As promised, the conflicts shall be revealed...

right on the first floor resides a coffee shop,


I guess the fermentation of the antagonism dates back to the day we first started renovation.

There have been hearsays of owner threatening the contractors with his cleaver, there are also rumors that the contractors have been trying hard to accomodate the coffeeshop's unreasonable demands...

Whatever it is, the Pitstop crew was ignorant about any impending antagonism.

However, on the fateful day of 21 Dec 2005. The fermented tank finally exploded.

Due to a minor misunderstanding and a moment of anger, the lady owner of the coffee shop blew her top and started lamenting about how we have been returning her kindness with 'evil'.

Here are some noteworthy quotes,
'I help you look at your car, you didn't even say thank you!'
'You didn't ask for our permission to mount your sign board!'
'Your workers just put the toilet bowl on top of my fengshui bucket!'

Whatever it is, we tried reasoning with her that we find it hard to ensure the contractors' quality work and also that we didn't inten tionally meant to be rude etc...

The lady folk was just in a bad mood and started sensationalising and dramatising, hurling vulagrities and making unfair accusation..

The Pitstop crew left feeling wronged and dissapointed.

There were some hearsays that the lady owner complained:

'How can your friend walk down from the stairs and say that your food is nice infront of my customers?!!?!'

It seem like some people are just so stubborn..

argh..what a bad start...

folks, do continue to support us!! so maybe in time to come, we can move away to a friendlier place!!!


zzan said...


r u open on xmas eve? til wat time?


pitstop said...

officially it is 11, but we normally stay as long as there are pple still in the cafe. So no worries, just give us a call to let us know when you are coming so that we can reserve the seats for you :)

See ya

yojyoj said...

k thx mayb i'll drop by ^_^

ahdang said...

yummMYyy fOod out there.. heard from wei lun tt im the first today to try out the chicken "pizza". (lasegna) but its realli nicE..! hmm maybe if there is more healthy food like gilled fish tt would be even betta!! yummy.. hmm din try the ice cream cuz we were so engross in playing games.! haha thanx to wei lun and the other crew for the wondERFULLL service. and wei lun's mom for the yumMY fooOD..! but hor i think u hab to repair the toilet flush a bit cuz ah the flush like cannot flush! hahas. but overall i gib it a 90/100!! A1 leh.. =]
MerrY X'mas..

wei xuan. =]

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