Stereotypes, generalise, whatever...

I don't mean to stereotype, but i realise the folks who come to Pitstop Cafe almost all same pattern one leh...

These folks are really friendly, as friendly as our friendly drinks. And it is really nice to have a causal chat with them.

They are totally at ease with themselves and full of smiles and laughter. Check out the graffiti wall of Pitstop Cafe. On birthdays, many even offer to share their cakes with the Pitstop Crew.

They are creative and expressive, leaving tons of interesting stuff on the wall of Pitstop Cafe. They came from all walks of life, from Stikfas fans to members of a guild in Mapple Tree.

It was really a privilege for Pitstop Cafe for the past 6 months to have you folks drop by.

Anyway there was this group of folks that drop by...

See all the nice charming and sweet smiles?

and there was this sweet girl that was taking pictures of the coffee and games. From the pictures she taken, she send us a photo and wrote a short story on it...

Once upon a time there lived many pigs in a box

Then one decided to run away

On the way he met a few others. They told him he had to drink the MoccachinoOfEternalYouth, so that they could survive the arduous journey back into the real world

But alas, they betrayed him. The end

Thanks for sharing your cute story but hey our coffee isn't that bad right!

Pitstop Cafe, the cafe with interesting folks



Anonymous said...

Its Maple Tree... Not Mapple =P - One of the mapler + pitstopper =

astroboy said...

oops sorry about the typo :P Btw is Maple Tree really a type of tree? anyone can share why it is called maple tree? Just played the game once...seem more like Escargots Land instead hehee

Anonymous said...

Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

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