Hard Science 2

Ok i admit been a cockster for the first part. But hey at least for the second part, i am definitely not the cockster!

There were these 2 cocksters or should i say clumsters, decide that our printer is thirsty and put a tempting jug of ice water beside it. A slight tilt and water came splashing down into the printer. The printer got so bloated that it decided it is not going to print any more reciept.

So what to do? We send our printer for a vacation, on the beach, with nice breeze...

The printer enjoying the nice breeze at the beach...

Thankfully after the long vacation, the printer is finally printing reciepts again. Phew!

So clumsters remember, printer, computer, and electrical appliances don't get thirsty and don't drink water...

Pitstop Cafe, having cocksters every now and then



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