Mumu on a dish

Pitstop Cafe is always coming up with new stuff. As you know folks, we have this sweet little thing in our crew known as Mumu. Yes we like to offer Mumu to you folks!

Serve with buttons off, round bottoms up with sexy dressing on side. Just pure Mumu in your view. I guarantee you hit estacy the moment you look at her juicy flesh.

Cook in pure virgin olive oil, dash of secret mojo sauce and a generous dash of herbs, this is dish is sure to satisfy any Mumu fans! Yeah give it a try!

Pitstop Cafe present Sauteed Mushroom with Herbs

Pitstop Cafe, bringing our love to you


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Anonymous said...

Mumu speaks....

I love to eat mushrooms!!!! especially button mushrooms..anyway, mushroom sauteed tastes good!!! can eat abt 3 plates everday!!!!!

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