Nice Shades

Saw this amazing picture from National Geographic site. It seem like a company has uses laser to create that micro glasses that the fly is wearing. More info here

Photo: A fly wearing glasses

Pitstop Cafe, keeping you amaze!


A Dog's Life

Rex sound asleep on my bed

That don't seem too bad!


A Secret Affair

A dark and stormy night bright and sunny morning, the cafe was quiet. A nice sofa at the corner...


A cute hunk make his move towards...


A helpless adorable babe


The consequences of an intimate moment


A regret for a lifetime.


Pitstop Cafe, beyond conventional...


A really short post about a very short notice which surprise us in a very short time

The K.A (Kitchen Auntie) don't wanna work no more, need to spend the evening with her kids...


A Yahtzee fun time!

We have a few great groups last night! It always so warming and heartening to see familiar faces as well as new faces. We also like to thank them for choosing Pitstop Cafe to celebrate their birthdays and we hope you guys had a good time!

Anyway happen to get the chance to introduce and play the game of Yahtzee to this group of great folks. Yahtzee is a simple dice game. There are 5 dices and everyone gets 3 rolls. From the 3 rolls you need to get various combination like straight, full house, etc.

Initially it is kinda of tough to see the concept behind the game, or maybe it is due to my lousy explaining. Once we get the game going, people begin to see the whole fun behind the game.

Joy manage to get lots of straight, e.g 4 dice in a sequence and 5 dice in a sequence. But subsequently she kinda of got stuck cos she is still rolling out straights when she needs a full house.

Luck was abit on my side. I got a Yahtzee meaning 5 dice with the same number and that is a 50 points bonus. Hence i was pretty ya ya about it. However Brenda at the later stage got a Yahtzee as well. She is totally ecstatic! When she got 4 of the same number, her hands was shivering while making the last roll. When she got it she basically leap off her seat. Vieve got close as well when she got 4 4s on her turn. It was a pity that they got to go back early and hence we did not get to complete the game.

Thanks Vieve for sending us the photo. Our camera run out of juice...

Anyway glad that you guys enjoy the evening and hope to have another round of Yahtzee again!

Pitstop Cafe, check in for a great and fun time!


Snooked! (in the first degree)

Just when I thought we could have a jolly good time at zouk.... I was once again let down....

like the wise old sage timo said, "like steam already but cannot cum"

this taught me something about having expectations...

though they always told you it's good to have expectation, but I guess this is only one side of the story..

it's like sometimes when u club, u expect to have a jolly good time.. but in the end, everyone is so sian..

then it's like sometimes when u dun expect no shit, tons of girls come to get to know you..

it's like when you always look at chio bus, fantasize over hot sexy chicks in frilly skirts, then in the end you get a gf who is totally different.

I guess you get my point...

It's like before we started this business, we expected a smooth system such that we can just let the system run on its own..

then in the end, we end up being the waiter, the kitchen helper and the cleaner..

It's like we expect a crowd on fri and sat, in the end we end up having no customers..

having expectations is good, it prepares you and allow you to focus on your goal. However, sometimes having little expectations is also good. it brings you to reality and not give false hope.

I just remembered Astroboy writing a similar entry.. but this is just my little after thought after this snook attempt...

But still.. I have faith and hope that we wll go zouk once more.. now fellow pitstoppers.. dun let me down, this time with advance notice..

let's go zouk next wednesday.



The Life Example of S'pore Education

To all folks out there....I am utterly disturbed and depressed over the fact that I might not be able to do my honours. I have just emailed my scholarship officer and she has strongly replied that I should reconsider my decision to pursue my honours. ( note here, that she has not rejected my offer, just that she has advised me not to, she will monitor my grades this final semester and validate).

N why has she advised me not to do my honours? BEcause MOE rationale is: if you do not maintain a CAP of 3.5, unlikely that you will be able to handle the honours years. How come...there are many factors to why people do not get the CAP of 3.5. To cut the long story short, they are merely generalizing..

I need the 2nd Chance, to prove to them wrong!!! I am able to do honours, and handle my honours year!!!!!

Why am I kicking up such a fuss? Because, like a true-blue SIngaporean, I am so pratical ( thinking that by getting the CERT...not just a degree is the KEY to success in life). Obviously this mentality is not always true!!!! Like many Singaporeans, I like to stereotype and assume that those with honours are smarter than those who do not have honours cert!!!

WOe is me...I had not been focused during my UNIVERSITY life..thinking that life is a breeze!!!! the HARD facts of life has gotten on me...and now, I have no idea what will lie ahead of me...

