Moving On....

Pitstop cafe was fortunate to have our opening on very strategic moments where all ye friends are free of school work and bathing in the joyous mood of the festive season.

That makes Pitstop cafe, time and time again filled with the joyous laughter of so many happy folks.

The new year ahead lies a new challenge.

Faced with manpower shortage, the Pitstop crew is still trying hard to find another crew that Mum can impart her cooking skills to.

The responsibilities of work and school begin to set in. Tim and Mumu faced ever increasing challenge to juggle between manintaining their CAPS (NUS students know what's this) as well as keeping their investment afloat.

Waikee and Evelyn faced with a new financial year, are also ever burdened by this new load of financial responsibilities on top of their already piling work load. Even more so, the cafe has cuased them to reschedule their wedding plans.

The cafe itself, needs more upgrades. We are looking forward to installing canopy to shield off the sun and the rain, while making our nice balcony a better place to chill in.

More food, especially mum's special will be introduced, the menu will go through the second phase upgrade. No more, the confusing and haphazard black and whitelaminated paper. The menu ensures you as much joy reading it as you order from it!!

As per requested, we have installed a bigger and better sign board on the first floor. This will also ensure you folks to find the place easier, as well as potential folks to be more informed of our products.

We will be looking for more posters and stuffs to be placed on the wall. Three additional board featuring pictures of our friends and folks have been mounted along the walls. In the pipeline is an activity board, where folks can stick all kinda stuffs on it. be it getting to know a chick or seeking for employment, everyone can post on it!!!

Lastly, more games will be ordered. Based on our folks advice, we will be ordering new stuffs like munchkins, sequence, up words, scrabble, game of life etc...

Thank you for all your support

we wish to continue providing you people with our sincerest service

Do Pitstop with us!!!

see you soon!

We could have, but we didn't..........

Some scenarios for you to consider,

Scenario 1: The Food

In order to save time, we could have pre-cooked the food and re heat them and serve it to you

but we didn't

Ans: all our food is fresh imported, fried or grilled at the time of order

Scenario 2: The Coffee

We could have push cost price low, opting for Nescafe or brewed coffee

but we didn't

Ans: all our coffee is freshly grinded and extracted, made to order. We invested in an expensive Italian Coffee machine to give you the finest aroma

Scenario 3: The Ice Cream

We still could have push cost price even lower, opting for Magnolia or 'Ah pei' Ice cream

Ans: Instead, we insist on premium grade ice cream, believing that customers know the difference between good stuff and cheap stuffs

Scenario 4: The Games

We could have bought thousands of games and tell you we have the largest stock of games. When truth is we don't even know half of them.

Ans: we start small so we can observe trends to better cater to customers needs, we also make sure we learn all the games before we buy more.

Scenraio 5: The Price

We could have charged exhorbitant price, impose unfriendly service charges to earn big bucks

Ans: Instead we charge reasonably, all prices have been carefully calculated to maximise customers satisfaction per dollar spent. No service charge, if you feel that we deserve it, tip us accordingly then!!

Pitstop cafe,

We are consumers too!!!



Folks have been asking us, so what's yer USP?

What's USP?

'Unique Selling Point' they say.

'No unique selling point', I replied

and they asked why.

I clapped my hands, tapped my legs and dance and sang a little song:

Why must I follow the rest of the folks?
To carve a USP which only turns out as a hoax?

Why couldn't my every little thing,
be our very unique USP?

Why should I exclude folks who wants some coffee,
or a little bit of our cool ice cream?

Why should I reject folks who just want a chat,
or make noise in a round of board games?

After all this is Pitstop cafe,
where no one will feel like a 'kare-lair-faire' (extra).

We try not to make ourselves unique for the sake of it,
Uniqueness lies in the eye of the beholder.

What makes us unique is you

Pitstop cafe is the folks and the folks is Pitstop Cafe.

All I want for Pitstop Cafe

is you


In retrospect of retrospection...

This blog was activated 2 weeks ago and now I'm looking back at what I have been looking back at.

In the twinkling of an eye, Change of Use, Renovation works and other stuff seems like yesterday while at the same time, also seemed like it has happened for ages already.

The Pitstop crew has been through some of the most intense moments together, struggled past unearthly hours and heaty afternoons with our dear friends and customers who have so supported us.

To me, Pitstop cafe seems to become more like the cafe that Ive envisioned it to be. A focal point where customers and strangers alike will feel at ease in this friendly environment. where friends and foes (at the game table) gather and share joyous and memorable time together.

