Something totally unexpected...

I got an sms from Mumu in the afternoon saying that MOE has reject her appeal to do her honours and she may have to go to NIE soon. Some may wonder why is that a big issue.

The thing is we don't want Pitstop Cafe to stay the way it is. We have lots of ideas on the things to do to make Pitstop Cafe an even greater place and that is what we want to offer to all Pitstoppers!

Of course everything need time, effort and resources and we wonder if we can achieve that. Anyway with Timo away, none of us were in a mood to really make a decision on what we want to do at this moment. Mumu is making another attempt at appealing and perhaps we can then decide again when the situation is more finalize.

Hope Mumu appeal is successful cos i know she seriously like to continue with her honours.

anyway we received an envelope today. Most of the time its mainly bills and more bills. But look what we found inside the envelope today....

A nice post card with the words "Just popping by to say hi"

On the back of the postcard was actually a letter from Alison, one of the Pitstoppers. She has wrote to us a short note of encouragment and even send us a nice photo of their group decorated specially for Pitstop Cafe.

Their photo specially decorated for Pitstop Cafe! Damm my photography skills is not doing the pictures justice!


How can we not remember you folks when you guys occupy a substantial estate on our wall? :) Anyway Alison shared with us her favourite verse in her note and we really like it...

Be joyful always; pray continuously; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. - 1 Thess 5:16-18

I really don't know what to say other than a big THANK YOU. The encouragement from you and your friends have definitely make a difference. It was like a nice strong booze of energy for the Pitstop Crew!

Pitstop Cafe, where Pitstoppers makes a difference!


Selemat Datang!!!

Wah lau... now at the Malaysia liao.. very the different leh.

everything also different. Girls different, food different, room different, even I also beginning to behave different!

KL not that bad lah, shopping still can fight Singapore. But ah, the traffic like siao like that..

But then hor, I am here as Camera man.. most of the time also si bei Zo bo.. go jogging, read books, sit at Cafe alone.. damn zo bo..

Now I know why those businessmen on buisness trip always try and be funny. Cuz, it's damn lonely lor... freaking lonely..

I whole day whole life trying to perfect the Malaysian Chinese.. it is damn entertaining man!

Oi! you! yes you! How's everything at Pitstop Cafe? Never go right? Got go or not?!?!? Tell you .. don't just read blok, better go and have fun there lah.

I hope to see Pitstop cafe got more Gin Na there when I come back.. See you all hor!

Wah lau.. why so Beng one?

Pitstop Cafe, Si Bei Wah Lau

Timun (Malaysian Version)


Stereotypes, generalise, whatever...

I don't mean to stereotype, but i realise the folks who come to Pitstop Cafe almost all same pattern one leh...

These folks are really friendly, as friendly as our friendly drinks. And it is really nice to have a causal chat with them.

They are totally at ease with themselves and full of smiles and laughter. Check out the graffiti wall of Pitstop Cafe. On birthdays, many even offer to share their cakes with the Pitstop Crew.

They are creative and expressive, leaving tons of interesting stuff on the wall of Pitstop Cafe. They came from all walks of life, from Stikfas fans to members of a guild in Mapple Tree.

It was really a privilege for Pitstop Cafe for the past 6 months to have you folks drop by.

Anyway there was this group of folks that drop by...

See all the nice charming and sweet smiles?

and there was this sweet girl that was taking pictures of the coffee and games. From the pictures she taken, she send us a photo and wrote a short story on it...

Once upon a time there lived many pigs in a box

Then one decided to run away

On the way he met a few others. They told him he had to drink the MoccachinoOfEternalYouth, so that they could survive the arduous journey back into the real world

But alas, they betrayed him. The end

Thanks for sharing your cute story but hey our coffee isn't that bad right!

Pitstop Cafe, the cafe with interesting folks


What a lovely sunday!

Sunday morning started with a heavy downpour in our area. It was raining cats and dogs (and so where do this expression come from?). The Pitstop Crew started out with the routine cleaning up of the place before taking a break.

