Whose cab is it?

It was a great friday evening at Pitstop Cafe. We had fantastic crowd tonight. I had a great time sharing the game of Puerto Rico with this particular group. Did not manage to get their names though, so do sign our guestbook and leave us a note if you are reading this

Mum as usual whip up an array of nice dishes and for those who are familiar with Mum stuff know that mum lamb stew with bread is really solid stuff. I hope you guys like the spicy sour soup too.

We close past the midnight and had to take a cab back. The streets were full with people and it is tough getting a cab despite it is already past 1.30 am. To get away with the crowd, we started walking towards a junction nearby. At this moment, a couple of folks from the other side started crossing over from the other side of the road and come right in front of us! So we just keep walking towards the junction and a moment later we managed to hail a cab.

Then one of the guy shouted at Eve, "Hey that is not very nice" and kinda of stare at Eve. We just hop onto the cab. Then guess what this joker did. He walk onto the road right in front of the cab. But i guess when he see the cab started to move, he kinda of realise that it is a car that can run down people, not another way round and hence he got off the road, but not without first staring into our windows.

I was really tired otherwise i would have shown him how to construct a fufu with my hands but eve kinda of beat me to it. I mean sometimes the situation might be a misunderstanding but there is no reason to toy with your life like that! We have seen 2 fatal accidents signs this week so don't add to the statistics!

So folks do take care while crossing the roads. Look left, look right and look left again :)

Pitstop Cafe, we care for you too!



Anonymous said...

Hi Astroboy,

I believe we're the particular group that was anxiously learning how to play Puerto Rico. It was a great game, we love it! Tks for the patience in explaining the game to us.

Mum's food was great, simple fare but yummy. Do expect to see us again :-)

"Particular Group"

astroboy said...

hey guys glad that you enjoy the game. Would appreciate if you could just sign our online guestbook which is actually the link on the right. Leave a nick so that we can address you the next time you dropby! :P

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