Board games bring people closer

I hope all these toils and hardwork will not go to waste, the Pitstop crew though inexperienced, have ensured utter sincerity to keep our dreams alive and you folks, always high.

Board games are not just juvenile, lotsa chicks play em' too!

Though, earning the dough is undeniably essential. What satisfies me most is when I see the smiles, laughter and excitement that you folks emanate be it with the delicious food, the friendly and cosy ambience or even the entertaining board games.

Just a few cards with illustration of beans can make people so happy also..

You folks will never understand how damn freaking happy I feel when I earn that smile of satisfaction from my customers and friends!!

It is really damn freaking satisfying...

Im not the boss, I am but your game organiser. Pitstop cafe is just like my home, I am inviting you all to my house to enjoy



Been famous

I came across a very nice poem by Naomi and it kinda of touched me and hence i would like to share it with you guys. Some people do tell us that we are not as famous as xxx for are doing this or as yyy who are doing that, etc, which is true...

but do read the poem below and i believe it truly sum up what been famous is all about and what been famous means to the crew at Pitstop Cafe...


The river is famous to the fish.
The loud voice is famous to silence,
which knew it would inherit the earth before anybody said so.
The cat sleeping on the fence is famous to the birds watching him from the birdhouse.
The tear is famous, briefly, to the cheek.
The idea you carry close to your bosom is famous to your bosom.
The boot is famous to the earth,
more famous than the dress shoe,
which is famous only to the floors.
The bent photograph is famous to the one who carries it and not at all famous to one who is pictured.
I want to be famous to shuffling men who smile while crossing streets,
sticky children in grocery lines,
famous as the one who smiled back.
I want to be famous in the way a pulley is famous,
or a buttonhole, not because it did anything spectacular,
but because it never forget what it could do.

Words Under the Words: Selected Poems, Naomi Shihab Nye

I really like the last few lines...

I want to be famous in the way a pulley is famous,
or a buttonhole, not because it did anything spectacular,
but because it never forget what it could do.

That's it, we like to be famous because we never forget what we could do. While we may not be the best as we would like, we believe that at Pitstop Cafe, we could let you have fun time with your friend, make you guys comfortable, serve nice food, coffee and ice cream....

On a personal note, it also represent how we started from a talk cock session to an actual starting of a cafe. We never forget what we could do...

And to you readers of the blog, never forget what you could do!

Kitchen Helper


The next Pitstop Cafe model

Yea, Live feeds at Pitstop cafe!!!! These folks are all taken live at Pitstop Cafe using only your normal proconsumer camera (in this case the Lumix FZ20). What you see, is really what you get!!!

What governs the creation of such menu is strictly inspired by our home. Mum has willingly sacrificed her time to prepare the marinade and impart to us her cooking skills.

The food might not be up to standard of what you find in fine dining restaurants or well known coffee conglomerates. However, what we are offering to you is our sincerity. Sincerity to try, sincerity to learn and sincerity to please your taste buds as well your visit with us.

With Sincerity and Mum's secret recipe, we strive to give your taste buds a sense of familiarity of home cooked food at great prices!

Check out some of our feature!

Our funky version of Steak, otherwise known as 'Cattle Cut'. Be it medium, rare, raw or whatever, savour its tender meat and you will shout, 'Well Done!!'

Cattle Cut

The bait that won the heart of our 'Mr Fish and Chips', the guy who came knocking on the door asking for fish and chips at 1 am !!! Crispy on the outside, fresh on the inside, this is a definitely the catch of the day!!!

Bread Talk Dory

Yet another Pitstop specialty, Chicken Cutlet garnished with slices of mango strips and toppped with a mysterious mango chili dip that mum refuses to disclose.

Poultry in the Mango Spa

Finger licking good, finger food keepss a round of game or conversation going. Hot crispy chicken wings with a nice dose of chili sauce. Can you see the juices already flowing out!?!?!

chicken wings
Flight of the Poultry

Our Hotseller, New Zealand Natural premium Ice cream. Guaranteed the one and only premium ice cream retailer in the whole boat quay, come and let the cool snow balls melt in your throat....

Dew Berrymore

We also maintain the highest grade, specially grinded and individually extracted coffee beans to produce a sweet dose of caffeine coupled with the aroma of the skilfully frothed milk....


Meals from $6.90 only. On yes, no service charge, no GST, just pure good food, fun and laughter...

Timo and Kitchen Helper


The "Power" visitors!

On the lazy Christmas afternoon, Pistop cafe was swarmed by a horde of folks of over 25 people in less then half an hour!!! The Kitchen folks and machines were whipped and tortured to work extremely hard, the aircon was coughing out hot air due to the overwhelming number of 'hot' bodies (hot in every sense) emiting their love and warmth in this season of giving.

