservation and drop in at Pitstop Cafe for a festive time!

The perfect place to gather and have a gift exchange...

and remember all these memories with a nice postcard photo

Pitstop Cafe, we are having "turkey"...



Have yourself a Merry Little Pitstop Christmas

The Christmas festivities are here! Not only are folks happy with their school holidays, clearing leave and meeting up with friends for a time of gift sharing and partying, it also marks the end of a fabulous year!

Here at Pitstop cafe, we mark these festivities with some Pitstop style atmosphere. Remember Pitstop cafe as a whacky and always 'out of the box' place for having fun.

Ho ho ho! Happy feasting and partying!

For us, having fun is of utmost importance. That's why Pitstop cafe has put in place some festive fun for all ye to come and be faithful to.

1)The Christmas Decor

of balls and furs, some cherries and a holly...

Put up in merely a couple of hours, Pitstop cafe gives you a 'ball' of a time and 'furry' fun! check out our whacky Christmas ambience!

2)The Christmas Crew

The oompaa loompaas in full swing!

The Pitstop crew will fill you with festive joy as they prance around in their Christmas costume. Oh! do look out for their small little bags where they will pop surprises onto your table!

3)The Christmas Turkey

Christmas turkey
only available on the 24th and 25th, 8pm

Perhaps the highlight of the day will be our own version of a christmas turkey. The chick will be served at 8pm on 24th and 25th Dec, and all guests can help themselves to the 'turkey'. Now, just exactly is this 'turkey'? Come down and check it out!

Pitstop cafe, be part of the festive fun



Guide to online reservation

Do you know you can actually make a reservation online on our blogsite? Simply click on the link on the side menu or from the drop down menu under the Contact Us section.

To make a reservation, do remember to make in at least 1 day in advance. It will also be great if you can provide us the following information.

We need to know who is the one who is making the reservation right?
Number of Pax
This will allow us to assign the space so that you and your friends can be comfortably seated
Of course we will need to know when you will be coming...
From Time
and the time we can expect your grand arrival
To Time
as well as the time you will be leaving. This will help us in arranging reservations from other groups
Prefered Sitting
We have a nice balcony as well as the cosy main dining area. So what is your preference?
Contact No
This is very important. We will need to contact you if your reservation is not available. In the event that you tua us or if you are late on the actual reservation, we will give you a call to confirm if you are coming before canceling your reservation.If you are late for more than 15 miuntes and uncontactable, your reservation might be cancelled.
You can provide additional information such as that you will be bring a cake and need the fridge space, or that you miss Pitstop Cafe, blah, blah etc

Once you have made your reservation, you will be notified that the sending of the data is completed...

Your reservation is now complete. You will be contacted only if your reservation is unavailable.

Would greatly appreciate if you can be punctual for your reservation. If you will be late on the day of the reservation, do call us at 65355383. We will contact you as well in case you are lost and could not find our secret hideout and need some assistance.

Ok thats all folks. Drop a comment if you have any more questions.


The Pitstop Crew Feature Part 2- Thomas

The 2nd Oommpa Loompa that we have imported into Pitstop Cafe is Thomas, a.k.a Tommy.

Like most men, Tommy loves to discuss the latest computer games, IT gadgets, soccer matches and what have you. To all Pitstoppers, any IT problems, IT doubts or questions that you have, feel free to ask this IT genius. Tommy will be more than willing to reply you.

If you are in a mood to learn some foreign languages, talk to Tommy. Catch him in a pleasant mood, he might impress you with one or two Japanese and Spanish phrases.

Como se yama? Me nombre es Thomas.お元気ですか 私はトーマスです

Besides these talented aspects of Tommy, there is more to his 'manly' nature. . . ( Human beings are complex)

Look at all these neatly arranged utensils

Tommy's nimble fingers enable him to neatly fold the utensils. His anal characteristic ensures that all utensils are placed and angled at a specific direction and location. No more, no less. You will be surprised that a man can handle such a task better than a woman.