Now I feel like a total loser, a loser who has failed in my studies...will I just stand back and see all my friends graduate with an honours??? We shall see!!!

I refuse to just graduate this semester and go without my honours!!! I shall fight for what I think I ought to have!!!! I just can't accept failure!!! (especially studies)..

I am just the epitome of many SIngaporeans who have gone thru the SIngapore education system...( one who thinks that the CERT is everything..everything else, cast aside).....


Eh do you have a game list?

This question was brought up couple of time. Though we have not got the list of all the games that we had, I can assure you that even though we are new, our collection of games is pretty decent. The last count we had, we have slightly over 100 games.

I do understand why people may like to know the games. It is just like before entering a massage palour, you need to know whether got special or not also mah right!

If i have never been to Pitstop Cafe, i might imagine Pitstop Cafe as a new joint with small collection of games, nothing interesting, only poker cards and aeroplane chess. Group of ah peh sipping coffee and playing dum while Timo is at a corner offering dragon saliva with crushed dinosaure bone....

Ok i am off track but the point is that Pitstop Cafe do have lots to offer. Even without the largest selection of games, it is a cool place to have fun, express your creativity, meet new friends, talk cock sing song, have ice cream, gourmet coffee, great food and last but not least, enjoy our friendly homely service!

So after saying so much cockshit, do we have a game list? Eh i am paiseh to say the answer is still no. Still trying to draft out the full list of games that we have but for the time being i manage to write a half-far list of some of the popular games that comes to my mind.

Check it out at the side link! If the list of games does not have what you are looking for, simply drop us a comment and we will get back to you. Yes, you can use our hotline to check out the games as well.

So don't be shy, just drop by! Even if we do not have the games that you like, i am sure we can make it up somehow...

Pitstop Cafe, more than just games!



Is there anybody out there?

I was reading this book Impossible by Danielle Steel and found the following paragraph pretty interesting..

"Listen, you have been single for about 10 minutes. I have been single all my life, and probably always will be, not because i love it so much, but because there is no one out there. There are either bitter divorced guys paying alimony they resent all women for, screwed-up widowers who think their dead wives were perfect and have forgotten how much they hated them when they alive, and you can never in a million years measure up to them, there are commitment phobics, drunks, drugies, mean guys, abusers, guys who hate women, guys who are secretly gay, and others who are openly gay and want to wear your dresses, there are boring ones who aren't worth the trouble, guys who smell bad, look bad, are bad, and old guys who can't get it up even with Viagra"

There is nothing wrong with the character in the story just that she could not find anyone and noone had bothered or tried to find her. I think we have really nice guys and gals that come over to Pitstop Cafe. Hmmm everyone should get to know one another...

Pitstop Cafe, where strangers become friends!


Fun in the first degree

I thought we could go Zouk on Wednesday night to have a little celebration. However on my personal side, things did not turn out as expected. In fact i am pretty disappointed and dejected. Nevertheless i am determine to have a great time at Zouk with the rest of the crew! Screw the present, there is always tomorrow to look forward to...

Anyone keen to join us? Drop by for ice cream and we head out after that. Steady bo?

I simply enjoy watching the sign language performance on Mambo night...
Pitstop Cafe, we jio you out for fun too!

Something to think about...
"if you don't get what you expect and yet did nothing to change the current situation, whose fault is it?"



Dummy Guide to Pitstop Cafe from Clarke Quay

hey pitstop folks, here you go! finally...

Really can't find the place, buckle your seat belts, this is goin to be a hell long of a post!

I shan't start from where you guys come from.. but whatever it is, you drop at Clarke Quay Mrt, you should be able to see this sign right at outside the control station.

look down and you should see all these markings, mind you Singapore is a caring society!

just to make sure you really know what I'm talking about, turning left at the control station should lead you to this sign.. follow it..

yes, yes, continue to follow this .. you shouldn't be blind to see the markings...

now, carry on walking til you see the sign once again, turn left up the escalator..

yea.. the usual advice for the dummies, the people on the escalator changes, so do not be shocked if you don't see them there! go up the escalator yoh!

great.. you will reach a kinda platform.. carry on.. another escalator infront of you

ya.. up some more.. i heard that Clarke Quay Mrt is build under the river.. thats why when you descend/ascend you can actually feel the pressure popping in your ears.

finally see some light, the entrance.. in a few months time there will be a bustling soho and shopping centre right on top of yer..

now, see the signs... turn left! don't turn right.. god knows where you will land to if you turn right... anyway, just turn left...

