We love ice cream!

The sweet desire package has been popular among the Pitstopper. To thank you guys for the support, we brought in more flavors of ice cream so that you can choose and match your triple scoop sundae. We have currently 7 nice and delicious flavours available. We will try to bring in new flavours every now and then if possible.

I think we sucks at drawing! Wonder how others do those nice chalk drawing?

Anyway a quick introduction to the flavours available:
1. Vanilla: A classic, you can't go wrong with it...
2. Chocolate Ecstasy: A must try for chocolate lovers
3. Hazelnut: Another favourite among the Pitstoppers
4. Boysen Berry: Abit like strawberry, but has a more natural taste and feel to it
5. Chocolate Mint: Nice cool mint with generous amount of chocolate chunks
6. Tiramisu: Taste just like a good Tiramisu dessert!
7. Almond Mocha: I personally don't like the taste of almond, but it seem like the other 3 folks are crazy over it

So do drop by and try out our cool triple scoop sundae!



Anonymous said...

hey I like boysenberry. but tot the syrup in the ice-cream is abit sweet though....keep up the good work!!!

eve said...

hi anonymous, just out of curiousity, r u a guy or a gal? :) cos me and mumu like sweet stuff while astroboy and timo dun really like sweet stuff... mayb timo can use this as his next essay! :P

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