A New Beginning for Mu...

Finally completed my exams however I do not seem to be excited...wonder why...

Anyway something I wanna bitch about my prof ( hope he doesn't see this blog)...

Here it goes, he was so nice that he gave us all the exam questions before the exam itself so that we could go n prepare!!! ( all of us were obviously stunned then elated) However, HORRORS of HORRORS... the prof actually changed some of the questions for the final paper!!!

Not only did he add new terms to the identification section which I obviously did not prepare for ( most of my friends didn't either)...he drastically changed the essay questions too!!!

Eg: From a question which we were told, " Why did China export the goods?" to..."Why did CHina import the goods?" They are of stark contrast!!!

On retrospect, I wonder if students like me and my fellow friends were just plain naive to believe him or he is out to "tua" us!!! I just can't figure out why he had to change the questions when he initially said that the questions he gave us would be THE exam questions....

To end off....my dear NUS students...please do not take this prof's paper anyway...
Shall be nice not to name him...but some clues for you guys...

1) He is from History Department
2) A Chinese National
3) Has a mole on his left cheek
4) Taught us a module on Sino-SEA interaction
5) He counts the number of "also" used in the essays!!!
6) Last of all....his surname starts with letter Y!!!!



astroboy said...

i think this is quite the usual tactics used to kinda of differentiate the students. Because of this change in questions the group of students can easily be spilt into 3 "band"

top band: the folks that will just read everything and swallow whatever is given to them or they are just lucky to skip that lecture whereby the "tips" are given

second band: the folks that although know about the tips but still read up more

thrid band: the folks that strictly follow only the tips

but anyway my personal experience is that in uni, screwing up is ok as long as majority of the people screw up too! :P

Anonymous said...

Tim... ur blog is getting better and better... =) keep it up... hope business is good... i am trying to organize another group of frens to go ur cafe... confirm with u next week - Zhiliang

Liangcai said...

you got punk'd!

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