Eh do you have a game list?

This question was brought up couple of time. Though we have not got the list of all the games that we had, I can assure you that even though we are new, our collection of games is pretty decent. The last count we had, we have slightly over 100 games.

I do understand why people may like to know the games. It is just like before entering a massage palour, you need to know whether got special or not also mah right!

If i have never been to Pitstop Cafe, i might imagine Pitstop Cafe as a new joint with small collection of games, nothing interesting, only poker cards and aeroplane chess. Group of ah peh sipping coffee and playing dum while Timo is at a corner offering dragon saliva with crushed dinosaure bone....

Ok i am off track but the point is that Pitstop Cafe do have lots to offer. Even without the largest selection of games, it is a cool place to have fun, express your creativity, meet new friends, talk cock sing song, have ice cream, gourmet coffee, great food and last but not least, enjoy our friendly homely service!

So after saying so much cockshit, do we have a game list? Eh i am paiseh to say the answer is still no. Still trying to draft out the full list of games that we have but for the time being i manage to write a half-far list of some of the popular games that comes to my mind.

Check it out at the side link! If the list of games does not have what you are looking for, simply drop us a comment and we will get back to you. Yes, you can use our hotline to check out the games as well.

So don't be shy, just drop by! Even if we do not have the games that you like, i am sure we can make it up somehow...

Pitstop Cafe, more than just games!



Cobalt Paladin said...

Just a comment. Recently, the postings have been concentrating more on food/meal offering rather than game offerings. This would mislead people into thinking that you are a normal cafe instead of a gaming cafe.

I hope the postings are not an indication of Pitstops's general direction.

Let people know that you are a gaming cafe... not just a cafe.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Thanks for the list.

pitstop said...

hey hope you find the game that you like in the list. if not, just drop us a comment and we will let you know if we had that in house

astroboy said...

Hi Cobalt Paladin,

thanks for your comment. if you had not mention it, i did not really notice as well. I think the focus on the food is just a coincidence, but then again to a certain extent we are putting effort into good to ensure that together with gaming, it provide an great enjoyable experience to folks that come over Pitstop Cafe

eve said...

Cos we r all food lovers...
Tuck in!

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