To your right, you will see this haphazard bus stop.. turn left, left is boat quay.. right is speaker's corner.. why would you wanna go there for? so many things to say? still have to apply licence at the poilice post.. yes, just turn left to boat quay..

ah..yes, for your convenience, this are the list of buses that comes here as well..

yes, this is what you will see if you turn left.. no!! not the mu, but the beautiful skyline of our colonial district..turn right for what? you will see chinatown.. eek.. remember just turn left..

ah..yes..just press the button.. and wait.. wait to cross the road..

ah..look straight ahead you will see this building call river walk apartments... car drivers do take note!

oh..yes..the green man.. time to cross the road..

not just one...

but two.. don't worry.. what i mean is that the road is divided into two sections to cross, each with its individual traffic lights..

turn left again, you will see this coffee shop..

look up and you will see this sign... ah.. we are getting nearer!

you will walk along this stretch of road.. to your left is the river walk apartments

ah.. yes, a good place for folks to park their car especiall after 5!

people love to ask about rates, now here are the parking rates..

this is the other half...after 5pm and sun, public holidays only $2 per entry

Now, to your right is a public carpark.... the rates are slightly higher.. but..

after 10 it's free.. but then again..it's always pack with lotsa ah beng cars..

now, as you walk on, to your left is a coffee shop, the bak kut teh and lor mee is not bad.. but lotsa msg.. ah.. you will also spot a group of folks always congregating there.. think its some MLM thingy..watch out for a baldy...

now, this requires some skills... you gotta jay across the road...

and right infront of you is a very distinctove stretch of shop houses, the store ahead sells cool clothes...

now, right ahead is this stretch of road called circular road... good.. you are almost there...

walk along the five foot way,

or you can walk along the road...almost there..

to your right is this very popular bar, called Shin bar.. heard from my friend, there got lotsa chios....

and to your left, is this pub call zone pub that I often call it as 'all guys pub'

ah..ha...once you see this queer looking coffee shop, look up! and you will see us...

Our address is 14B! just walk up the stairs.. and you will be surprise with what you find at the end of this otherwise, sleazy looking stairs!!!

Pitstop cafe, we bring you there!!!


Mumu on a dish

Pitstop Cafe is always coming up with new stuff. As you know folks, we have this sweet little thing in our crew known as Mumu. Yes we like to offer Mumu to you folks!

Serve with buttons off, round bottoms up with sexy dressing on side. Just pure Mumu in your view. I guarantee you hit estacy the moment you look at her juicy flesh.

Cook in pure virgin olive oil, dash of secret mojo sauce and a generous dash of herbs, this is dish is sure to satisfy any Mumu fans! Yeah give it a try!

Pitstop Cafe present Sauteed Mushroom with Herbs

Pitstop Cafe, bringing our love to you


Mum Special

It feel so great to be back. What's more, mum is preparing sour and spicy soup as mum's special for the day! This means i can get to have it when i go to the cafe later, yummy!

The sour and spicy soup is really great tasting..thick chicken broth and lots of vegetables like califlower, mushroom, carrot, etc plus fish maw, shredded chicken and many other delicious and fresh ingredients! Combine with vingear and mum homemade chilli, this dish is hot stuff!

So if you guys who happen to catch this entry and have not made plans for the day yet, why not drop by and have a relaxing and fun-filled day at Pitstop Cafe?!!



The journey so far...

Reading through the past entries really gives a fresh view of things. 3 months has passed by. Not really a long time but somehow seem like so much things have happened. From the challenges of starting up to the current challenges of maintaining operational, it has been an interesting journey.

The milestone link on the side bar list share some of the more interesting events that happened so far in the setting up of Pitstop Cafe. Btw if you enjoy reading our blog, do help us get the word around ok! We really need all the awareness we can get!

Thanks folks for all your support!

Yeah, on the flight back home soon. Hope to see you guys at Pitstop Cafe on Saturday!



I have always heard how people are so connected to their handphone as well as email and the Internet. I don't think i was one of those folks, afterall i have often forgetfully left my handphone at home and the day still passes as usual...

I guess i was wrong. On the first day of reaching US, i realise i have missed out the electrical converter plug while packing. My laptop power is low and my handphone is out of battery. I have my chargers but without the plug i was totally disconnected! This means no email access no handphone access for the rest of my stay! I might be able to live without it but i just feel so insecure and detached...

The next morning i was up early and out at the streets trying to get one. It is harder than imagine. The Radioshack near the hotel do not carry it and that was a bad sign. I was basically combing the streets for the next 2 hours before i manage to get it at a small electronic shop around 3km away from my hotel. I was so relieve when i manage to get my hands on it and was like holding it tight in my hands for fear of losing it. I never imagine an electrical adaptor can bring me so much relieve!

