Wits and Wager

The Pitstop crew was so damn bored that night that we decided to have some time out and have a time of Elysian peace....

Simple as that: Loser drinks

We went thru a series of games: poison and Jenga, Lo and behold I was the one downing the drinks most of the time. To make it even worse, the more I drank, the lousier i got at Jenga.

At the meantime, Eve got so Ya Ya that she placed a side bet.

She betted that our regular latecomer group would once again turn up at 1130pm... (hey, Norman and folks.. you guys are involved man...ya like to take the chance to thank you guys for all the support!)

Convinced that even our customers have to have a life other than Pitstopping every week (though we hope that is also possible), I and Waikee decided to bet otherwise.

Simple: Loser drink five shots.

We waited and waited... and true enough, at 1130 pm, we heard foot steps comin' up the stairway.

My face turned green, Waikee's face turned red while Evelyn's face brimmed with orangey joy! Laughing at us and displaying the 'see, I told you look'. Really ya ya...

Then, lo and behold, someone did turn up.... but it was Alvin, the ice delivery man.... immediately, me and Waikee fell on the floor and broke out in laughter... it was really hilarious as Evelyn's face turned into shades of green, red and orange...

Anyway, here's the results:

Lining up the 5 shots of juices

Downing the juices one by one...

Piece of cake at that moment of time...

Not finished yet!

Waikee complained that he couldn't sleep as Evelyn kept rattling on and on about ' you don't love me anymore' throughout the night!!!!!

Pitstop Cafe, we bet with you....

you'll love our place!!!!

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