Something totally unexpected...

I got an sms from Mumu in the afternoon saying that MOE has reject her appeal to do her honours and she may have to go to NIE soon. Some may wonder why is that a big issue.

The thing is we don't want Pitstop Cafe to stay the way it is. We have lots of ideas on the things to do to make Pitstop Cafe an even greater place and that is what we want to offer to all Pitstoppers!

Of course everything need time, effort and resources and we wonder if we can achieve that. Anyway with Timo away, none of us were in a mood to really make a decision on what we want to do at this moment. Mumu is making another attempt at appealing and perhaps we can then decide again when the situation is more finalize.

Hope Mumu appeal is successful cos i know she seriously like to continue with her honours.

anyway we received an envelope today. Most of the time its mainly bills and more bills. But look what we found inside the envelope today....

A nice post card with the words "Just popping by to say hi"

On the back of the postcard was actually a letter from Alison, one of the Pitstoppers. She has wrote to us a short note of encouragment and even send us a nice photo of their group decorated specially for Pitstop Cafe.

Their photo specially decorated for Pitstop Cafe! Damm my photography skills is not doing the pictures justice!


How can we not remember you folks when you guys occupy a substantial estate on our wall? :) Anyway Alison shared with us her favourite verse in her note and we really like it...

Be joyful always; pray continuously; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. - 1 Thess 5:16-18

I really don't know what to say other than a big THANK YOU. The encouragement from you and your friends have definitely make a difference. It was like a nice strong booze of energy for the Pitstop Crew!

Pitstop Cafe, where Pitstoppers makes a difference!



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