Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho

If you are still wondering where to go during this festive season, do quickly make your reservation at Pitstop Cafe as it is definitely the place to be for meeting up with your friends and having some great fun!

We did an interview with Santa Claus...

PSC: So what do you think of Pitstop Cafe?

Santa: Ho ho ho! (good good good!)

PSC: Is it a nice fun place for Christmas celebration?

Santa: Ho ho ho! (good good good!

PSC: Is there anything else you like to add?

Santa: Merry Christmas and Ho ho ho! (good good good!

See everyone at Pitstop Cafe has been really nice and good. Everyone is also doll up for the occassion...

Everyone is in the mood for Christmas...

Yes, we mean everyone!

So do make your reservation and drop in at Pitstop Cafe for a festive time!

The perfect place to gather and have a gift exchange...

and remember all these memories with a nice postcard photo

Pitstop Cafe, we are having "turkey"...


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