So for you reader out there, how connected are you to your handphone, email and the Internet?

By the way, today is Thursday so Pitstop Cafe will be having its ice cream buffet. If you are "connected", do jio your friends and drop by Pitstop Cafe for a ice-creamly good time!



Grrrgh...its Cold here!

It supposed to be the start of spring but it is still damm cold here. I am grateful that i brought along my jacket and my thermal wear! I personally do not like cold weather. Yes I like it when it is cool and the sun provides that cosy warmth, but the thought of winter is a turn off for me. Yeah i think i still belong to the warm and humid tropics...

So given a choice between warm weather like Singapore or seasonal weather with winter and summer, what would be your choice?

If you wanna to feel that extra warmth, do drop by Pitstop Cafe for that cosy warm service! :)


(Re)Branding identity

Hey folks, remember the project which I asked you to comment on? here it is!!! A Pitstop Inspiration!

This essay, talks about how designer boutiques construct a 'high class' identity.

For the full copy, email us!!!

Spatial Rhetoric

Firstly, the spatial organization of the boutiques shapes the identity of ‘Haute Couture’. According to Chua, the setting of the designer boutique is ‘intimidating in its emptiness, with the emptiness being itself a measure of exclusivity’ (2003:58) and this he argued, ensures the shopper to be the ‘centre of attention’ the moment they pass through the glass doors. The success of boutique in conveying an upscale image, where exclusivity is central to its brand image is at the same time reinforced by spatial placement of the staff. Normally, a staff will be stationed at the door to greet potential customers and ‘two sales persons serve a customer’ (Chua 2003: 59).In some boutiques, there is even a security guard opening the door and regulating the traffic flow in order to prevent overcrowding. As seen from the above examples, the strategic spatial organization of the boutique and the careful placement of the staffs ensured these designer boutiques to maintain its exclusive image. And this in turn, helps to construct the identity of a discerning, fashionable and up-scale consumer.


The subscription to the hegemonic identity of the designer boutiques is internalized and perpetuated by consumers and non consumers alike. For the consumers, similar responses regarding their perception of designer boutiques are congruent to the image branding of the designer label company.

Furthermore, when asked about the perception of people who patronizes designer boutiques, majority of the respondents reflected words like ‘rich’ and ‘classy’ which parallel the perception of the built environment of the designer boutiques. For the customers of these boutiques, most; if not all maintained that purchasing and using products from designer boutiques give them confidence.

I always feel good or rather better when I’m wearing branded goods. I’m actually a fan of Prada. I think, these products just make people feel more confident. For me, I think image is very important and whenever I patronize these shops, I’ll make sure I look prim and proper.
-Steven Tse, 23, Canadian tourist

Therefore, to be seen patronizing or purchasing products from designer boutiques allows the identity of the self to be elevated and such conspicuous consumption of luxuries according to Thorstein Veblen is, ‘a consumption directed to the comfort of the consumer himself, and is therefore, a mark of the master’(pg 33).


On the other hand, the non-consumers also served to reinforce the hegemonic meaning of the designer boutiques. If the identity of the consumers in the designer boutiques are perceived as ‘haute couture’ and ‘not for the ordinary people’, then the non-consumers serve to reinforce this identity by alienating and staying away from these boutiques. According to Chua, a visiting or browsing individual’s ‘body begin to shrink…will no longer touch the goods on display, afraid of being accosted and embarrassed’ (2003:51) and ‘will try to retreat from the store as quickly and as unobtrusively as possible’ (2003:61). The in-depth interview shows similar correlation where respondents claimed that they stay away from designer boutiques if they ‘have no business to be there’ or ‘no money to afford’.

All in all, this section has pointed to the fact that the hegemonic meaning of designer boutiques has constructed an identity based on up-scale consumerism. And this hegemony is constructed by the rhetoric of the company through its image branding and mutually reinforced by the consumers who subscribe to its brand image and non-consumers who exclude themselves from the boutiques because they could not afford or live up to ‘the lifestyle which it represents’ (Abramson and Stuchin 2000).

Maybe we should apply this to our cafe, so people will have a sense of identity here..



Far Q I say.....

Speaking of the good balance between IQ and EQ, Pitstop cafe learned through yet another lesson...

A jolly good folk dressed in shirt, pants and ties climbed all the way up to close a deal with us. He claimed that it was for his group from 12-3 am.. this folk asked for many stuffs like discounts, prizes and us to facilitate the games.

