Yet another milestone......

Pitstop cafe has taught me many things.... for one, i understand the saying that

'if you have a good friend, don't stay with him'

True enough, seeing each other everyday doesn't really irks me. But in fact, what is really more challenging is the fact that we have to acknowledge everyone's strengths and weaknesses. And even more challenging to tolerate and compromise.

And yet again, seeing each other also increases conflict... there are people with different working styles, there are people who likes to vent their personal frustration on others, there are people who wants to do things their own way, and what have you.

Not true when they say 'when money is involved, things get ugly'. For us, money is never the source of conflict. but more so, conflict arises most of the time when one's person style of work clashes with the other person's ideal. most of the time, we want to do things acording to our ideal and justify it by saying that it is due to some 'objective' truth. While at the same time, we deny other person's opinion by claiming that the other is being subjective..

Even more so, trying to juggle between studies, business and especially, a relationship is even more tiring. For some reason, even though we have been seeing each other everyday, but yet the party still says 'we are not spending enuff time'.
I shall not go into a discourse on this.. cuz i could go on forever and forever..

Im just just so friggin piss off with everyone, i need a break, i need to reflect on my life yet again... this is really a test of EQ and IQ.....Far Q i say..

p.s it's really interesting.. i tell you after I write this entry, there will be pple tellin' me that im not consistent with image so on and so forth... whatever...

Pitstop cafe... we tell you our woes...



astroboy said...

I do agree with Timo on this. In fact "objectionally" is something i used very often, which on further reflection is in fact "subjective". Prhaps "conventional" is a better word to used.

E.g when there are people in the cafe, i normally do not on the music too loud. Do they like loud music or perhaps prefer 93.3 to 95FM, or techno? I got to admit i do not know. However since we open we have stick to 95FM,. I am conventional.

There are positive feedback on our service, which is why i try my best when serving customer even i have a bad day. Will sharing my bad day with my customers "personalise" the service? I don't know. I am conventional.

I like creative stuff, but for certain aspect i am rather conventional. But i guess everyone get piss at others every now and then. Personally when I piss at others, i know others are piss at me as well. E.g someone could have arrange something for you, but you did not appreciate it. Yeah you are piss, but the other party is piss as well. That is my personal take for not sharing my woes, cos i am sure i will not be able to cover both side of the story.

Understanding comes with time. So it is either time strengthen a relationship or erode it. Personally i still could not relate when sometimes Timo say that he got lots of stuff to do, and yet say he is tired cos he club at MOS till 7. But i respect that as his personal choice as part of his own lifestyle.

As long as we learn as we go, it is still an exciting journey for me! Speaking of that, i am off to the US again for a week, so guys that continue to work together despite our differences ok!

Christine said...

Hmm...not a very positive entry. Try to relax Timo, think u have too much to handle on ur hand. It is already hard to juggle work n studies at the same time. Dun make matters worse by adding other issues.

Conflicts and differences in opinion is everywhere u go..not just between friends and couples. With strangers is the same. Only difference is that strangers do not tell u their views and opinions. So, when ur friends tell u something which u do not agree...do not be agree at them. They are only sharing their views and opinions coz u are their fren.

It is OK to quarrel once in a while but it is more important that u forgive n forget. At the end of the day, hurting ur friends might end up hurting urself more...

Christine said...

Oops...typo error:

"...which u do not agree...do not be angry at them."

tim said...

hey christine.. thanx for your honest opinion!!! anyway, its fine here @ pitstop cafe.. that entry is not a negative entry yer know...

indeed i was kinda piss.. but then, remember? this blog is not just to advertise our cafe, but to also share with people of real conflicts that are happening!!

but its ok, the sky's clear.. weekee is flying off, evelyn wouldn't be here, mu mu is being abducted by aliens..hahaha, it will only be me left!!!


Evelyn said...

Hey who says i won't b here!
Anyway, glad that u decided to handle everything on your own while weekee's out of town, i m not around and mumu has been abducted...
n rem to ENJOY yourself while the good times last... do wash up the dishes and clean the coffee machine and lock up properly yah!
Byez... hahahah..

Anonymous said...

Mumu speaks....
Who says I am abducted?? Did you hire some hitman to kidnap me...(timo)..so that you can fly off to some paradise with your boobies??!!!!

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