Thanks everyone!

The Pitstop Crew sincerely thanks everyone for all the well wishes on our 1st anniversary. It was really warming to see both new faces as well as regular Pitstoppers turning up at the cafe to join in the celebration.

New faces to join in our celebration...

As well as folks that have been to the cafe since its early days

I was really hoping some of the regular folks would pop by to join in the celebration...

and we were not disappointed...

Mun, PL and MJ. Hope you gals enjoy the game of Hansa.

Gift of sparkling juice from Nadnut and Shen

See the cute looking guy beside Nadia (the pretty girl holding the wine)? Check out his left face profile here

They were the few groups that we actually teached the game Puerto Rico. When else is a better time to play our favourite game together on this special day! They sure are getting better!

Time for some Puerto Rico action!

We got a nice birthday cake to celebrate the occassion.

First gen Pitstop Crew

Together with the second gen Pitstop Crew. They are supposely to be able to do hip hop dance too...

We got present from the crew too!

We make a nice stack of glasses to pour the sparkling juices...

but it didn't hold up and in the end it was spill all over the place...

I guess that truely represent what Pitstop Cafe is about, a place of overspilling fun and laughter!

With Christmas around the corner, we have more fun stuff coming your way, so do check back for more updates!

Pitstop Cafe, be part of the fun


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