As a result of this sudden swarm, the power supply coughed out blood and gave up on us! damn, we just had our power supply upgraded the day before!...After checking, we realise that it is not really due to the power consumption, but rather having to many equipments on the same point. (and not to mention the 'capability' of the $9.90 multi plug extension that comes free with a multi plug adaptor)

for that, we really apologise for the 'double trippin' as well as the haphazrdness of the entire afternoon! we are also particularly apologetic to those folks who felt that we were not up to expectations due to the long wait for food, the 'hot' con as well as the constant shifting of tables. (well, not to mention the extrememly lousy game educator that have to read the manual on the spot to teach Bohnanza)

It was wonderful having you guys here! really very happy to see you folks brighten up the place and fillin it with warmth on Christmas day!! we are still new and still working on many things!! Do give us more time and chances to impress you.

Anyway this big group was really fantastic,they tried lots of party games, bringing lots of laughter and smiles to everyone... a peek at what they did to the cafe:


Sowing Wild beans in the gane of Bohnanza. Ain't nobody wants the stinking beans???



Yes...all this folks swarmed in right after Christmas service!!

Of Chicks, Babes and Mumu

Of course smaller groups are not neglected, attention is paid to everyone of you.
'we are watching you, always watching'

Building railways in 'Ticket to Ride' makes people hungry

Christmas gift exchange, Pot luck party as well

Even couples too!! A perfect spot to bring your date!! Induldge in mutual activities (boardgames lah!) or do a Moulin Rouge at our romantic balcony

Yes, the mysterious "fish and chip" guy is back today...we hope you have enjoy the meal and hope to see you again soon! If you are reading this, drop us your comments ok!


Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho...

A very Merry Christmas to all you folks out there! The crew has been very busy for the past 2 days...for the first time we have been opening pass 12am! Big thanks and hugs to all you guys who has been coming over to support us. It really gives us the satisfaction to see everyone enjoying themselves over the boardgames, laughing out loud and have all sort of silly fun!


A game of cluzzle...



The art of those amazing "sculptors"?!

Special thanks to Weilin for bringing over another group of friends and hope you guys enjoying "hunting down" the bad guy in the game of Scotland Yard...Did not get all your names yesterday but one guy left a really interesting impression...he was quite blur in his role as a "detective", but when he is put into the shoes of the bad guy...he rocks! :)


The guys in black!


Show me the money!!!

Also thanks to Shazlee and his friends who drop by again. Hope you enjoy both the Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. Do hope to see you guys soon...we still have lots of new games upopened yet, waiting for you guys to try it out..!!


This group explores all those unopened games...


As well as inventing new games like forming words using the pieces in the Settlers of Catan!

The babes and hunks that count down with us to Christmas...

Really thanks for all you folks out there who has been spreading the word, bringing over friends and spending your Christmas eve at Pitstop Cafe. We do apologise if our service is not up to expectation and do give us your comments and we promise we will work on it!

We even have a section in the cafe for the pictures, so do check them out when you visit us ok!

At 1am in the morning on Christmas, someone actually came up looking for fish and chips...someone actually notices our menu at the staircase! Of course the kitchen is close, but that is not the last we seen of him.....to be continued...


What a rush!!! cont.

After a long day, I'm finally back...... my goodness.. today is really a long day!!!

Once again, thank you to all ye folks who made it today and kept the place alive!!!

It was cool listening to yer crap over the game of 'apples to apples'


You guys should really come hear the crap they say! Undeniably the best apple to apple talk crap kings and queens!


It was intense watching you make your next move for 'ticket to ride'

It was satisfying knowing that you are addicted to 'bang'


After the initial learning curve, we were so worried that they would be turn off by the game and we are really relif and glad they enjoy themselves!

It was hilarious smelling you perform over 'taboo'...





Yeah.. the place smells of laughter, peace and joy.


A game of Scotland Yard over nice coffee...a perfect combination


Hope you guys have fun "galloping the pigs" round the track!

It was once again satisfying for the Pitstop crew to slog hard just to win that smile on yer face...

I know it ain't no easy to please the folks especially having to try match up with existing Boardgames mafia..

But folks, we are working very hard, really very hard..

Like to thank Uncle Simon as well for coming down to support us..not once..not twice but thrice. So do continue to come over with your kids for kopi and ice cream ok!

Yes Pitstop cafe is about family, friends, and so much more!

Thanks for your support up till now. do carry on supporting us!

we will slog for you,

we will play with you,

just come leh.


Oh! What a rush!!!

