All because of the asshole

The NEA inspection went well for the kitchen section. All was nice and clean..., but (yes there is a butt) it was still not approved because of the toilet!

Yes i agree we do not have a nice high tech toilet that is supposed to spray your ass dry after your business, but we do have a nice toilet like what you have at home. However NEA is not pleased with what they see.

"Where is the blinking light? Will it automatically flush??

So guys this is it...we are currently not approved because we do not have a toilet bowl that flush automatically.

I am appalled! We have such a nice cosy cafe for a small group of nice folks who are gracious and yet till we have met this requirement, it is a no go for the cafe!

I can see the problem. This is because Singapore is a gracious society. So even if you don't flush the toilet yourself, it will still automatically be flush. In this way we can alway be gracious!!! That is so damm COOL! In fact we should have one of this cool gadget in all our home as well! Since we are fixing dropping windows, why not have this auto toilet thing as well. It could make a nice package.

So how much does this cost? Very CHEAP! ONLY at $1300 for the basic set. BUT WAIT, order now ad you will GET and extra pump and pressure system (to make sure all the shit goes there they suppose to go) at ONLY $600. What a DAMM BLOODY GOOD DEAL!

Basic auto flush system: $1300
Extra pump system and pressure system: $600
The disappointment and dismay of 4 hardworking folks: $0
A gracious society: PRICELESS
For everything else there is PITSTOP CAFE

Thats it for now. Got to go and make the necessary arrangements. Do remember that if you drop by, do give the toilet a try!

I really hope the cafe can do well so that soon i can paint the yellow lines outside my door. Customer entering the cafe have to give way to those who are coming out...

Waikee is thinking whether a 555 timer, a 9 volt battery and 2 led might do the trick...

Kitchen Helper


Cobalt Paladin said...

Sometimes, doing business is like playing board games. You just have to follow the rules of the game. No two way about it.

DK said...

What? No auto flush cannot meh? Then how those kopitiam operate?

EduCafe said...

Wow, that's y all the restaurants, cafes, ktvs have the toilet of auto flush... tot they wanna show luxurius toilet... donno it's compulsory

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