Pitstop cafe always goes the extra mile and try to meet customers satisfaction. We therefore agreed to conduct a buffest for him and his group.

Lo and behold, we sprang straight into action, buying the food and preparing for the Buffet.

We waited and waited, and at 12 sharp, decided to give him a call. This jolly good folk then claimed that his friend met up with some shit and had to cancel the event. Also he claimed that he had tried calling us but the phone was engaged.

Whether its a genuine claim or an outright prank, we will not jump to any conclusion. But we'll give him the benefit of a doubt and hopes that this jolly good folk will turn up and rectify this problem.

What Pitstop cafe learn thru this incident was that, as much as we try to meet customers' satisfaction, we have to really protect ourselves from unneccessary problems. Now the fridge is packed with food for the buffet and it is really causing us lotsa shit.

We need to learn to have a set of protoccol especially in terms of holding events and not get to overwhelmed and excited over the deal....

I really would like to know what exactly happened at the other side.....

Pitstop cafe... we go the extra mile, but please don't go to wild...


Yet another milestone......

Pitstop cafe has taught me many things.... for one, i understand the saying that

'if you have a good friend, don't stay with him'

True enough, seeing each other everyday doesn't really irks me. But in fact, what is really more challenging is the fact that we have to acknowledge everyone's strengths and weaknesses. And even more challenging to tolerate and compromise.

And yet again, seeing each other also increases conflict... there are people with different working styles, there are people who likes to vent their personal frustration on others, there are people who wants to do things their own way, and what have you.

Not true when they say 'when money is involved, things get ugly'. For us, money is never the source of conflict. but more so, conflict arises most of the time when one's person style of work clashes with the other person's ideal. most of the time, we want to do things acording to our ideal and justify it by saying that it is due to some 'objective' truth. While at the same time, we deny other person's opinion by claiming that the other is being subjective..

Even more so, trying to juggle between studies, business and especially, a relationship is even more tiring. For some reason, even though we have been seeing each other everyday, but yet the party still says 'we are not spending enuff time'.
I shall not go into a discourse on this.. cuz i could go on forever and forever..

Im just just so friggin piss off with everyone, i need a break, i need to reflect on my life yet again... this is really a test of EQ and IQ.....Far Q i say..

p.s it's really interesting.. i tell you after I write this entry, there will be pple tellin' me that im not consistent with image so on and so forth... whatever...

Pitstop cafe... we tell you our woes...



Ice Cream Buffet

LO and Behold!!! Pitstop cafe turns 3 months old !!!! and in conjunction with this celebration, there will be a promotion every thursday for the month of March!!!
ICE CREAM BUFFET- $11.90 per pax

Free flow of ice cream for 2 hrs
2 hrs of games
1 friendly drink

Hurry up and bring your friends here for a screaming good time!!!!

Pitstop cafe... there will be more coming up!!!

A big tub of hazelnut ice cream

Bit by bit and before you know, not much is left...

High and bloated


Wits and Wager

The Pitstop crew was so damn bored that night that we decided to have some time out and have a time of Elysian peace....

Simple as that: Loser drinks

We went thru a series of games: poison and Jenga, Lo and behold I was the one downing the drinks most of the time. To make it even worse, the more I drank, the lousier i got at Jenga.

At the meantime, Eve got so Ya Ya that she placed a side bet.

She betted that our regular latecomer group would once again turn up at 1130pm... (hey, Norman and folks.. you guys are involved man...ya like to take the chance to thank you guys for all the support!)

Convinced that even our customers have to have a life other than Pitstopping every week (though we hope that is also possible), I and Waikee decided to bet otherwise.

Simple: Loser drink five shots.

We waited and waited... and true enough, at 1130 pm, we heard foot steps comin' up the stairway.

My face turned green, Waikee's face turned red while Evelyn's face brimmed with orangey joy! Laughing at us and displaying the 'see, I told you look'. Really ya ya...

Then, lo and behold, someone did turn up.... but it was Alvin, the ice delivery man.... immediately, me and Waikee fell on the floor and broke out in laughter... it was really hilarious as Evelyn's face turned into shades of green, red and orange...

Anyway, here's the results:

Lining up the 5 shots of juices

Downing the juices one by one...

Piece of cake at that moment of time...

Not finished yet!

Waikee complained that he couldn't sleep as Evelyn kept rattling on and on about ' you don't love me anymore' throughout the night!!!!!

Pitstop Cafe, we bet with you....

you'll love our place!!!!

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