Thank you, thank you! you're far too kind......

Tonight, Pitstop cafe will be experiencing a rush... For the first time, in our one week history, Pitstop cafe is fully booked on today!!!

All thanks to you folks, who bring more folks!!!

We extend pur greatest gratitude for keeping our hopes alive...

For now, we ain't no how we're gonna cope... but do wish us luck and I'll update you tonight!!!

Sad and Sacrifice

Haiz... Just sent my parents to the airport as they set for Korea.

I was supposed to go with them, but.....

Doing this business really requires lotsa sacrifice, it has changed my lifestyle completely. Previously, I could watch movie any time, but now I have to stick to 10 am slots. And now I can only go to Zouk at 0030hrs.. what a shame...

Previously I could go shopping and clubbing, now I am chopping vege and making coffee..

I looked sunken and worn out,

Mumu's fingers are all battered

Waikee's brain juice are all squeezed dry

Evelyn's smiles are getting contorted

Everyone's life has in a way be greatly affected by this biz,

As I slowly see my parents walking pass the departure gates as I slowly turn around and head back to the cafe. I can't help feeling a sense of loss and a great dissapointment.

But never regrets.

If I could turn back time,

I would still choose this path,

though tiring and unrewarding(for now)

it has made me learned a lot, brought me out of my comfort zone,

the previously pampered and sheltered boy, who doesn't even know how to iron clothes or wash dishes

now have to throw rubbish and make coffee for people

I guess the greatest reward is seeing the smiles of the people when the food is good, smiles of enjoyment for the comfort of the couch, laughter of the folks when they are so damn entertained by the board games and smioles of the every day new walk in customers..

In short, smiles and satisfaction

I do hope, our homely concept can bring more smiles and satisfaction to people.

Pitstop cafe, a cafe, a community, a home

this is where the buffaloes would like to roam....



As promised, the conflicts shall be revealed...

right on the first floor resides a coffee shop,


I guess the fermentation of the antagonism dates back to the day we first started renovation.

There have been hearsays of owner threatening the contractors with his cleaver, there are also rumors that the contractors have been trying hard to accomodate the coffeeshop's unreasonable demands...

Whatever it is, the Pitstop crew was ignorant about any impending antagonism.

However, on the fateful day of 21 Dec 2005. The fermented tank finally exploded.

Due to a minor misunderstanding and a moment of anger, the lady owner of the coffee shop blew her top and started lamenting about how we have been returning her kindness with 'evil'.

Here are some noteworthy quotes,
'I help you look at your car, you didn't even say thank you!'
'You didn't ask for our permission to mount your sign board!'
'Your workers just put the toilet bowl on top of my fengshui bucket!'

Whatever it is, we tried reasoning with her that we find it hard to ensure the contractors' quality work and also that we didn't inten tionally meant to be rude etc...

The lady folk was just in a bad mood and started sensationalising and dramatising, hurling vulagrities and making unfair accusation..

The Pitstop crew left feeling wronged and dissapointed.

There were some hearsays that the lady owner complained:

'How can your friend walk down from the stairs and say that your food is nice infront of my customers?!!?!'

It seem like some people are just so stubborn..

argh..what a bad start...

folks, do continue to support us!! so maybe in time to come, we can move away to a friendlier place!!!


More walk ins!!!! (watch this space)

It was another pleasant surprise for Pitstop cafe, where 3 folks just unwittingly wandered into our cafe as they were seduced by our mysteriously ambiguous sign board...

didnt expect to find a cafe up here

Thanks to Dawn, Joel and Julian for spending an afternoon of fun in playing Scotland yard and Modern art!! your laughter filled up our cafe..

fellow tenants from offices also patronised our ice cream!!!

In the later half of the day, three huge group of folks swarmed into Pitstop cafe...

what happened?

Watch this space as I update you more on yesterday!!

For now, results going to be out at 3 pm....ah..shucks, I'm really all nerved up.

Watch this space for more photos!!!


Happy Birthday xiaobin!

This is the first birthday session we had over at Pitstop Cafe! Really glad that you guys decided to come over here to have fun. Thanks for sending us the photos and happy that you guys had a good time last night! Ok here are the photos...


This is what happen if you do not have friends on your birthday...


and this is what is like to have your friends to celebrate with you on your birthday! So do appreciate your friends and love them ok!

The crew at Pitstop cafe would like to wish xiaobin a happy, very happy, unbelievably happy birthday. May all your wishes come true and have fun!

We still don't know who is who...so if you guys are reading this blog, leave your comments and tell us your name ok!

See you guys again...


