Memoir 44

We do have a helluva 2 player games at Pitstop Cafe, one of my favorites is still Memoir 44.

I yer think war games are only for guys, take a look again. Memoir 44 is easy to learn, and yet realistic as you control actual figurines like infantry, tanks and artillery.

the greens are allies and the greys are axis

What makes this game unique is its multiple terrain which is used to set up different scenario and it is actullay based on real world war II scenario.

Luck plays a significant role in this game in terms of dice throwing and card drawing.

However, what makes this game exciting and fun is that you are playing in Pitstop cafe..

terrain gives you combat bonuses as well as obstacles

As most girls think that this is a Boyish game, most of the time I end up playing the game with Astroboy. So if you are bored and lonely with no Kaki to play boardgames with, do come down and challenge me to a game of Memoir 44.

Yes, I am very free now. Exam over leh....

play with me leh..


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Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

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