Mission Impossible

My mission is to infltrate the building by 2200hrs and I have 60 mins.

My name is Timothy Boay and this is my impossible mission...

exciting music

Successful infiltration requires elaborate disguise and adornment. I put on my Zara shirt and switched on the hair dryer. Hair styling requires precise moulding and comes with practice. Disguise is complete as I sprayed my Hugo boss perfume and made my way to the station.

I have 45 mins left.

The train comes every 5 mins and I just missed the coming one. In order to fully maximise my time, I went to the ATM machine to withdraw money. Timing was just right for me to catch the next train. it took me 20 mins to reach Tiong Bahru MRT station.

I have 15 mins left.

I was fortunate to have the bus coming, the uncle says bus 16 stops just outside my destination. I quickly boarded the bus. Unfortunately, right at the critical moment, the bus did not stop. It just went straight towards Orchard road.

I quickly alighted. Damn. 7 more mins.

I ran... while monitoring the time ..5 more mins

My legs began to feel sore, but still I ran..

Remembering the African Proverb that Astroboy posted..

I carried on running..

3 more mins. I saw the destination. But it was still a long way ahead.

Using my last drop of adrenaline, I sprinted towards the building.

1 minute.

Now, there were lotsa people. In order not to blow my cover, I walked calmly while trying to clean myself up.

time's up.

I reached the entrance.

The receptionist said: $23 for guys..

I thought Zouk was $15 before 10?!?! (I only kept these words within me)

Damn..... Mission failed.

Pitstop Cafe, doing impossible mission every day!!!

(you know who wrote this)


astroboy said...

you fufu lar, bus 16 stops near there lar, it is just across the road....

queen jeanie said...

hahaa. good entry, highly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

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