Monday Buzz

who said Monday is blue?!?!? It was a pleasant surprise for all Pitstop crew!! We were about to resigned to having no lunch folks to the point that we were already sleeping on the couch and closing the shop to watch a movie.

Lo and below!!! Kind Friends perk up our day by patronising us!!! thanks to Dawn, Gary, Justin and Eileen. You really keep our ass working!!!

well also not forgetting all other folks who drop by... Jane, Jason and family. They have really provide us with good suggestions!

Amy's daughter and friends!!! Oh we had the birthday girl's 19th birthday celebration at Pitstop cafe too!!! Really like to thank Amy's daughter for having the confidence in our new setup and brought along her friends. We have not got your names yet, so do email us the photos and tell us your names ok!

Leonie and his pretty friend for appreciating our ice cream!!!

Alvin and his PSC scholar friend for getting intrigued by the balloon cup game and galloping pigs!!!

Kang Hoe and his Girlfriend for eating that double scoop sundae!!!

Evelyn's friend whom I do not know the name!!! Anyway, thanks for coming!!!

Another Evelyn who made her second visit and even brought a friend as well!!!!

Thanks to all of you who have been keeping our entrepreneur spirit ablaze...

yea!! bring more!!more!!!!more!!!!

This is pitstop cafe where we remember all of you....every single one of you

More happy folks!

We have some nice friends over on Saturday as well...

liangyu grp

This group has a great 3 hours of furious battles, fighting over each other territories in the game Risk 2010AD


Another group having fun in the game Wits and Wagger

shazleen grp

Our first walk-in customer who has read about our place from the blog! Thanks to Shazlee for bringing along his friends up here as well! Hope you have enjoyed Modern Art. Do drop in your comments ok!

Thanks guys for dropping in! Hope you guys have enjoy yourself and do drop in a comment and let us know how we can serve you better ok!

What goes in a brew...

It has been really encouraging to hear that most people like our coffee! At least this show that our practice has not gone down the sink...Yes, packets of milks, ounces of espresso has gone down the sink in the name of practice

So whats make a good brew?

1. We keep all the coffee beans in air tight containers and only add a small amount to the grinder. This ensure that our coffee bean remains fresh and healthy.

2. We start grinding them only when you order your coffee. Coffee powder loses its aroma fairly quickly. Hence it is best to grind only when it is needed...

3. The espresso is then extracted using the coffee machine. You don't want the espresso to come too soon (meaning that the coffee will be too diluted) but you also do not want it come too late! (the coffee is over extracted and become bitter). So we grind it to the right finess to make sure it comes within 26 to 30 seconds!

4. Next come something that make up abit part of our life,during the early years...Milk! You need to foam the milk right to get that velvety texture. Too much air you lots of foams withs lots of air inside (rather common in most places). That is not very nice. What you want is small micro bubbles that create the seductively smooth textured microfoam....Wait, it is not just about the foam, the temperature is important too. You want to steam the milk to be hot enough to bring out the sweetness of the milk, but not too hot to the extend of scalding the milk...

5. Now imagine this seductive smooth textured microfoam with a stint of sweetness from the milk, mixed together with freshly extracted espresso...heavenly!

So come, try our brew and be seduced...

Will get some pics for this, so keep a lookout!

Pitstop Florist???

A very sincere thanks to all you guys who have send us nice big bouquets of flowers! They are damm chio and really brighten up the place. We have been faithfully watering them to keep them fresh and pretty...


Special thanks to all the relatives who have come to support us!


Another nice bouquets from my friends! They are pretty isn't it! Thanks to Albert, Coleman, Chee Heong, Chee Khoon, Steven, Hang Lian & Mum, Meifoong and Chee Meng, Tan Long and family and Tze Pin and family. Special thanks to Coleman on teaching us to use the blog and Hang Lian for spreading the word!


Another interesting bouquet with nice orange balloons. Goes well with the stripes in the cafe :) Thanks Jane and Jason!

Really like to thanks everyone who has been coming down to support us, who has given us nice red packets, who has tried our food, ice cream and coffee and enjoy it, who has come and use our auto flush toilet, who has given us lots of encouragment and support and so much more! God bless all this kind souls!!!


The Unofficial Launch

This may come a bit late, but the Pitstop folks have been going home late. Therefore, no time to add pics....

Here you go:

whole place
Full of folks

jenny grp
the folks at the couch

evelyn's friends
The Yuppies

evelyn grp
The Goodies

irene grp
The Groupies

The Puppies

jobina grp
The Hotties

sanny grp
The Boobies

This is Pitstop Cafe,

where friendly folks and family come together.....

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