We opened out the balcony to enjoy the cool weather. It was shoik! It was also really relaxing to hear the rainfall, the occassional cars driving by and the light breeze. Been at the top kinda of give the feel of serenity and been away from the hectic lifestyle and feeling was really fantastic.

The girls were relaxing by the couch, flipping through the magazines and the newspaper while sipping hot coffee...

Isn't that a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon? So next time Sunday nothing to do, drop by at Pitstop Cafe!

Taking things slow on a beautiful sunday...

Once the rain ended, more groups started to come in. we had a great time teaching new games and it was really great to see new faces and make new friends. It was also interesting to find out how people know about us, e.g. from friend's friend's friends, blogsites, etc.

What a beautiful sunday...

Pitstop Cafe, yeah it's really Right up here!



The Alter Ego Speaks...

I suspect someone has been bad mouthing me. It doesn't matter so as long as folks come to Pitstop Cafe.

At least I am hardworking

I am going to KL as a Camera man for my Department, not to hide from some loanshark debt.

But it's a pity cuz I'm goin to miss Singaporean girls..

They are so cute.

And yes, of course I miss pitstop cafe and all the folks whom I will missed attending to.

See you folks soon!!!

Will be updating you folks and my dear Pitstop crew of my progress there..

So stay tuned! Many exciting changes are coming your way!

Pitstop cafe, see you guys real soon.


Good News!!!

I suspect that Pitstop cafe is going to experience an influx of folks..

As Timothy will be going to KL for 3 weeks,

Girls will stop worrying about a leering and drooling maniac stalking in the mysterious depths of pitstop cafe...

A person like he, ought to be shot.

Folks will also be spared from his weird and out of tune 'welcome' greeting you when you come in.

No more mad laughter from himself after some lame jokes (also by himself).

No more teasing of girls.

No more eating of the cafe's food.

or even have his balls plucked out

So folks, no more worries..

you can come now.. Timothy is gone.

Pitstop cafe, world without madness




We have this really nice and creative Stikfas figure given to us by one of the Pitstoppers. It is really nice and cool and can pose in various position.

Recently after retraining, he can now do another cool stunt...


He holds namecards too!

Really steady! No wonder the Mr Toothpick holder don't seem too song cos he has to hold the toothpick and his position isn't exactly that comfortable...

Pitstop Cafe, we will learn to do more too!



25th is a very important day....cont.

After every dark ages comes renaissance, every major changes yield renewal..

The Silent Era for Pitstop cafe is over.. Renaissance begins now.

Really heartwarming to see and hear fellow Pitstopper's concern and encouragement, even more rewarding to know that even though some folks have not been physically patronising us, but you folks' have truly and emotionally stayed with us all these while.

But damn, please bring your friends and help us promote leh..otherwise, how much you encourage, our pocket also cannot go any deeper..

Anyway, here's the results for the outcome for 25th.

First Outcome:
25th is still Thursday and it is still Ice cream Buffet. 14.90 for free flow ice cream and 2 hrs of gaming. Still Irresistable

Second Outcome:
we are indeed pubished in Lime Magazine! looks good and sounds good

Third Outcome:
we are going to hang on..yes we are..but still that has to depend very much on you guys!!

Fourth Outcome:
Who says the business has screwed up our studies? Me and MuMu results improved!! Though there's much more for us to work on, but for now, we are satisfied!

Fifth Outcome:
still pending

Pitstop Cafe, always updating you


Whats' the sign?

I find this interesting and need an answer for this. If the hand gesture below represents a number, what number do you think it represent?

What number does this represent?

The first impression i had is the number 6 and told that to a US friend of mine. The response i get is "Why is it 6? Which country convention is that?". I thought for a moment and i was kinda of stump. Why do we use that to represent 6? Is it suppose to represent the horns and hence associated with the devil and therefore the number 6? Is that an international representation? I am not sure but somehow i always associate that guessture with 6.

On a side note, the above guessture was done by eve. When I ask her to show me how she represent 1. She SHOW her version to me and i was surprise that hers was really quite long!

Quite a long 1 right?

