Dummy Guide to Pitstop Cafe from Clarke Quay

hey pitstop folks, here you go! finally...

Really can't find the place, buckle your seat belts, this is goin to be a hell long of a post!

I shan't start from where you guys come from.. but whatever it is, you drop at Clarke Quay Mrt, you should be able to see this sign right at outside the control station.

look down and you should see all these markings, mind you Singapore is a caring society!

just to make sure you really know what I'm talking about, turning left at the control station should lead you to this sign.. follow it..

yes, yes, continue to follow this .. you shouldn't be blind to see the markings...

now, carry on walking til you see the sign once again, turn left up the escalator..

yea.. the usual advice for the dummies, the people on the escalator changes, so do not be shocked if you don't see them there! go up the escalator yoh!

great.. you will reach a kinda platform.. carry on.. another escalator infront of you

ya.. up some more.. i heard that Clarke Quay Mrt is build under the river.. thats why when you descend/ascend you can actually feel the pressure popping in your ears.

finally see some light, the entrance.. in a few months time there will be a bustling soho and shopping centre right on top of yer..

now, see the signs... turn left! don't turn right.. god knows where you will land to if you turn right... anyway, just turn left...

To your right, you will see this haphazard bus stop.. turn left, left is boat quay.. right is speaker's corner.. why would you wanna go there for? so many things to say? still have to apply licence at the poilice post.. yes, just turn left to boat quay..

ah..yes, for your convenience, this are the list of buses that comes here as well..

yes, this is what you will see if you turn left.. no!! not the mu, but the beautiful skyline of our colonial district..turn right for what? you will see chinatown.. eek.. remember just turn left..

ah..yes..just press the button.. and wait.. wait to cross the road..

ah..look straight ahead you will see this building call river walk apartments... car drivers do take note!

oh..yes..the green man.. time to cross the road..

not just one...

but two.. don't worry.. what i mean is that the road is divided into two sections to cross, each with its individual traffic lights..

turn left again, you will see this coffee shop..

look up and you will see this sign... ah.. we are getting nearer!

you will walk along this stretch of road.. to your left is the river walk apartments

ah.. yes, a good place for folks to park their car especiall after 5!

people love to ask about rates, now here are the parking rates..

this is the other half...after 5pm and sun, public holidays only $2 per entry

Now, to your right is a public carpark.... the rates are slightly higher.. but..

after 10 it's free.. but then again..it's always pack with lotsa ah beng cars..

now, as you walk on, to your left is a coffee shop, the bak kut teh and lor mee is not bad.. but lotsa msg.. ah.. you will also spot a group of folks always congregating there.. think its some MLM thingy..watch out for a baldy...

now, this requires some skills... you gotta jay across the road...

and right infront of you is a very distinctove stretch of shop houses, the store ahead sells cool clothes...

now, right ahead is this stretch of road called circular road... good.. you are almost there...

walk along the five foot way,

or you can walk along the road...almost there..

to your right is this very popular bar, called Shin bar.. heard from my friend, there got lotsa chios....

and to your left, is this pub call zone pub that I often call it as 'all guys pub'

ah..ha...once you see this queer looking coffee shop, look up! and you will see us...

Our address is 14B! just walk up the stairs.. and you will be surprise with what you find at the end of this otherwise, sleazy looking stairs!!!

Pitstop cafe, we bring you there!!!


Jaschocolate said...

Think go from Raffles Place is easier.. hahha.. no need to jaywalk.. i am a good citizen..

nadnut said...

lol. the directions are confusing! o.O

think ill take a cab. :P

astroboy said...

stare at the pictures for a minute or so..the next time you came out from clarke quay, everything will feel like déjà vu and it will guide you to Pitstop Cafe :P

kingone said...

so difficult to find!?!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just want to give a suggestion: Please be straightforward in the direction explanation. Don't try to be funny, it's not funny at all man..=_=;

Anw, I have to check the direction once again. *sigh

Anonymous said...

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Ernest said...

This post wouldn't have existed if iPhone was around then. Lol

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