Pitstop 1 yr Anniversary (the story)

Caution: This is a highly emotional entry

My goodness, one year just passed like that. Come this 16th December, Pitstop cafe will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary! scrolling back the previous entries, it is really gratifying to see how Pitstop cafe has changed and grown.

everything from scratch

Getting things started...

almost there.. but not there yet...

From our negotiations with the contractors and authorities, to our first walk in customer , then to our first media feature, and to our revamp. From a sterile and plain walls to a graffiti filled and memory laden space.

From 4 idealistic and naive young entrepreneurs to 4 responsibility burdened youths.
The new year welcomes the holy matrimony of Astro and Eve, and the final semester from university for Tim and Mumu.

And likewise, fellow Pitstoppers who have been supporting Pitstop cafe throughout their university years, how would Pitstop cafe still continue to be part of their journey as they venture into the working society. From being eligible for students' night to being eligible for corporate night.....

A cafe of personality, possible because of all your support!

These are the exciting journey will unfold for both the Pitstop crew and you Pitstoppers. How will the story of Pitstop cafe continue as these four folks embarked on their new phase in life? How will we write the new chapter of Pitstop cafe?

Let me tell you how:

Pitstop cafe, just write on the walls.

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DK said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!

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