Astroboy, another boliao entry


25th is a very important day....

Every dynasty has its dark ages, every aspiring businesses underwent major changes...

from now til 25th May, 1500hrs, This will be Pitstop cafe's dark ages, silent era..

nothing will be posted, no one will budge for it will slowly reveal..


25th is a very important date

First Reason:
25th is Thursday and it is Ice cream Buffet. 14.90 for free flow ice cream and 2 hrs of gaming. Irresistable.

Second Reason:
25th is also the day where we will be pubished in Lime Magazine! Finally some decent exposure!

Third Reason:
25th is the day where the Pitstop crew will come to a decision to carry on or give up.....

Fourth Reason:
because 25th is the day we will be getting our exam results

Fifth Reason:
because on 25th, MuMu will know if she can do her fourth year or go to NIE

Sixth Reason:
because due to the above reasons, 25th will be the deciding day the Pitstop crew decides to call it a day or carry on persevering

Seventh Reason:
25th will be the day X-Men 3 will be on Cinema

One more last reason:
Pitstop Cafe will still be open on the 25th....

so pop by and find out what is the decision!

Pitstop Cafe, I want to carry on


Happy belated birthday Karen!

Friday i had a nice surprise! A group of my uni classmates drop by the cafe. I have not seen them for a while, almost a year? I wonder how many of you find the below scenario very common; graduated, find work, become busy with your own life and seldom catch up with your friends...

I guess the problem lies with me been quite bo sim too. Always waiting for people to organise an outing rather than actively staying in touch with them.

Happpy birthday Karen (she is in white). A really "friendly to everyone" girl!

Been part of the Pitstop Crew means having even lesser time to catch up with friends or attend gatherings. Hence it was really great seeing you folks and really a pity could not get to spend more time catching up with you guys. Hope everything is going great for all you folks and do keep in touch!

If you finish reading this entry and realise you have not been in touch with your close friends for awhile, take a moment and drop them a sms, msn message, icq message, email and even a call to say hi. I believe it will be a nice surprise for them too!



What is LOVE.

Sometimes, as I retreat into the lonely and cold room of mine, a sense of melancholy and helplessness overwhelm me, " I am in love but why do I still feel empty and lonely?"

WHat is LOVE? Don't female leads often say, " Girls are radiant when they are in love?" So, Why am I not feeling this way? The only answer that echoed from the wall was, " Mu...think you are not in love...you are not experiencing true love...that explains why you are always in pain and agony"...

Then what is love? Shouldn't I be experiencing love coz...

1) My bf never dates and drools over other girls
2) My bf cooks my special dishes ( such as sweet and sour pork, chilli crab)
3) My bf showers me with roses and lilies every fortnight
4) My bf gets along with all my bitchy friends
5) My bf gets along with my protective parents
6) My bf always give in to me when I throw tantrums at him
7) My bf calls me everynight and says, "Gd night darling...You will always be the One and Only One till eternal....and I Love U"
8) My bf satisfies me in all ways
9) My bf always shower me with gifts when he returns from abroad
10)My bf can travel from Jurong to Pasir Ris just to "deliver" my favourite ChengTeng at Whampoa Market as late as 00:00.

Aren't the above the kind of guys which all girls yearn for? So why do I still feel so empty? What's wrong man?

Maybe I should get a BAD GUY...as the chinese saying goes, "nanren bu huai, nuren bu ai"...

Yup!!! THink I should go for a bad guy and this will solve my problem...!!!! But how should I suggest the break up? Think Johnnie will be devastated...How could I bear to break his tender heart??!!! Oh mine!!! Help me!!!


Hard Science 2

Ok i admit been a cockster for the first part. But hey at least for the second part, i am definitely not the cockster!

There were these 2 cocksters or should i say clumsters, decide that our printer is thirsty and put a tempting jug of ice water beside it. A slight tilt and water came splashing down into the printer. The printer got so bloated that it decided it is not going to print any more reciept.

So what to do? We send our printer for a vacation, on the beach, with nice breeze...

The printer enjoying the nice breeze at the beach...

