Selemat Datang!!!

Wah lau... now at the Malaysia liao.. very the different leh.

everything also different. Girls different, food different, room different, even I also beginning to behave different!

KL not that bad lah, shopping still can fight Singapore. But ah, the traffic like siao like that..

But then hor, I am here as Camera man.. most of the time also si bei Zo bo.. go jogging, read books, sit at Cafe alone.. damn zo bo..

Now I know why those businessmen on buisness trip always try and be funny. Cuz, it's damn lonely lor... freaking lonely..

I whole day whole life trying to perfect the Malaysian Chinese.. it is damn entertaining man!

Oi! you! yes you! How's everything at Pitstop Cafe? Never go right? Got go or not?!?!? Tell you .. don't just read blok, better go and have fun there lah.

I hope to see Pitstop cafe got more Gin Na there when I come back.. See you all hor!

Wah lau.. why so Beng one?

Pitstop Cafe, Si Bei Wah Lau

Timun (Malaysian Version)


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