The Pitstop Crew Feature Part 2- Thomas

The 2nd Oommpa Loompa that we have imported into Pitstop Cafe is Thomas, a.k.a Tommy.

Like most men, Tommy loves to discuss the latest computer games, IT gadgets, soccer matches and what have you. To all Pitstoppers, any IT problems, IT doubts or questions that you have, feel free to ask this IT genius. Tommy will be more than willing to reply you.

If you are in a mood to learn some foreign languages, talk to Tommy. Catch him in a pleasant mood, he might impress you with one or two Japanese and Spanish phrases.

Como se yama? Me nombre es Thomas.お元気ですか 私はトーマスです

Besides these talented aspects of Tommy, there is more to his 'manly' nature. . . ( Human beings are complex)

Look at all these neatly arranged utensils

Tommy's nimble fingers enable him to neatly fold the utensils. His anal characteristic ensures that all utensils are placed and angled at a specific direction and location. No more, no less. You will be surprised that a man can handle such a task better than a woman.

To all those out there...if you think you can wrap utensils faster than Tommy and place the untensils neater than Tommy. Or if you think you can speak better Japanese or Spanish languages,do drop by Pitstop Cafe to challenge Tommy. Before you do so, remember to make a reservation yea?

I am Thomas the undefeatable!

Pitstop Cafe, always a place to have fun!!!!!


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