What a rush!!! cont.

After a long day, I'm finally back...... my goodness.. today is really a long day!!!

Once again, thank you to all ye folks who made it today and kept the place alive!!!

It was cool listening to yer crap over the game of 'apples to apples'


You guys should really come hear the crap they say! Undeniably the best apple to apple talk crap kings and queens!


It was intense watching you make your next move for 'ticket to ride'

It was satisfying knowing that you are addicted to 'bang'


After the initial learning curve, we were so worried that they would be turn off by the game and we are really relif and glad they enjoy themselves!

It was hilarious smelling you perform over 'taboo'...





Yeah.. the place smells of laughter, peace and joy.


A game of Scotland Yard over nice coffee...a perfect combination


Hope you guys have fun "galloping the pigs" round the track!

It was once again satisfying for the Pitstop crew to slog hard just to win that smile on yer face...

I know it ain't no easy to please the folks especially having to try match up with existing Boardgames mafia..

But folks, we are working very hard, really very hard..

Like to thank Uncle Simon as well for coming down to support us..not once..not twice but thrice. So do continue to come over with your kids for kopi and ice cream ok!

Yes Pitstop cafe is about family, friends, and so much more!

Thanks for your support up till now. do carry on supporting us!

we will slog for you,

we will play with you,

just come leh.

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