Thankfully after the long vacation, the printer is finally printing reciepts again. Phew!

So clumsters remember, printer, computer, and electrical appliances don't get thirsty and don't drink water...

Pitstop Cafe, having cocksters every now and then



Hard Science

Pitstop Cafe has a legendary tool that is so legendary that it determines the temperature of your frothed milk for your coffee..

It is called a thermometer.


As yesterday Pitstop cafe experienced a rush, the pitstop crew especially the Astroboy who is probably still suffering from Jet 'Pack' lag is still in a daze.

In the midst of operations, Mumu exclaimed to me that the thermometer had ceased working and Astroboy was the first to spot the needle standing still bet. 20 -30 degree celcius.

Suddenly, everything blanked and the three of us were surrounded by a swirling darkness.. the three of us just stared at the thermometer as time stood still..

Everything went back to normal as we still bemoaned the loss of our dear friend..

I was deeply puzzled and toggled with the thermometer for a while...

Heavily amused and deeply ashamed of these two cocksters..

I asked em', 'isn't room temperature 27 degree celcius?'


Pitstop cafe, we are humans too



Da Vinci Code

In conjuction with the movie "the Da Vinci Code' release, Pitstop cafe has also released the 'one of its kind' Da Vinci Challenge Boardgame.

it's a wonder how many people have jumped onto the bandwagon and capitalising on the Book's success

Now, for all folks who have played Blokus before. This game is pretty similiar in terms of placing tiles and what not.
The twist is that, this time round you gotta formed pattern on this symbol called 'the flower of life'

In fact, you score different points for identifyng and making different patterns. As this board gets increasingly confusing and visually warped after many tiles are placed, you will begin to miss certain patterns that you have scored.

At Pitstop cafe, we just try to get stuffs for you guys before anyone does, this is straight from the shelfs of Walmart in San Fancisco

Such is the profound mystery of the 'flower of life'. Astroboy thinks he is good at it cuz he won me once, I think I am good cuz i managed to trick him and scored 3 flower patterns which gave me 25 points each.

In the words of Sir Leigh Teabing, 'the eyes see only what it wants to see' (Da Vinci Code, 2006)

Don't just think we are one of those boardgame cafe emulating the bubble tea flop, remember the eyes only what it wants to see

So what do you want to see? Head right down to Pitstop cafe and try the Da Vinci challenge. It is easy to learn and yet takes forever to master.

Do pay attention to the nitty gritty stuffs we have done to build an identity, Pitstop cafe aims to build a community

Pitstop cafe, read between the lines


Mission Impossible

My mission is to infltrate the building by 2200hrs and I have 60 mins.

My name is Timothy Boay and this is my impossible mission...

exciting music

Successful infiltration requires elaborate disguise and adornment. I put on my Zara shirt and switched on the hair dryer. Hair styling requires precise moulding and comes with practice. Disguise is complete as I sprayed my Hugo boss perfume and made my way to the station.

I have 45 mins left.

The train comes every 5 mins and I just missed the coming one. In order to fully maximise my time, I went to the ATM machine to withdraw money. Timing was just right for me to catch the next train. it took me 20 mins to reach Tiong Bahru MRT station.

I have 15 mins left.

I was fortunate to have the bus coming, the uncle says bus 16 stops just outside my destination. I quickly boarded the bus. Unfortunately, right at the critical moment, the bus did not stop. It just went straight towards Orchard road.

I quickly alighted. Damn. 7 more mins.

I ran... while monitoring the time ..5 more mins

My legs began to feel sore, but still I ran..

Remembering the African Proverb that Astroboy posted..

I carried on running..

3 more mins. I saw the destination. But it was still a long way ahead.

Using my last drop of adrenaline, I sprinted towards the building.

1 minute.

Now, there were lotsa people. In order not to blow my cover, I walked calmly while trying to clean myself up.

time's up.

I reached the entrance.

The receptionist said: $23 for guys..

I thought Zouk was $15 before 10?!?! (I only kept these words within me)

Damn..... Mission failed.

