A time for everything....

This verse is really my favorite... I have been living my life with this philosophy in mind.

in case, if yer wondering.. these pics are all a depiction of a classic post exam landscape

some people tell me that they need to cramp as much as possible

looking at this pictures again reminded me of this passing semester which has been a helluva ride for me at least, striving to achieve the best for my grades as well as keeping the cafe afloat.

I take time to look at the girls

Not that I love repeating, but the cafe has really taught me to remain focus and manage my time carefully. Many people have been asking me 'how the heck are you goin to manage your time?'

everytime my answer is the same, 'I dunno'

I really dunno. But truth is, all thanks to great teamwork with my other partners, support from relatives and friends and also most importantly, passion:

the passion to believe and the motivation to achieve

some folks start to wonder about their result

As I look a this picture again and sitting at pacific coffee company typing what you are reading now, it dawn onto me that many people like to say, 'no time, very busy'. but truth is,

there is a time for everything

I still take time to look at girls

and i guess that's the main idea of Pitstop Cafe,

amidst of our work and stress, there is time to meet friends, a time to indulge in fun.

Pitstop Cafe has not taken up my time.

Instead, it has become my source of inspiration, the baby of my perspiration.

Folks, it's time we 'relook' at our busy lifes again.. are we missing out on anything?

have we been too busy to reflect on our lives?

Have we been too busy to meet our friends?

Have we been too busy to take a break?

beyond all these, there is a time for everything.

There is a time to make a Pitstop.

Pitstopcafe, the time for everything.



Anonymous said...

Why didn't you thank GOD? you thanked everybody except GOD...

tim said...

ooops....maybe I typed too quickly..sorry sorry..but God knows that i thank Him..and I dun need to publicly announce it just like those pharisees..

astroboy said...

tim relationship with HIM is much closer and personal. Unlike non-christian like me, i thank HIM when things go swee swee, but the moment things go wrong, i will ask why HE screw me up. Tim will always say you got to thank him for been gracious, things could be much worse, blah blah. i alway like this quote from him "I am only accountable to God"

anyway i think this was a great entry. Sometime with disagreements, scarifice of time that could spend on other stuff, stress in getting the cafe to grow, i do question if everything is worth it. Yes passion is what makes what we are doing worth doing.

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