To all those out there...if you think you can wrap utensils faster than Tommy and place the untensils neater than Tommy. Or if you think you can speak better Japanese or Spanish languages,do drop by Pitstop Cafe to challenge Tommy. Before you do so, remember to make a reservation yea?

I am Thomas the undefeatable!

Pitstop Cafe, always a place to have fun!!!!!



Thanks everyone!

The Pitstop Crew sincerely thanks everyone for all the well wishes on our 1st anniversary. It was really warming to see both new faces as well as regular Pitstoppers turning up at the cafe to join in the celebration.

New faces to join in our celebration...

As well as folks that have been to the cafe since its early days

I was really hoping some of the regular folks would pop by to join in the celebration...

and we were not disappointed...

Mun, PL and MJ. Hope you gals enjoy the game of Hansa.

Gift of sparkling juice from Nadnut and Shen

See the cute looking guy beside Nadia (the pretty girl holding the wine)? Check out his left face profile here

They were the few groups that we actually teached the game Puerto Rico. When else is a better time to play our favourite game together on this special day! They sure are getting better!

Time for some Puerto Rico action!

We got a nice birthday cake to celebrate the occassion.

First gen Pitstop Crew

Together with the second gen Pitstop Crew. They are supposely to be able to do hip hop dance too...

We got present from the crew too!

We make a nice stack of glasses to pour the sparkling juices...

but it didn't hold up and in the end it was spill all over the place...

I guess that truely represent what Pitstop Cafe is about, a place of overspilling fun and laughter!

With Christmas around the corner, we have more fun stuff coming your way, so do check back for more updates!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun



Pitstop 1 yr Anniversary (the story)

Caution: This is a highly emotional entry

My goodness, one year just passed like that. Come this 16th December, Pitstop cafe will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary! scrolling back the previous entries, it is really gratifying to see how Pitstop cafe has changed and grown.

everything from scratch

Getting things started...

almost there.. but not there yet...

From our negotiations with the contractors and authorities, to our first walk in customer , then to our first media feature, and to our revamp. From a sterile and plain walls to a graffiti filled and memory laden space.

From 4 idealistic and naive young entrepreneurs to 4 responsibility burdened youths.
The new year welcomes the holy matrimony of Astro and Eve, and the final semester from university for Tim and Mumu.

And likewise, fellow Pitstoppers who have been supporting Pitstop cafe throughout their university years, how would Pitstop cafe still continue to be part of their journey as they venture into the working society. From being eligible for students' night to being eligible for corporate night.....

A cafe of personality, possible because of all your support!

These are the exciting journey will unfold for both the Pitstop crew and you Pitstoppers. How will the story of Pitstop cafe continue as these four folks embarked on their new phase in life? How will we write the new chapter of Pitstop cafe?

Let me tell you how:

Pitstop cafe, just write on the walls.


Pitstop 1 yr Anniversary (the promotion)

To commemorate our 1 yr anniversary on 16th Dec (Sat), Pitstop cafe is pleased to announce the following promotions for the day:

Free Welcome drink
Double the Pitstop dollars for members
Single scoop ice cream at $1 (min. of 2 scoops)

So do pop by Pitstop cafe and be part of our one year anniversary celebration!


Pitstop Promo Nights

Yes! it's back! The Pitstop Promo Nights are back to allow you to think fun, have fun, sleep fun, eat fun throughout the week!

These different weeknights promo are specially catered for all you folks who need a break after a tiring hard day's work, long gruelling schedule at school, fun before clubbing and for whatever reasons you might have to stay fun and bubbly throughout the week!

So check these theme nights out @ Pitstop cafe!

Monday-Students' Night

cuz we are/were students too!