Pitstop Cafe, doing impossible mission every day!!!

(you know who wrote this)


An African Proverb

Just like to share this interesting African proverb, translated into English...

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wake up.
It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning a lion wakes up.
It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.
It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle.
When the sun comes up, you better start running.

A interesting perspective on how the strong and the weak have been place into equal footing.



Happy Mother's Day

A happy mother's day to all the mums in the world!

Been someone who always take everything for granted, i like to take this opportunity to thank my mum. To me she has played a big role in the growth of Pitstop Cafe. She take charges of food preparation, doing all the cutting, marinating, cooking, and many other stuff...

When she is free she make a point to whip up something nice and special for those who drop by the cafe. Of course the Pitstop Crew get to have a fantastic dinner as well!

She is the Pitstop Crew disciplinary head as well. Make a mess in kitchen, leave a cup unwashed or been sloppy in the cleaning up, she is sure to catch you and knock the senses into your brain. And you better know what is the difference between a cabbage and a lettuce as well...

Astro mum and her yummy pot of curry chicken

Of course, we do pay mum but I know she is helping out because she wants to support us in what we are doing.

So thanks to you mum for all your support!



P for PCC

Any word games lover? At Pitstop Cafe, we have a couple of interesting word games, like taboo, scrabble, buzzword, blah blah blah. One other interesting new word game that we have is called Scattergories. It fact this game has been around for quite awhile. It was Mensa best mind game in the year of 1990!

A game of Scattergory can be played by 2 to 6 pax

How the game is played is that you roll a 20 sided dice with different letters on it. Base on the letter you have to form words that starts with the letter base on the list of categories. For example, the category is vegetable and you rolled a "C" so you can come out with words like carrot, califlower, etc. But the challenge is that you only score for words that no one else come out with and that can be real tough!

There was this group of folks that dropby and had a go at the game. In one of the round they rolled a letter P and the category is hobby. So this current NS guy wrote PCC!

Ok in case some of you were wondering what is PCC, it is an abbreviation for what you do with your fufu...

Kudos to you folks for the creativity!

P is for Pitstop Cafe too!



Welcome back

Before i know it, i was off again to the US. You know that you are travelling too much within a short time when:

1. You pack your luggage without unpacking it.
2. You get back the same flight attendants.
3. You watch the same inflight movie.
4. The 10 ten best sellers in the bookstores are still the same
5. The immigration officer says "Welcome back"

I wanted to have another game of Alhambra with the Pitstop crew. I did not win the previous game and i definely will make a come back! This is a great game. For those who enjoy strategy games with gameplay involving building and resource management, do check out this game when you drop by Pitstop Cafe.

Do try our new ice cream flavors too!



Exam Results

Hey all NUS students.... Exam results are going to be out on 25 May (3rd yr students), 26 May (2nd yr students), 27 May (1st yr students)

come to Pitstop cafe to mourn, celebrate or spend money, whichever is fine with me..

Pitstop cafe, we hope to be IVLE also


Memoir 44

We do have a helluva 2 player games at Pitstop Cafe, one of my favorites is still Memoir 44.

I yer think war games are only for guys, take a look again. Memoir 44 is easy to learn, and yet realistic as you control actual figurines like infantry, tanks and artillery.

the greens are allies and the greys are axis

What makes this game unique is its multiple terrain which is used to set up different scenario and it is actullay based on real world war II scenario.

Luck plays a significant role in this game in terms of dice throwing and card drawing.

However, what makes this game exciting and fun is that you are playing in Pitstop cafe..

terrain gives you combat bonuses as well as obstacles

As most girls think that this is a Boyish game, most of the time I end up playing the game with Astroboy. So if you are bored and lonely with no Kaki to play boardgames with, do come down and challenge me to a game of Memoir 44.

Yes, I am very free now. Exam over leh....

play with me leh..



First cafe with a blog

Pitstop Cafe, with it blend of quirky crew gives the cafe a unique concoction of emotion and personality. Even the Stikfas figure gets a life of its own in our cafe. Just check those cool studio shots...its ALIVE!

