First Buffet!

Yes! We will be organising our first buffet event. For this Saturday (4th March), from 1pm to 5pm Pitstop Cafe will be reserve for the event. Special thanks to Chou Woon for trusting us and giving us this opportunity to organise this event!

We are really excited and stressed as well as there are lots of logistic work involved. We also want to ensure that everything goes well and smooth. This event was also the main reason for pushing ahead with the awning works. I hope this will be a nice surprise for him.

We have also been going around getting catering stuff like food containers, the burners, utensils, etc. Those stuff are sure expensive! Mum is stressed up with the stuff to cook. She has been up early going to market to make sure she got the freshest ingredients to cook with. She will be cooking curry, sambal prawns, and couple more dishes (mum makes good curry and spicy stuff!).

Auntie Lilian and Uncle Lawrence have been really great and supportive. Auntie Lilian will be cooking hand in hand with mum. Sisters unite! Uncle Lawrence has manage to get us extra nice tables and cloth to ensure everything look good and welcoming.

We have spend quite abit on this event considering we do not have lots of $$$. However at Pitstop we believe that if we were to deliver something, we will give our best shot at it! I hope this will be a great event and people will enjoy themselves and have a good time at Pitstop Cafe. Perhaps we can organise more buffets in the future. We will update you guys with more pictures on the actual day!

Can't wait to see the awning this friday! Hope we make a good choice in the color...

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