  • 1 scoop of ice cream + free flow of drinks + free gaming throughout the night!
  • Only: $8 per pax (upon presenting your student card)

Tuesday-Members' Night

A little token from us for your constant support

  • Members play absolutely free! absolutely.....
  • All others: Wait til you have your membership card

Wednesday-Ladies' Night

Only that Pink one plays for free

  • Double scoop sundae + 1 free drink + free gaming throughout the night!
  • Only:$8 per pax (upon proving your gender)
  • All others: Wait til you are a Lady

Thursday-Corporate Night

Pitstop cafe is just a stone throw away from your office

  • 1 scoop of ice cream + Free flow of drinks + Free gaming throughout the night!
  • Only:$8/- per pax (upon presenting your business card)
  • All others: When you start working

Friday-Students' Noon

perfect for a lazy friday afternoon

  • 1 scoop of ice cream + Free flow drinks + Free gaming from 12pm-5pm!
  • Only: $8 (upon presenting your student card)
  • All others: Wait till you become a student

Pitstop cafe, always giving you even more


Old time classics

Recently manage to lay my hands on a unique collection of comic books...

Fist of the north star? Anyone read before?

If you like DC comics, do check out the complete 4 part limited series Cosmic Odyssey published in 1988. That is a whopping 18 year ago!

So for a limited time, this unique set of comics are available for reading at Pitstop Cafe.

Pitstop Cafe, always something special


The Pitstop Crew Feature Part 1-Carolin

Pitstoppers should realised by now that lotsa 'foreign-looking' face have been serving you, teaching you games and even the usual tonal quality of the 'welcome' has been different (not so out of tune).

Well, that's because we have imported a whole bunch of oommpa loompas to increase your Pitstop experience. These new Pitstop crews are specially selected, went through intense training. Throughout this period of time, we realised that these new crews all have certain 'special ability'.

We're gonna give you a feature of one of the crews, so stay tuned for more!


This folk could hum to the latest R and B tunes and do some funky hip hop moves. She has a way with fellow Pitstoppers, making em' laugh, cracking silly jokes and teaching her favorite game 'Brainstrain'!

she is a real strain on the brain

Yea...do ask for Carolin when you pop by Pitstop cafe the next time, cuz she can really make you come as strangers and leave as friends. Oh.. did I mention that she has such great rapport with the folks that on their next visit, they practically hugged each other maciam they know each other for years!

For folks who prefer understanding their game in mandarin, ask for Carolin

Oh, and I must really say that she could adapt well in a place surrounded by meat chompers.Being the only vegetarian crew, she has equipped herself with tons of vegeterian stuffs.. she could whipped up vege porridge, vege mee and uh..vege lovers.. but when asked what's your favorite dish? she replied, 'oh, I'm a maneater!'

Roar! Chomp Chomp Chomp!

Maneater!?!? heard that? no wonder, Eve has been complaining that there are no many guys around... now we know where they have ended up. So do pop by at Pitstop cafe, to check out all our cool crews and their 'special ability'!

Pitstop cafe, there's a niche for everyone.



Pitstop Dollars

Some of you folks who have been to the cafe often must have rake in quite abit of Pitstop Dollars. Of course many of you have been wondering what all these Pitstop Dollars are for.

The idea behind Pitstop Dollar is that for every $5 spend you will be awarded with 1 Pitstop Dollar (PD) in your personal vault and using these dollars, you can redeem different stuff at Pitstop Cafe. This means you get to choose what you want!

For a start, the following items are up for redemption

Pitstop Rewards

  • 10 PD Postcard Photo
  • 20 PD Thirst Quencher
  • 35 PD Double Thirst Quencher
  • 20 PD 1 Hour of Gaming 20
  • 25 PD Hot Mocha Capuccino / Latte
  • 30 PD Single Scoop of Ice Cream
  • 40 PD Chicken Delight
  • 50 PD Jumbo Chicken Wings
  • 65 PD Double Scoop Sundae
  • 80 PD Ultimate Milkshake


Great yummy stuff available for redemption!

Fun moments and good times with your friends, Priceless. For everything else, there is Pitstop Dollars. Ok i know its lame, but do come and make use of your Pitstop Dollars today!

Do note that Pitstop Dollars is exclusive for Pitstop Cafe members only. So get started and get your Pitstop Mini on your next visit!

Pitstop Cafe, its all about Pitstoppers...


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