This blog is almost 6 months old and the Pitstop crew would like to dedicate this blog to all you Pitstoppers because it is because of you folks that have littered our blog entries with all your laughter, smiles and encouragments that make the blog touching and motivational for the crew at Pitstop Cafe!

Thanks again!

Pitstop Cafe, the first cafe with a blog


A Life after Life.............

Indeed after exams, the atmosphere was less uptight and folks are finally taking time to enjoy.

The Pitstop crew did the same, with Astroboy flying on his jetpack to San Fransisco again on this wednesday ( it's ladies night at Pitstop cafe. 8 bucks, free flow of gaming and 1 triple scoop sundae) ehh..ok, anyway, we decided to have another group outing again..

We went to the futuristic the Cathay and behaved like 'Sua Kus', the world has changed since we last stepped out of Pitstop cafe..

Indeed, the retails were still not opened.. and I had to pay 2 bucks per entry for parking... friggin fufu

after a survey of 4 Singaporeans, 2 students and 2 working adults. 100% agree that they prefer eating at hawker centre and playing bowling

The Pitstop crew proceeded to Glutton Bay @ Esplanade. True enough, there were many Gluttons, but not enough stalls..

Astroboy was not impressed by the food at all, said that they will soon makan their own sutra

Complaining that we felt lethargic and 'in a daze', we decided to do some sports in order to keep those muscles and joints moving so that we can serve you better...

Superbowl @ Marina Square. Yes, we can bowl too!!!


your Royal 'Glamness'

the 'plays only with balls that match the top

the 'check out my new boxing gloves'

the 'will not appear until he perfects his hook'

So, the fun's ended and we are looking forward to the new week ahead where we meet new Pitstoppers and catch up with already Pitstoppers....

A new week's ahead, there is a life after life at Pitstop Cafe...

Pitstop Cafe, beat the differences..


First Mascot

We finally have our first mascot, and guess what?

True to our promises, Pitstop cafe delivers an experience that goes beyond commercialism and capitalism.

Everything in Pitstopcafe is customer oriented...

Our First Mascot, was presented to us with kind appreciation from one of our fellow pitstopper and his gang...

Presenting to you: Mr Pitstop Stikfas!!!!

This folk is really not too bad.. he does lotsa chores and is really flexible

he carries plates

Not only that, his adornment and colors clearly depicted our cafe well!!

Sings and dances...

Well, I guess this embodies Pitstop cafe best... creativity, energy and friendship.

and at the end of the day, he is also tired...

So thank you Smith and his creative Co.!! really appreciated your nice gift!!!

and he needs to relax too.

Now, come to Pitstop cafe and witness Mr Stikfas in action!!!!

Pitstop cafe, we accept gifts too...


Whose cab is it? 2

Pretty coincidental that we met with the same incident too...

Me and Mumu was near clarke quay hailing for a cab when an Ang Moh, Farang, Colonialist whatever was standing in the middle of the road trying to get the cab's attention..

We hopped onto one cab and he showed me the finger and spat on the floor..

I laughed at him and went home... up yours tourist, this is Singapore..

Anyway, on a side note. If yer planning to stay late at Pitstop cafe, best is avoid the 2300-0000 time to take a cab. As most of the cabs are changing shift or on call, you'll end up waiting half and hour to 45 mins for a cab..

recomendations, get on the train before 2330 or stay past midnight at Pitstop cafe, we are open til late on fridays, weekends and public holidays.

That is when yer sure to take a cab or the midnight bus without having anyone showing you the finger or you showing your fufu.

Pitstop Cafe, we are a gracious society


Whose cab is it?

It was a great friday evening at Pitstop Cafe. We had fantastic crowd tonight. I had a great time sharing the game of Puerto Rico with this particular group. Did not manage to get their names though, so do sign our guestbook and leave us a note if you are reading this

Mum as usual whip up an array of nice dishes and for those who are familiar with Mum stuff know that mum lamb stew with bread is really solid stuff. I hope you guys like the spicy sour soup too.

