25th is a very important day....

Every dynasty has its dark ages, every aspiring businesses underwent major changes...

from now til 25th May, 1500hrs, This will be Pitstop cafe's dark ages, silent era..

nothing will be posted, no one will budge for it will slowly reveal..


25th is a very important date

First Reason:
25th is Thursday and it is Ice cream Buffet. 14.90 for free flow ice cream and 2 hrs of gaming. Irresistable.

Second Reason:
25th is also the day where we will be pubished in Lime Magazine! Finally some decent exposure!

Third Reason:
25th is the day where the Pitstop crew will come to a decision to carry on or give up.....

Fourth Reason:
because 25th is the day we will be getting our exam results

Fifth Reason:
because on 25th, MuMu will know if she can do her fourth year or go to NIE

Sixth Reason:
because due to the above reasons, 25th will be the deciding day the Pitstop crew decides to call it a day or carry on persevering

Seventh Reason:
25th will be the day X-Men 3 will be on Cinema

One more last reason:
Pitstop Cafe will still be open on the 25th....

so pop by and find out what is the decision!

Pitstop Cafe, I want to carry on



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