We close past the midnight and had to take a cab back. The streets were full with people and it is tough getting a cab despite it is already past 1.30 am. To get away with the crowd, we started walking towards a junction nearby. At this moment, a couple of folks from the other side started crossing over from the other side of the road and come right in front of us! So we just keep walking towards the junction and a moment later we managed to hail a cab.

Then one of the guy shouted at Eve, "Hey that is not very nice" and kinda of stare at Eve. We just hop onto the cab. Then guess what this joker did. He walk onto the road right in front of the cab. But i guess when he see the cab started to move, he kinda of realise that it is a car that can run down people, not another way round and hence he got off the road, but not without first staring into our windows.

I was really tired otherwise i would have shown him how to construct a fufu with my hands but eve kinda of beat me to it. I mean sometimes the situation might be a misunderstanding but there is no reason to toy with your life like that! We have seen 2 fatal accidents signs this week so don't add to the statistics!

So folks do take care while crossing the roads. Look left, look right and look left again :)

Pitstop Cafe, we care for you too!



A New Beginning for Mu...

Finally completed my exams however I do not seem to be excited...wonder why...

Anyway something I wanna bitch about my prof ( hope he doesn't see this blog)...

Here it goes, he was so nice that he gave us all the exam questions before the exam itself so that we could go n prepare!!! ( all of us were obviously stunned then elated) However, HORRORS of HORRORS... the prof actually changed some of the questions for the final paper!!!

Not only did he add new terms to the identification section which I obviously did not prepare for ( most of my friends didn't either)...he drastically changed the essay questions too!!!

Eg: From a question which we were told, " Why did China export the goods?" to..."Why did CHina import the goods?" They are of stark contrast!!!

On retrospect, I wonder if students like me and my fellow friends were just plain naive to believe him or he is out to "tua" us!!! I just can't figure out why he had to change the questions when he initially said that the questions he gave us would be THE exam questions....

To end off....my dear NUS students...please do not take this prof's paper anyway...
Shall be nice not to name him...but some clues for you guys...

1) He is from History Department
2) A Chinese National
3) Has a mole on his left cheek
4) Taught us a module on Sino-SEA interaction
5) He counts the number of "also" used in the essays!!!
6) Last of all....his surname starts with letter Y!!!!



A time for everything....

This verse is really my favorite... I have been living my life with this philosophy in mind.

in case, if yer wondering.. these pics are all a depiction of a classic post exam landscape

some people tell me that they need to cramp as much as possible

looking at this pictures again reminded me of this passing semester which has been a helluva ride for me at least, striving to achieve the best for my grades as well as keeping the cafe afloat.

I take time to look at the girls

Not that I love repeating, but the cafe has really taught me to remain focus and manage my time carefully. Many people have been asking me 'how the heck are you goin to manage your time?'

everytime my answer is the same, 'I dunno'

I really dunno. But truth is, all thanks to great teamwork with my other partners, support from relatives and friends and also most importantly, passion:

the passion to believe and the motivation to achieve

some folks start to wonder about their result

As I look a this picture again and sitting at pacific coffee company typing what you are reading now, it dawn onto me that many people like to say, 'no time, very busy'. but truth is,

there is a time for everything

I still take time to look at girls

and i guess that's the main idea of Pitstop Cafe,

amidst of our work and stress, there is time to meet friends, a time to indulge in fun.

Pitstop Cafe has not taken up my time.

Instead, it has become my source of inspiration, the baby of my perspiration.

Folks, it's time we 'relook' at our busy lifes again.. are we missing out on anything?

have we been too busy to reflect on our lives?

Have we been too busy to meet our friends?

Have we been too busy to take a break?

beyond all these, there is a time for everything.

There is a time to make a Pitstop.

Pitstopcafe, the time for everything.



Promotion of the month

In response to recent comment regarding the promotion for this month,

Pitstop cafe is proud to launch a new and unique (once again) promotion!!!

Here you go:

Come to Pitstop Cafe and enjoy free flow of....

Fun, laughter and out of this world kinda thang!!!!

Pitstop cafe, always got promotion.


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